How to Use Ergobaby Infant Insert

Moving around with a newborn has been made easier than ever. However, with so many carriage devices in the market, you have to make a sound decision on the one you choose. Your lifestyle and the age of your baby determines which carriage option that you will choose.

Ergobaby Infant Insert has proved to be one of the best carriage options in the market that cut across all lifestyles. They are designed to provide maximum stability and comfort for your baby while also providing support for your back.

Carriage Options

There are several ways that you can use Ergobaby infant insert depending on the carrier. The available types of carrier enable you to carry your baby in 3 ways.

Front carry: This is the most recommended position for newborns from 0-6 months old. The Ergobaby infant insert is cushion shaped to make the sit comfortable in the carrier. Infants between 0-6 months old cannot proper hold their torso and head in position, and the Ergobaby infant insert provides sufficient support for our baby’s neck and torso. This position enables you to monitor your child and feels more like kangarooing with your baby but with clothes on.

Back carry: Infants who are older than 6 months can be placed in this position. This position is convenient for parents who want to do other chores because it liberates your hands. However, you will need help to put your baby in the Ergobaby infant insert properly. The insert is placed in a position that will provide maximum support and limit your baby’s movement while you are performing other chores.

Hip carry: The side carrying position gives you and your baby the intimacy feeling that the front carry provides. This positioning liberates one hand, and it can be convenient for a simple chore. However, you will need a particular carrier that allows hip carry, but the same insert can be used for this positioning.

How to use Ergobaby Infant Insert

Step 1: Putting baby on the carrier

  • Loosen the waist belt, shoulder straps, and the chest straps.
  • Take the carrier and slide the waist belt around your waist so that it rests on your hips and tighten the waist belt (there is a safety loop that you have to get the buckle through it before buckling for maximum reinforcement).
  • Ensure that the carrier is well strapped and centered on your body.

Step 2: Placing your baby in the insert

  • Place your baby on a flat surface with an insert next to them.
  • Carefully place your infant inside the insert in a position that their butt will be on the removable pillow.
  • Fasten the straps on the insert to secure your infant's position in the insert; it should not be too tight.
  • Ensure that their legs and hands rest in a natural position.

Step 3: How to attach the insert to the carrier

  • Pick up your baby and place them on your tummy with their legs on the sides of your hips.
  • Hold the insert below the removable pillow with one hand and use the other hand to grab the top of your carrier and bring it up to cover the insert.
  • While holding the carrier with one hand uses the other hand to tuck the insert deep in the carrier.
  • Slide your arms one at a time through the shoulder straps and fasten the chest straps.
  • Ensure that your baby’s weight is evenly distributed. Your baby’s legs will assume a frog legged position and their back slightly curved if they are placed properly.
  • When all the steps are followed, you can fasten the shoulder straps one at a time until your baby is securely positioned and the straps are of the same length.
  • Unfasten the strap on the infant insert and evenly distribute the insert in the carrier to maximize air flow.
  • You can tuck the top of the insert inside the carrier to maximize neck support. For safety ensure that your baby’s airways are cleared to avoid suffocation.

To remove the carrier you have to loosen the straps slightly then hold the back panel to support your baby’s weight as you unstrap the chest strap. Slip the shoulder straps one arm at a time while holding your baby. Place them in a safe place and remove the carrier.

Most of the infant insert can be machine washed, and the material is meshed on the sides to maximize air flow. The Ergobaby infant insert is a safe carriage for your infants, and when used correctly it will maximize your baby’s safety when traveling. Have an awesome time travelling with your baby.

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