How to Start Pumping While Still Breastfeeding

Are you also a new mom or going to become a mother soon then, you should know about how to start pumping while still breastfeeding. Well! When you are not with your baby and still want to provide them your breast milk, then a good pump can help in such a case.

A pump not only provides a regular supply of your milk to your infant but it also makes them feel closer to you when you are not near. Women who are working and have to leave their baby with a baby sitter or a relative will love the concept of the pumped milk. Besides this, some kids are unable to get a feed from the mother's breast and in such situation pump milk works like a miracle for them.

If you are a new mom, then you must have a one obvious and significant question in your mind that how you can start pumping while still breastfeeding your infant. Well! To answer this question, we have prepared the below article in which we will guide you and provide you a tutorial that will help you in getting the answer to your question.

What You Will Need to Follow This Tutorial

For starting the pumping while breastfeeding, there are few important things which you will require. Without these materials, this tutorial will be incomplete.

The following list of items you will need in this tutorial:

1. Sterilized Breast Pumps

There are different types of breast-pumps which you can find on the market like hospital grade pumps, manual pumps, electric pumps and battery pumps. So, it is imperative that you choose the right breast-pump for you. For example, electric pumps are for the moms who have to pump out the milk frequently, and if you want a hand operated pump then, a manual one will be a good option.

2. Water for Sterilization

You can use the breast pump directly for your feeding your baby with the milk. You need to sterile all the components of the breast pump before start using it. You can put them in the warm water for proper disinfection. It keeps your baby safe from any infection or allergy.

3. Assembling Knowledge

It is crucial that you compile your breast pump as per the instructions which are given by the manufacturers. It will help you in using the product judiciously.

4. Sterilized Container

You cannot make your baby drink all the breast milk from the pump at one time. You need to store the milk in some container. For this purpose, you need one sterile container. There are some pre-sterilized pouches also available in the market in which you can pump your milk directly and store them in a fridge for the later use. Later, you can make your baby drink this milk with the help of the best bottle reflux to avoid the problem of acidity.

Step by Step Instructions You Need to Follow in this Tutorial

The following are the step by step instructions which you need to follow in this tutorial of beginning the pumping while still breastfeeding your baby:

Step 1: Wash your Hands

The first and foremost important step of this tutorial is to wash your hands properly before pumping out the milk from your breasts. It requires for the hygienic purposes.

Step 2: Massage your Beast

After washing and cleaning your hands, gently massage your breast. It will help you feel calm and relax.

Why should you do massage?

Before the pumping, doing a rubbing of the breast also benefits in stimulating the other let-downs so that the entire milk ducts can be vacant easily. It will allow you to take out more milk from the breasts with the help of the breast pump. In fact, doing the massage before pumping make you feel calm and relax. You must do massage at the time of pumping also for increasing the pressure.

How to massage your breasts?

You need to use your one hand for massaging your breasts from the armpits in the direction of your nipples. You must massage both breasts gently from the armpit to your nipple and also from the center of your chest to every single nipple. After this, stroke your each breast mildly in the direction of the nipple a small number of times. Now shake your breasts, and it will be ready for producing more milk. Ultimately, the pressure of your breast's milk will get upsurge, and more milk can be taken out. You can do this massage in between the pumping process also.

Step 3: Begin with the Little Suction Process


You have to pump your both breasts with the little pressure/suction. As soon as you start feeling comfortable, you may increase the level of the suction. For getting more milk out, you must compress your breasts more. Do this step until the flow of the milk slows down to a drop

Step 4: Again do the Massage

When the flow of the milk slows down, starts massaging your breast again. The breast-massage must give in the areas which tend to feel full. But you should remember that pimping should not be hurt. If you get an injury from the pump, then contact your doctor immediately.

Step 5: Collect the Milk in the Sterilized Bottle

After finishing the pumping process, collect the breast milk in the sterilized container. If you want that more milk comes out at the time of pumping, then you should do it regularly when you go away from your baby. It will increase your supply of the milk also.


Step 6: Label the Container

The last and final step of this tutorial is to label the container in which you have kept your breast milk. You should write the date on which you express your milk in that container as it will help you in using the oldest milk early.

Step 7: Refrigerate the Milk

As soon as you take out your breast milk, try to keep it inside the refrigeration quickly. It can remain fresh up to six hours if you keep it at your room temperature. You should remember to preserve them away from any heat. In a refrigerator, this milk can be stored up to 3 to 4 days whereas in a deep freezer it can be preserved up to six months.


In the end, we just want to say that the combination of the pumping along with the breastfeeding might be impossible for few working mothers. But if they do them with a proper planning then it can be successful also. The breast milk is the most important thing for a growing baby, and you can't deprive them of their healthy food.

If you plan your daily activities correctly, then it will become easier for you to do this activity. One small tip: In the morning time, most of the women have the highest quality of breast milk. So you should try to do your pumping task in this period

We hope that you get the answer to your question in the above article now. If you still have any doubt then, you can just write to us in the below comment box. We will answer you as soon as possible. Also, please let us know your thoughts after pumping along with the breastfeeding task. It will help us in making our article more helpful and useful for our dear readers like you.

Thanks for reading the article!


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