In the tough and challenging world that we are living in today, getting a good night’s sleep is a real challenge. With networking devices like phones and laptops that are constantly connected to the internet demanding our constant attention, sleep has become a lost issue, and that is why almost half the world today is suffering from insomnia related disorders.

Why is sleep so important?

We’ve been hearing from our childhood, that getting sleep for a minimum of eight hours every day is absolutely necessary for good health - but we really do not have a good idea of the importance. Let’s clear it up - sleep deprivation can also be a matter of life and death if ignored. If you had an alcohol level above the legal limit in your blood, would you be driving on the road? Absolutely not, right? Research has shown that getting sleep for only 5 to 7 hours a day, meaning that you would go without sleep for around 17 hours a day can produce effects in the body that would be similar to when you’ve got high alcohol levels in your body. Even if we were to ignore the grave effects of a lack of sleep, we cannot ignore the irritability, lack of coordination and clarity of thought that sleeplessness brings.

And this leads us to the crux of this article: If you are suffering with insomnia, you have got to do something about it. Right now.

Weighted Blankets from truhugs.com may help to get you a good night’s sleep, and there is good research to back up this claim. A study was recently conducted by scientists from Sweden to examine the link between the usage of weighted blankets and good sleep, and in this research, a couple of insomniacs were brought into the study and they were asked to use a weighted blanket in order to see whether that would improve their sleeping experience. There was an eligibility criteria that was set which required them to be physically fit meaning that they shouldn’t be suffering from any physical illnesses at the time of the test, beyond the scope of insomnia that they were suffering, so as to eliminate any errors from the research. As the test started, the participants would sleep for one week on their own beds, one week with and one week without weighted blankets. In this time period, many physiological tests were done and metrics were obtained - like brain activity, heart rates and so forth. From these tests, the researchers were able to understand the quality of sleep that these participants were experiencing from the last two weeks.

And the results looked promising for the weighted blanket. During the week that the weighted blanket was not used, the participants got less sleep and they were more active during the night, and in the week when they used the weighted blankets, they slept better and were less active during the night, with better sleep quality. This result convincingly tells you that it is better to sleep with a weighted blanket as it means better sleep quality. 

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