Why Newborns Wont Sleep in Crib

We have all been there—carrying your child for hours so that you can put him to sleep. And when he finally does, you are thankful because you can finally put him down so you can do other baby-related things like cleaning the bottles, washing the clothes and much more. But when you put him down in the crib, he wakes up and cries (a lot!).

We know how frustrating it can be and it will make you wonder—do babies hate crib? Why newborns won’t sleep in crib? Is there anything that you can do to make your baby love his crib?

These are all common questions of parents and knowing the answers to these can make our lives easier. So if you wish to finally figure out the mystery between newborns and cribs, you should continue reading!

The Reasons Why Newborns Won’t Sleep in Crib

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Let us go straight to the information you would want to know the most—why newborns won’t sleep in crib? There are actually plenty of reasons why! Here are some of them:

1. They find it strange.

During the first few months of their lives, newborns sleep in the bed together with their parents, and when you finally place them in the crib, the place will be unfamiliar and strange for them. And what do babies do when they are in an unusual situation? They cry, of course.

And because of the fact that your baby has not yet slept in crib or his room for months, the place ends up looking like a warehouse—dusty, dirty and empty, making it more uncomfortable for your child.

2. They do not know what to do.

As mentioned above, babies often sleep in the bed together with their parents and so they are already used to it. During those times, you also sing lullabies and try to do everything you can to make him fall asleep. As a result, he doesn’t know how to fall asleep on his own.

And when you place him in his crib, expecting him to fall asleep on his own, he will not know what to do, and he will end up crying a lot!

3. They are not used to large spaces.

Your newborn is used to being in the narrow place that is your womb so placing him in a wide crib can be very scary for him and he won’t feel safe, making it hard for him to fall asleep.

4. You are not sure about it.

Maybe it is your first time to leave the baby in the crib, and you are sure whether or not, it is a wise thing to do. Maybe you have doubts about the safety of the crib, or maybe, you have some fears about not sleeping in the same room as your baby.

Maybe you think that all of your worries do not affect your child but the truth is, your baby is sensitive to your emotional state. And if you are feeling anxious about the crib, then he may feel the same too.

5. You haven’t made the crib a haven for them.

Yes, cribs are supposed to be a haven where babies can relax, play and enjoy but because of the parent’s attitude, it becomes otherwise. How is this so? Most of us place our baby in the crib when he is crying nonstop and we just need a time out or when you already feel tired and the likes.

As a result, the crib has become more of a penalty box for the baby instead of a safe haven for him.

What You Can Do About It

Now that you already know the possible reasons why your baby won’t sleep in the crib, the next thing you should know is what you can do to make baby fall asleep in the crib. Here are some tips and tricks on how you can do that:

1. Make the crib smaller.

Your baby may be scared because of all the empty spaces in the crib. To make him feel safer, you can make the crib smaller by placing rolled blankets or sheets all around him. However, you need to make sure that the towels are rolled properly in order to prevent Sudden Infant Syndrome (SIDS).

2. Make your crib smell like mom and dad.

Your baby is used to your smell and when he does not smell you or his dad, he feels unsafe. To make him feel comfortable in the crib, just simply make the crib smell like you. You can do this by spritzing your perfume on a piece of clothing, roll it up and place it in the crib.

3. Swaddle your baby.

Another way to keep your baby feel safe and sound is to simulate his feeling while he is inside the womb. The swaddle can help you achieve this. During the first six weeks, you can swaddle the whole body of your baby.

After six weeks, try to free at least one or both of his arms because, at six weeks, your baby might use his hands to communicate or express hunger.


Newborns who don’t want to sleep in the crib are already old news. You may have already heard thousands of stories like this. But that does not mean that you should just accept it. Try to make your baby love his crib by doing the things that we have mentioned above.

This article can be useful for all the moms out there, so please do share it with them! You can also leave a few questions and suggestions in the comments section!

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