How to Make Table Corner Protectors

Once you have a child, you understand that there is nothing more important on this planet than keeping him or her safe.

Therefore, as soon as you bring your baby at home, you start realizing that he or she will grow up very quickly and will start crawling around the house.

This is one of the moments when a lot of thoughts appear in your mind and you realize that you need to baby-proof your house. What is one of the first concerns when it comes to baby-proofing your house?


The table corners are some of the most dangerous because they can hurt your child very seriously.

I do not know about you, but when I bought my house and took care of the interior design, I did not think of how dangerous the tables can actually be for my future child.

When I finally moved into my new house, I was so excited that I used a lot of furniture made of wood combined with glass. My interior designer created a futuristic design for my entire house and I was extremely happy when I saw the final result.

Now, after a couple of years, I still think what was in my mind when I chose such a sophisticated and sensitive material for my furniture.

After 2 years since my house was ready, my baby came into our lives and changed everything radically. As soon as I brought her home, there was one thought that hit me.

What am I going to do when my baby is going to be on the move and will start crawling all around the house? The first idea that came into my mind was to buy baby fences and to try to keep her in her room as much as possible.

But would I be able to do this? Of course not! I want my kid to enjoy the house that I build for our family. Moreover, I want her to get familiar with the environment around her.

While I totally agree with the baby fences that keep the kids away from the dangerous areas, I do not agree with the idea to use a fence that will keep your baby in his or her room most of the time.

Therefore, I understood that I needed to find a different solution to prevent my baby from getting hurt on the sharp edges and corners. As I mentioned above, I have some furniture items that are made also of glass.

In their case my decision was radical. I replaced them with wooden pieces. However, the edges and sharp corners were still there. I had to do something about it.

This is why I started checking online for some corner protectors that will help me calm down. As soon as I typed on Google what I needed, I was shocked to see the variety of models that were available online.

However, the variety of models was not the only thing that I noticed. I was also surprised by the prices asked for such simple components.

Even though I am the type of person that puts his child’s safety and happiness above anything, I am also the type of parent who likes to spend the money wisely.

Therefore, once I found some models online, I had a look at the materials they were made of and the mechanism they were using. I immediately realized that what seemed to be an innovative solution, it is actually something very simple that can be done by anyone.

On top of that, I made a short calculation and I discovered that if I would design the table corner protectors by myself, I would spend half or even less than the prices found online. This made me take the final decision. I took my bag and went to the store to buy the materials that I needed.

DIY Table Corners Protectors

As soon as I decided to go to the store to buy the materials necessary for my project, I immediately realized that the look of my furniture will be affected. It did not even matter if I would buy a table corner kit or if I would do it myself.

It was obvious that my furniture and my entire house would not look the same anymore. On the other side, there was one thought encouraging me to go and buy the materials.

I was not a careless parent, nor a selfish one. So I would rather ruin a bit my house’s look than having my child hurt by one of the corners. Keeping this in mind, I knew that I made the right decision and I went to buy what I needed.

When you decide to create the table corner protectors by yourself, you think of materials that are easy to use, being at the same time resistant and helping you in protecting your child. This is why my list was rather short and contained the materials below.

Things you need to create the table corners protectors


Plumbing foam pipe insulation

  • ​Why did I choose the plumbing foam pipe insulation instead of any other similar material?
  • When I went to the store and found it, I realized that this is a very strong material designed to protect the pipes. On the other hand, the foam is rather soft.
  • Therefore, by putting it on the table corners it will not hurt my child, but it will protect her from accidents.


  • Unless you do not have a pair of scissors already at home, be careful when you buy it.
  • As the pipe insulation foam is a bit sturdy, you will need some strong scissors that will do the job.
  • I asked the salesman to help me choose one that was big and strong enough to make my life easier.

Duct tape (if necessary)

  • If you feel that the foam does not stick to the surface and might be easily taken off by your kid, then the duct tape is exactly what you need.
  • It will help you secure the foam and so make sure that there is nothing dangerous around your child.

Step by step process to create the table corner protectors with minimum effort

Step1: Measure and determine how much material you need

I am a very organized person and I like that before going to shopping to make a list. Therefore, as soon as I knew what type of materials I needed, I went in all the rooms and counted all the tables and low-lying cabinets for which I wanted to create corner protectors.

Moreover, I measured each item and made a small calculation to make sure that I buy enough material. I also took into consideration to buy 10-15% more material in case I do not succeed from the first try and I need to re-do some corner protectors.

As soon as I finished the measurement, I wrote on a piece of paper the length of material necessary and I went to the hardware store.

Step 2: Cut the pipe foam protection material

When I arrived at the store, I discovered various pipe foam protection materials, each of them with different characteristics. However, what I liked the most was the low price it had.

Therefore, after examining all the options available, I choose one that had a split down the length. It was sold in pieces of 6 foot long and the price was incredibly low. I paid around $2 a piece.

This foam that I chose has also a sticky peal-away backing. I loved this element and I found it very useful for my project because it will help me secure the foam better on the corners.

Step 3: Cut the pipe foam insulation material

When I arrived home, I started working on my project. As I already decided how material I needed to cover the corners, I cut the foam according to my calculations.

Furthermore, I cut a V-shape in the middle of the foam for each corner. The V-shape cutting is going to help me secure the foam on the corner.

One important tip that I would like you to keep in mind is to be careful to not cut your foam piece in half by mistake. It happened to me at first, so this is why it was very good that I bought 15% extra material.

Step 4: Apply the pipe foam insulation on the corners

Once you finished cutting the V shapes, it is time to install everything on the table corners. Now you will realize how efficient it is to buy foam that has a sticky backing on it.

Once I installed the material on the corners, I peeled off the sticky backing and I secured it on the table.

I also continued pressing the foam a bit on the surface to make sure that it was secured and so I did not have to worry that my kid is going to remove them.

These pipe foam insulation materials with a sticky backing are very useful because it is practically impossible for a kid to remove them. The sticky backing is very strong and it makes it very difficult for a kid to take them off.

Step 5: Check if the corner table protectors are secured

As soon as you finished installing all the corners protectors, have another check-up. Therefore, if you feel that there is one corner that might be easily removed, you can use some duct tape to make it stronger.

Step 6: You can use pipe foam insulation material for the entire table

As I mentioned before, I also have some tables in my house made of glass. Even though I removed the majority of them, there are still two pieces of furniture that I cannot give away.

There are many memories that keep me tight to these items and it is practically impossible to renounce to them.

What is more, I also take into consideration that my kid will grow up and after some years, they will not be so dangerous anymore.

However, this does not mean that I should not protect my baby from getting hurt by them at an early stage. This is why, apart from using the foam for the corners, I also used it for the edges between the corners.

Thanks to the sticky backing and easy installation, it was very easy for me to apply the foam on all the four sides of my table. All I had to do was first to measure the side.

Then I had to cut the foam according to my measurements. This time I did not even need to cut any V-shape as the edges are straight.

Therefore, as soon as I was ready with the correct length, I just removed the sticky backing and I applied it on the table. This time, I used also some duct tape to make sure that it will be impossible for my daughter to remove it.


In conclusion, when it comes to our children safety and happiness there is no effort big enough to make sure that we did the right thing. They deserve everything from our side and it is our responsibility to do everything we can to keep them safe.

However, from my point of view, this does not mean that we need to exaggerate in spending hundreds of dollars on things that we can do ourselves.

The same stands in the case of the table corners protectors. Having a kid means also a lot of imagination and fun. Therefore, consider this entire project of creating your own table corner protectors as a fun game that will make your kid proud of you.

You will remember these moments all your life as a project where you used your entire imagination and feelings. What is more, when you have a kid, material things like the look of your furniture do not even matter anymore.

All that matters is all the love that you put in all these little projects and I am sure that when your child will grow up, this is going to be a story that you will always remember.


Hello! I’m Rose Ingram and I’m happy of being mother of my two beautiful daughters. They are the most wonderful gifts that I receive in my life. Thanks for having them ‘cause it makes me feel how my life meaningful is. I am working as a designer, specialize in designing safe things for houses or schools to protect babies with utmost care….

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