5 Best Toys for 10 Month Old Babies

You may think that the first years of your baby’s life is nothing but a series of diaper changes and late night feedings, but there’s definitely more to it than just those. During this time, babies start to learn and observe a lot of things. Most babies also start to walk, talk, and respond to their environment during this time in their lives.

Aside from growing in size, babies are also expected to meet developmental milestones every month. These are skills that they should be able to perform during a certain age. Of course, every baby is different, but these milestones serve as guidelines for parents to gauge their babies’ overall wellness and being. Here are some of the most common milestones that babies achieve on their tenth month.

Tenth Month Milestones

A baby’s eighth month, in particular, is very interesting. During this time, babies become generally more observant and curious. This is also one of the times when they start to be most active, so baby proofing should be a priority by now.

Motor Skills

These refer to a child’s ability to do certain things using his muscles. Motor skills are classified into either gross motor skills or fine motor skills. By your baby’s eighth month, he should be able to:

● Start using the pincer grasp

● Sit independently

● Stand up using furniture and other surrounding objects for support

● Show an interest in putting and taking things out of containers

● Crawl in various directions

● and more

Language Skills

Your little one may not be able to talk yet, but during this time of the month, they’re getting ready to do so. Be sure to have lots of patience, because there will be a lot of babbling going on! Here are the language skills you can expect your child to develop by his eighth month:

● Start saying “mama,” “papa,” or “dada” to refer to a parent

● Use simple exclamations like “Oops!” or “uh-oh”

● Try to imitate sounds

● Respond to surroundings

● Have corresponding actions for certain words (shake head for “no,” wave for “hi/hello,” etc.)

Social and Emotional Skills

Social and emotional skills are a lot to process for someone so little who has very limited ways to express himself. That’s why it’s important to pay attention to your little one during this time in his life. By the eighth month, you can expect your baby to:

● Be shy around strangers

● Display stronger preference for a specific person

● Cry when main caregiver goes away

● Figure out how things around the house are used (hold phone against ear, direct spoon towards the mouth, etc.)

Babies are naturally capable of achieving these milestones and more, but if you want to give them a headstart, providing them with toys is actually a great way to do so. Of course, these toys have to be age-appropriate and safe. In case you’re looking for toys to give your eight-month-old to boost his development, check out these ones that we have below.

Best Toys for 10 Month Old Babies

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Encourage your little one to crawl by providing him a safe space that’s colorful and fun! This playmat is large enough to accommodate babies during their infancy to toddler years and can even be used by pre-schoolers for exciting floor play!


  •  Safe for babies

Never worry about harmful chemicals getting in contact with your precious little one again. This play mate is compliant with the European EN71 Toy Safety Standard so you know it’s safe for your baby to lie down, crawl, and explore on. It’s also cushioned to keep babies from hurting themselves when falling on the floor while attempting to stand on their own.

  •  Features a fun and colorful design

EnteThe Baby Care Play Mat features a cute and colorful design on both sides that babies will surely find interesting. One side features the letters of the alphabet while the other has what looks like a city map complete with roads that your kids can play cars with later on.r your text here...

  • Easy to clean

Cleaning the Baby Care Play Mat is as easy as 1,2,3: just get a sheet of baby wipes or a cleaning cloth and you’re good to go! It’s also waterproof so food and drink spills are no longer an issue.


  •  Tends to get unsightly dents and dips

One of the things that you should know about this playmat is that is tends to get dents and dips if you place heavy objects like furniture legs or heavy toy boxes on it for long periods of time.

  •  Has a strong initial smell upon opening

Another thing to look out for when purchasing this mat is that it has a strong initial plasticky/rubbery smell, but do not that it is normal. You can air it out for a few hours before letting your child use it to get rid of the odor.

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Nesting blocks are great for helping your baby develop his fine motor skills as well as improve his hand-eye coordination. These ones from Melissa and Doug are great because they’re sturdy and compact.


  •  Fun and educational

Giving your baby a fun and amusing toy is one thing, but having that toy teach him something too is just the thing parents need to make them feel like their purchase was money well spent.

  •  Lightweight

These nesting blocks are made of thick cardboard, so they won’t injure your child when their tower of blocks topple over.

  •  Encourages creativity

Fine motor skills aren’t the only things developing when your baby plays with toys like these. They also become more creative by using the blocks as props for other forms of play.


  •  Expensive

Considering that the blocks are made from cardboard, many buyers find this item a little too highly priced.

  •  Won’t last too long

Because these are made from cardboard, they don’t stand a chance against normal baby wear-and-tear. The blocks could disintegrate easily if something spills, tear when played with too roughly, or get deformed when stepped on accidentally so be cautious.

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Activity cubes provide endless hours of fun and learning for your little ones. These are educational toys that are truly worth spending your hard-earned money on.


  •  Fun and educational

The bright colors and challenging design has got to be one of the best things that parents love about this toy. The cube has cogs, creative beads, abacus, shape sorter, counting blocks, maze, and counting blocks on each side, engaging your little one in educational play that will benefit different aspects his development greatly.

  •  Great for sharing

Whether it’s twins or constant playdates that you’re worried about, this cube has got you covered. With seven different activities available on all sides of the cube, sharing won’t have to be a problem among the little darlings.

  •   Well made, sturdy, and durable

This cube is made from wood, making it very sturdy and durable. It’s also very well made with all the details nicely presented.


  •  Smaller than expected

The seven sides that offer hours of fun exploration could raise your hopes up into thinking this is one gigantic cube, but it’s actually rather conservatively sized. Though ample enough for little hands, some parents think that it’s a little too small for it’s price and design.

  •  Moving parts don’t move too smoothly

Because the cube and all of its components are made of wood, the parts don’t move as smoothly as you would expect if it were made from plastic or other smoother materials.

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Babies are all about gadgets these days. Instead of a smartphone or an actual tablet, though, why not give your baby this learning tablet instead? It’ll keep him from an actual screen and could also encourage language skills development.


  •   Interactive

Many parents are guilty for using toys as temporary baby sitters for their kids when they have something urgent to do, and most of the time this leaves them feeling guilty because they usually resort to TV or gadgets but that won’t have to be the case when you get this learning tablet for your baby. It’s interactive and great for keeping your little ones engaged, they might not even notice you were gone.

  •  Educational

A good toy provides more than just entertainment, it has to provide value and education as well. The VTech Light Up Touch Tablet is great for teaching your kids about sounds, letters, shapes, and more without the disadvantages from a real techy gadget.

  •  Sturdy and long lasting

One of the best things about buying branded toys for kids is that you know they’re safe and sturdy. If you’re looking for something that your child can use for a long time, you might want to take a look into this fun and educational kiddie gizmo.


  •  Battery operated

Battery operated toys often consume a lot of energy which means you’ll have to keep replacing and repurchasing batteries to keep this little toy going.

  •  Limited things to explore

For kids who easily get bored of the same thing they play with over and over again, this might be a miss. Since this isn’t something you connect to the internet, the things that you can explore with this toy is pretty limited.

Of course, it will take a while before your bub gets to memorize everything this tablet can teach him, but once he does he might start ignoring it and start looking for online alternatives instead.

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Here’s a great toy that will satisfy your little one’s curiosity about cause and effect. The colorful pegs pop up right as another one is pushed down. It’s a great way for babies to practice their grasp for bigger objects, too.


  •  Engaging

Just like a game of Whack A Mole can keep you entertained and excited at the fair, this Pounding Bench wooden toy is also something that will give joy to your little one. Watch as he endlessly and tirelessly tries to have all pegs pushed down and giggle as each one pops up everytime.

  •  Wooden mallet is light yet sturdy

The wooden mallet that this set comes with is light enough for your baby to lift effortlessly yet still sturdy enough to push a peg down successfully without exerting too much effort.

  •  Cute design

If you’re wondering what to do with this toy after your child outgrows it, you can just display it in his play area or pass it down to another baby. The cute design looks great when displayed and since it is a classic toy, it makes a great hand-me-down gift as well.


  •  Noisy

Kids love the sound of hammering. Unfortunately, not all parents or babysitters do. This toy could create more noise that you would like, so just keep that in mind before buying this.

  •  Could create potential injury

Always supervise your baby when playing with this toy. Since the hammer packs a punch, it’s easy for your little one to slam it on a finger or two accidentally or maybe even knock some things down with it.


Now that you’ve seen a glimpse of the many different kinds of toys that can help encourage the development of your child in certain aspects, it’s time for you to decide which one to buy.

If you want to make sure you’re getting the most bang for your buck, I suggest keenly observing which areas your baby could use a little help with first, and then decide on the toy to buy after that.

Remember that supervised play is always the best way to go with babies as young as eight months old. You can leave them alone for a few minutes if it’s really important, but do try to always oversee playtime to avoid any kind of accidents or injuries.


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