Road Safety: How to Make a Toddler Use Car Seat

Children are adorable as they grow because each milestone a child achieves it is a joy to the parents. However, as children grow they start having a mind of their own, and they want things done their way. Sometimes as responsible parents we cannot give our children everything they want. Most parents face a fight with their toddlers when it comes to using stuff like car seat because of the way it restraints them; they want to pop their head or hands out a moving car or just play around which is not safe for them while on the road. Here are tips that will help you make your toddler want to use their car seat:

Make it a car rule

When you program your child’s mind that the each time they get into the car, they have to sit on their car seat that is exactly what they will do each time. However, this is not something that you do overnight. Start practicing the use of car seat from birth even for the short trips you take because once your child has enjoyed the freedom of sitting in a car without a car seat, it will be difficult to reverse it. Talk to all the potential people who might drive your child around to always put them in their car seats before driving.

Make it colorful

Car seats manufacturers and designers are producing impressive models that incorporate fun and safety. Your child may not want to sit in their car seat because it looks boring or old. Getting your toddler a car seat that is designed with the favorite color motivates your child to use it. There are car seats that have prints on cartoons, and you can get them something that they will love to use.

Praise and reward

One thing that all parents have to now is that children love making their parents happy and proud of them. Showing your child that you acknowledge and appreciate their good efforts is one way of encouraging them to continue with the behavior. A simple clap or praise may make your child want to tuck themselves in their car seats. Set goals with them like if they use their car seat for the whole week, they will get a gift. If they comply with your agreement, then you have to give them something they would love to keep them motivated.

Make installing car seat a fun time

Psychology suggests that when a child is given an active role in formulating house rules, they are more likely to comply with them than when their parents formulate the rules and hand it to them. The same psychology can be used to a child who does not want to use a car seat. Ask your child to help you install the car seat and even help you in fastening them on the car seat. Once your child has agreed to help you install the car seat, they are unlikely to pose any resistance when time to sit on it arrives.

Talk to your baby

When our children refuse to do something that we want, we always perceive that they are stubborn. Sometimes our children have a reason to refuse what we are telling them and talking to them may shade some light on the matter. Maybe one of the buckles hurts your child, or you fasten the straps too tight, and that’s why they are scared of the car seat. Figuring out whatever the problem is may be the easiest way to make them use a car seat.

If your baby is old enough to understand road accidents, then talk to them about the risk of not using their car seats when o the road. The information you give is not to scare you child but to show them you are doing it for them and that sitting in a car seat is not a punishment.

Role play

Toddlers who are not old enough to understand the dangers of not using a car seat can understand actions. Role plays with your kid and shows them both the impact of not using a car seat and the advantage of always being secured in a car seat. If you have older children around, use them to make the role play both fun and educative.

Keep your baby entertained

Sometimes making your baby sit on their car seat is not the challenge, the challenge is keeping them in their car seat throughout the trip. Most kids behave this way because they are bored and feel restraint. Carry special toys that are recommended for car use for your toddlers to play with. Large and fluffy toys can be dangerous because when your child is playing with them, they might distract you. If your child likes music, then put some sing-along that will keep both of you entertained throughout your journey.

Children mostly imitate what their parents do and when you get in the car and buckle up your toddler will also want to do the same. Make buckling up a family routine before you start the car; if you have older children also encourage them to buckle up because it will motivate your toddler.

Making sure that your child sits in their car seat is one of the procedure to make sure that they are safe on the road. However, another fact that will keep your child safe on the road is how you install the car seat. There are procedures that you have to follow according to the model and manufacturer to ensure that you drive safely.

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