9 Easy Steps on How To Build Transformers Prime Toys

Description: Are you wondering abouthow to build transformers prime toys? Stop the tension and read this article, as it will give you a detailed guide on how to go about the whole process.

Know More About Transformers Prime Toys

Do you want to learn how to build transformer prime toys? It is here that you are going to get the tit bits about them and how to go about building them. Before then, won’t cause any harm to know about the history about the transformer prime toys’ origin.

When they were introduced, they were initially meant to be for a television series with initial plans being to release a small assortment of three deluxe figures; the Starscream, Bumblebee, and Arcee which appeared in the series generation.

They were more collector aimed with the first spotty, messy release in the US with the first hitting few stores, making those who loved them to turn to the Asian and Canada market to quench their thirst.

You are here because you want to learn more about how to save on the cost of buying a ready made transformer prime toy by doing it at home, DIY. You are here because maybe you went to the market and you didn’t find the specific toy you were looking for, and that made you disappointed and caused you to want to make it on your own.

You are here because you are a fan of TransformersPrime toys. So if you are a fan of the transformer prime toys, instead of turning to other markets, it is best if you knew how to make one for yourself using the following easy steps.

If you concentrate and follow them, you are going to make various designs which you can give out to your friends and relatives as gifts to special occasions and who knows, you might just cause the supply to increase and cash in on some dollars from people who will be happy to buy your specific ones.

What You Will Need

  •  A piece of paper and a pen which you will use to draw the simple design of the toy before you start building it. It will enable you to have a rough idea of the result of what you are going to produce.
  •  A ruler who will assist you in making sure that, you are drawing a neat and accurate design of the toy you are about to make.
  •  CAD program and a computer which will come in handy when you are designing a more complex toy. It will make your work easier.

Steps To Building Transformers Prime Toys

  • 1. Recognize What You Want To Build
  • Remember, you are not going to build a transformer prime toy which will be able to multitask; you won’t be building a toy which is full-size humanoid, and two legged nor will you be building one with several claws that will help it reach out and pick pounds of weights.

    You will need to build a toy which will be able to go forward and backward, right and left through controlling it with wireless. Once you get the basics right and have the toy built, you will be at liberty to add extra things to modify it into a complex toy. Remember the principle that, no toy is ever complete and it can always be modified and improved at a later stage.

  • 2. Draw A Plan For Your Toy
  • Before ordering the parts for building your toy, you need to do a design of the same. For the draft toy, you need to do a simple design of just two servo parts on a flat piece of plastic. It is quite a simple design which in turn, leaves extra room for improvement on the same after it is built.

    You can plan to start with a 15 cm to 20 cm long toys. For this type of design, you will easily draw it using a ruler on a piece of paper. It should be the same size on the paper as you would want it to be when you are done designing as the toy is small. If you decide to do a big toy or a more complex one, you will require the CAD program or one which is similar to it to do the designing on the computer.

  • 3. Start Choosing you toy parts
  • Though at this point it is still early to order your toy parts, you can decide to research on the various types available on the market, their quality, price, and where to get them. If possible, avoid shipping and order online from the few sites that sell them online. Materials needed for the toy include two servo motors, chassis, a receiver, and a transmitter.

    You will need motors because that is what will enable your transformer prime toy to move and you need two in number; one will be used to power one wheel while the other one one will power the second wheel. It will enable you to use the simplest method to steer your toy. To go forward, both motors will have to move in that direction and to go backward; they will have to spin backward.

    The difference between a servo motor and a DC motor is, a servo motor is geared and turned 180 degrees, and it is capable of transmitting data back to its position. You can modify the servo motor to enable it to be in continuous motion

    The battery will be needed to enable you to power your toy. Avoid AC at all costs and stick to DC power from batteries. There are three main battery types you can choose from; Lithium Polymer (Lipo), Alkaline, and NiMH, NiCad.

    The battery specifications are also an important factor to consider as you will have to pick a voltage of your battery pack. Most of the toys use 4.8V,and 6.0 V and the good news is that most servos will comfortably run on either.

    Check out the capacity of your toy battery pack which has normally labeled me. The higher the mAh, the better, the most expensive and the heavier it becomes, but you have a choice to make.

    The chassis is requiredto attach all the electronics onto it with plastic and aluminum materials coming in handy. If you are a beginner in building a toy, then it is advisable that you go for the plastic called HDPE as it is cheap and easy to work with. You can decide the thickness by getting the ¼ of it. You can decide the length of the sheet by going to a longer one just in case you mess up when doing the cutting; get at least double the size of your toy.

    For the transmitter/receiver, it is considered as the most important and expensive of them all because, without it, your toy won’t be able to be considered as a transformer toy. Make sure that you get the best to start off to save maintenance cost of a cheap one which in the long run, will make it expensive. You can go for a 2.4 GHz transmitter and receiver as it has been rated one of the best in the market.

    For the wheels, you will need to consider the traction, the diameter, and if they are going to attach to your motor easily. To get the actual diameter, you will have to measure the length of the wheel from one side, through the center point, to the opposite side.

    If the diameter is greater, the transformer toy will go faster, and it will also climb faster, but it will have less torque.If the wheel turned out to be smaller and encircled with a foam or rubber ring around them to prevent sliding around. It will be easy to screw this type of wheels onto the servos, thus no worries. You will need a total of 2 wheels for your toy.

  • 4. Order Your Parts Online
  • After choosing your parts, it is now time to order them online. Get your order from websites to eliminate the shipping cost and thus, save money.

  • 5. Measure the Chassis
  • Get a cutter and a ruler to enable you to measure out the chassis length and width on the material you are using for it; 15 cm by 20 cm could be the ideal size. Measure it again to make sure that the lines are not crooked and they are your preferred length.

    It is important that you measure twice and cut once. If you happen to be using HDPE, then you should be able to cut the same as you would cut a piece of wood of the same size.

  • 6. Time for Assembling
  • It is now time to assemble the transformer toy because you have all the materials and parts that you need. If your design was done properly, then this step should be the easiest to work on

    o Mount the servo motors near the front but on the bottom of the piece of plastic. Make sure that they are on the side to enable the horn/shaft - the part of the servo which is movable, facing the sides. Ensure that there is enough room which you will use to mount the wheels.

    o It is time to attach the wheels to the servo using the screws available as they are packed together in one pack with the servo motor.

    o A piece of the servo should be stuck on the receiver and the other piece on the battery pack.

    o The pieces of opposite servo pieces should be then be placed together onto the toy and stuck to the receiver and battery pack to it.

    o You should then have your transformer toy with two wheels in the front and which slopes down to the back.

  • 7. Wire Plugging
  • Now that the transformer toy has been assembled, all you need to do is to plug everything into the receiver. Where it says the battery, ensure that the batteries are placed; plug the servos into the first two channels on the receiver which is indicated as channel 1 and channel two respectively.

  • 8. Do The Charging
  • First, unplug the charger from the receiver and plug them into the charger. The battery should only be removed from the charger after you notice that it is fully charged and this should take about 24 hours, so you need to be patient.

  • 9. Time To Enjoy Your Transformer Toy
  • Once the battery is full, you are ready to enjoy playing with the transformer toy. Press the forward button on the transmitter; create an obstacle for it, play with your dog and your cat and make them chase the toy while you enjoy the view. You can continue adding more stuff to it with time until it becomes a complex toy.


From the above, you may have noticed that your transformer toy is going to move, this is possible due to the electromagnetic radio waves on the transmitter which communicates with the receiver to move the servos.

To get the parts for your transformer toy building, you can check out with your local hardware store. Some of the parts can be foundat your local hobby or electronics stores.

If you have to make the purchase of the parts online, you can go ahead and search for websites where they sell hobby supplies, hardware or electronics. If you are hard on cash, then instead of buying the wheels, you can as well make them from the plastic, wood, or metal which is readily available to you by using a machine that can cut through the source material or print them using 3D printers.

Instead of a battery pack transformer toy, you can use one who will utilize solar by inserting a mini solar panel somewhere. Now that you know how to build a transformer Prime toys, please share it with others online.


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