Will your baby find comfort with the best beach stroller?

Why beach strollers are perfect for parents

It’s really very exciting and overwhelming for the parents to navigate through life with their small baby (ies). Most parents use strollers to take their babies for shopping or walking around street festivals, or even going for a walk. However, when you want to take your kids to the beach, your regular stroller will not serve you the purpose. For that, you need a beach stroller that can handle any kind of terrain, including sand. 

The beach stroller is the best thing for you as it will be able to handle all types of terrains and won’t leave you stuck on the beach at the end of a family day out. They also make great all-around strollers as they often have larger wheels in comparison to other models and are also easier to handle. You can find the best beach strollers on the market based on all the important features such as the weight of the stroller and its weight capacity, type of wheels, dimensions and weight, warranty, whether the stroller is foldable, and more. So, according to your requirements, you can pick the best one for your kids.

Why beach stroller is so amazing?

Beach strollers are a godsend for the parents as it has so many features attached to it. Parents when go out with their kids need so many things to haul. Towels, beach toys, extra clothes, sunblock, tents, the list goes on and on. So, these lightweight strollers serve the right purpose for you. It is so spacious that it allows the parents who are so busy nowadays to pack everything they need for a full day out with their little one. Furthermore, the shade that is attached in the stroller help to combat the scorching sun. The stroller maneuvers very smoothly and is also lightweight to push.

The foundation of the stroller is outstanding

The stroller is built with a steel frame and durable denier blend fabric that can support up to 150 lbs. It is capable of carrying oversized items because of the superior design which allows for an opening rear door - similar to a tailgate. The wheels are so flexible that it can swivel 360- degree angle which allows you to maneuver around obstacles. The solid buildup of the stroller can take on all terrains including dirt, grass, pavement, or sand.

This foldable cart is also very handy. When not in use, you can simply fold it up and store it in the trunk of your car, closet, or garage. And when you need it, just pull it out and expand.

Moreover, the removable tray has two mounting points and is easily detachable so you can switch between mounts or completely remove it. Mount the tray beneath the cooler to simply be used as extra storage for your belongings. Alternatively, mount the tray inside the cart so the kids have a spot to put their toys, electronics, clothing, food, and more.

A three or four-wheel design of strollers are best for the sandy beach as it can navigate easily with 2 wheels on the back and 1 or 2 on the back. Furthermore, wheels with swivel mode and locked mode, are the best for your fun days at the beach. 

A great stroller for the beach can be a big investment; however, it doesn't necessarily have to break the bank either. There are so many affordable options that are versatile enough to use year-round. So, after days of research, we came up with five best strollers for the beach available today. These strollers will help you and your kids actually enjoy your day at the beach and avoid getting stuck in a sand trap.

Let’s have a look at the best strollers out there.

1. Austlen® Entourage™ Stroller

It has sturdy wheels with ample storage space to pile on your snacks, games, and gear for a full day by the water.

2. Baby Trend Expedition Jogger Stroller, Phantom, 50 Pounds

This one is also beach-friendly. It glides smoothly over sand, whether it’s loose or tightly packed.

3. BOB Rambler Jogging Stroller

Parents say that it rides smoothly on all terrain including sandy beaches. It is lightweight and amazingly durable.

4. Keenz 75 stroller wagon

Keenz offers a set of all-terrain wheels that can make their way over sand, snow, and whatever else gets in your way. The wagon has two seats with five-point harnesses to keep your kids safely strapped inside.

5. Thule Urban Glide 2 Jogging Stroller

Parents say this jogger is light and easy to push even on sand. This also has a full-sized canopy, which is perfect for giving your kid a break from the blazing sun on a hot beach day.

So, these beach strollers not only protect your kids from scorching sunshine but also reduce your hassle to a great extent. They are inexpensive, light, simple, and moves freely without any disturbances and allows the baby to enjoy the day at the beach to the fullest.

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