How Often to Change Newborn Diaper? The First Time Moms

Being a first-time mom is quite complicate and overwhelming. There are many things that they need to learn, and they have plenty of questions running through their mind, most especially in the diaper arena. For sure, you might be asking - how often to change newborn diaper? How do you change it? What are the things you may need for changing the diaper? And so much more!

We know that you wish to ensure that you will do things right and that’s just normal. But to ease your anxiety, we are here to answer all your questions about diapers. So if you are ready, let’s get started!

How Often to Change Newborn Diaper?

Let’s get straight to business! Let me be honest with you, you will be changing your newborn’s diaper... a lot! In fact, it may seem like changing the diaper is the only thing you will be doing for the first three months of your baby’s life. The truth is, there is no fixed time or frequency as to when you should change your baby’s diaper.

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Because the bowel movement along with the frequency of pee of babies may vary, especially when they grow old. But According to American Pregnancy, babies pee for about 20 times a day so changing the diapers every time they pee will be a waste of time and money.

Because of this, it is recommended that you change your baby’s diapers every 2 to 3 hours. But in the event that your baby has pooped, it is recommended that you change the diapers right away because the acid content of his bowel may cause skin irritation.

Check the Diaper

How to check the Diaper? There are times when your baby will cry (even if it has only been an hour since you last change his diaper) and you will not be so sure whether he needs changing or not. The key here is to check his diaper.

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There are some diaper manufacturers which offers diapers with a wetness indicator. If you are using such type of diaper, all you have to do is to look at the indicator, and you can easily determine if your baby needs changing. You can also try buying a diaper wetness indicator that is already available on the market today.

But if you do not have the money to splurge on both of the items mentioned above, here are some of the steps you need to take to tell the wetness of the diaper:

1. Look out for signs

The most obvious sign that the diaper is wet is the crying of the baby. However, please keep in mind that babies cry for a lot of reasons so do not automatically assume that the diaper is wet when your baby cries. Before ripping out the diaper open, it is recommended that you do the following steps first.

2. Smell your baby’s bottom

Smell your baby’s bottom

This might seem so icky, but this is one of the most practical ways to tell the wetness of a diaper. Turn your baby around and take a good whiff of his bottom. If there is something that smells funny, it is most likely that the diaper needs to be changed.

3. Feel the diaper

Place your two fingers at the area a bit far down the top tagline of the diaper. If the area feels soft and plump, you may need to change the diaper.

4. Jiggle the diaper a bit

You are still not sure whether or not you should change the diaper, place your hand on the front section of the diaper and jiggle it a bit. It the diaper moves (the same way jelly does) the diaper is already wet and will have to be changed as soon as possible.

5. Take a quick peek

If you have done the things mentioned above and they all point to the fact that the diaper is already wet, the next best thing that you can do is to open the diaper up a bit and take a sneak peek on your baby’s diaper to make sure.

Cute baby wear diaper


When it comes to the question—how often to change newborn diaper, there is no definite answer to it. The answer may vary depending on the frequency of urination and bowel movement of your child. But to be safe, you should change the diaper every 2-3 hours. If the baby poops, you need to change it right away.

I hope that this article has helped enlighten you about the frequency of changing your child’s diaper. If you have any questions or feedbacks, you can share them with us in the comments section!

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