Stroller Safety: Tips for Parents

There are numerous designs and several sizes of strollers in the market. However, when determining which stroller to choose for your child, safety is the first threshold that it has to pass. There are standard safety measures that all baby strollers in the market should attain. Putting these recommended safety measures in mind reduce accidents that are associated with the use of strollers. Here are some safety tips that will help parents get the best strollers for their kids:

What to consider when buying a stroller

Here are some things you need to put into consideration before buying a stroller to ensure your child’s safety.

The age and weight: This will determine the design of a stroller that you choose. Newborns cannot sit upright and you need a stroller that can accommodate them comfortably. Infants sleep on their back often and you will need a stroller with an adjustable seat. Some of the strollers have maximum weight recommendations. Get a stroller that can comfortably accommodate your baby’s weight.

Portability: This will depend on your lifestyle. When you live in an apartment you will need a stroller that can be easily folded and lightweight. This will make it convenient for you to move it around.

Stability: the wheels should be positioned wide enough to prevent the stroller from tipping over. The baby’s seat should be low to reduce the center of gravity.

Functional breaks: You need a stroller that has breaks that are easy to operate. The positioning of the breaks should be away from your child’s reach. They may unlock the breaks and pose themselves to risky situations.

Five-point harness: This is a safety feature that ensures your child is safely strapped in their seat. They are the shoulder, waist, and between the legs straps designed to restrict your child’s movement while in the stroller.

Special needs: Babies who need special attention need strollers that have enough space below the seat to accommodate the necessary equipment which may include oxygen or cardiac monitor.

Pinch points: The joints of the strollers act as pinch points of the strollers. This points should be located far from your baby’s reach to avoid injuring your child.

The strength of the frame: The material used to make the frame of the stroller has to be of high-quality.

The material used for the seat and cover: Flame retardants can pose a health risk to your baby. You need material that is chemical free and can be easily washed with a machine.

There are some other strollers that have additional safety features that will protect your child. Some of them are not necessary but they are useful. It is a bonus to get a stroller with additional safety features. Get a stroller that is easy to assemble or is already assembled.

Safety precaution when using a stroller?

When you have the stroller there are some safety precautions that you have to take while using it. Here are some tips to use the stroller safely:

Use safety harness

Most stroller now have five-point harness that will ensure that your baby is safely strapped in their stroller. When you are taking your baby for a walk or simply running errands with your baby make sure that they are safely strapped into their stroller. If your baby is grown and they can move around they can easily try to climb down from the stroller which may cause a serious accident.

No matter how short your walk is the first thing to do is to safely strap your kid. Also, encourage your child not to play with the locks. They may accidentally undo them and get hurt in the process.

Use the breaks

When you are not on the move always ensure that the breaks are on. The place may be steep and the stroller might move and harm your child. Also when you are getting the stroller consider how well you can reach and operate the breaks. The brakes should be conveniently placed where you can easily reach in time of an accident.

Never leave your child unattended

When you want to quickly rush into the store or do anything while your baby is in the stroller ensure that you take yourselves with her.

Caution when packing or unpacking

Ensure that your baby is at a safe distance when unfolding or folding the stroller. The joints can easily pinch your baby or their finger gets stuck in the hinges. Open and lock the stroller fully before you put your baby in it.

Clear the stroller’s seat

Avoid staffing your baby’s stroller seat with things such as pillows or mattress. Most of the time SIDS occur during child’s sleep. When you have a baby in a stroller seat that is stuffed with a lot of things you are increasing their vulnerability to suffocate.

Don’t hang things on the stroller

When your baby is in the stroller avoid hanging thing such as handbags on the handle. This reduces the stroller’s stability and it is likely to tip over.

Check the toys for safety

If you have toys on the stroller to keep your baby entertained ensure that they are fastened well. Also, avoid small toys that your baby can easily swallow.

Don’t leave the stroller in the sun for long

Some strollers have shades that protect the baby from sunlight. However, when the stroller is exposed to the sun for long the material may start heating up and burn your child or make it uncomfortable for them to stay in the stroller.

It is much easier to take precaution when using a stroller. However, always follow the manual given by the manufacturer to avoid missing a step during assembly or daily use that may be catastrophic for your child. Make it a habit of using the harness immediately you place your baby in their stroller. Read through customer reviews on the safety and efficiency of the stroller you intend to buy. This will give you an overview of the plus and shortcoming of that model you want to buy.

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