How To Keep A Baby Warm In A Crib

Infants are more sensitive to their surrounding temperature than the adults which is why it's crucial for to ensure that they are always warm and comfortable – especially during sleep. Extreme temperatures can have a negative effect on your baby's health and can result in several serious complications including Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS).

What is SIDS and how can you avoid it?

SIDS is one of the most common causes of death in seemingly healthy infants who pass away in their sleep due to an unknown cause. Researchers have tried to go in depth of this serious issue to uncover the factors that make infants more vulnerable to SIDS and have discovered that a baby's sleeping position and common infections such as cold and flu that lead to respiratory problems, are the leading causes of SIDS. By ensuring that the baby is dressed adequately before bed and set in proper sleeping position, parents can keep infants warm and avoid serious complications which could put their health in jeopardy.

Preparing your baby's nursery before bedtime

If you're a concerned parent constantly worrying about your child's safety or wondering about how you can keep them warm at night, this step-by-step guide will guide you in deciding how to prepare your baby's nursery as well as which clothes to put them in before bed.

Step 1: Choosing the best crib for your baby

A good night's sleep starts with a comfy bed and to ensure your infant's safety during sleep, choose only certified crib brands with a design that has wider bars so that the baby's hands or feet don't get stuck in them during sleep.

Some parents make the mistake of sharing their bed with their little one at night thinking that keeping them by their side would ensure that they stay safe. This practice can be extremely dangerous and may result in smothering or suffocating, leading to SIDS. If you must keep your baby close to you at night, make sure to place their crib by your bed instead.

Step 2: Using a Firm Mattress

You may be tempted to buy a squishy mattress for your baby's crib, assuming that the softer the mattress, the more comfortable your child will be, but this isn't always the case. Plush mattresses can cause smothering and overheating in babies and are often not recommended to put small infants in.

Using a firm mattress with fitted sheets is often best to lay your baby in. This ensures correct posture during sleep as well as reduces the risk of loosely fitted sheets getting tangled up around the baby's face, restrict their breathing.

Step 3: Dressing your infant in a comfortable sleep sack

Most parents often worry about what to dress their baby in at night time to keep them warm. Covering an infant in a blanket can be particularly hazardous since it can suffocate them or cause their bodies to overheat, which is why sleep sacks are considered the best alternative for keeping your baby safe and warm at night.


These wearable blankets are also great since they don't come off at night if the baby kicks in their sleep and parents don't have to worry about getting up every hour to fix their baby's blanket to keep them warm.

Step 4: Checking the temperature of the nursery

Adjusting the temperature of the room where you keep your baby's crib is crucial before putting them to sleep at night. Even though parents might be tempted to crank up the heat to make the room extra warm, experts suggest that 20 - 22 degree Celsius is the perfect temperature for babies to sleep in. Since you would already dress your baby up in warm clothes, it isn't necessary to make the room too hot. Keep the temperature relatively cool so that your baby enjoys snuggling in their comfy sleeping sack and does not overheat.

Investing in a good quality baby monitor with a built-in room thermometer is the most accurate way to measure the temperature of your baby's surrounding. If the nursery has an electric heating system, you can set the temperature on the thermostat to a certain level to avoid fluctuations in the temperature of the room.

Step 5: Positioning and preparing the crib

Make sure that the crib is not close to a direct source of heat such as a fireplace or a radiator. Keeping the temperature of the nursery even is best for baby's sleep which is why you must make sure that all windows in the nursery are closed, and the crib is not directly exposed to a fan or any source of wind.

If your baby's room tends to be colder than the rest of the house, you may use heating pads or hot water bottle to pre-heat the crib before tucking your infant in. Remember to avoid loose blankets or loosely fitted sheets at all costs since they can cause SIDS.

Step 6: Setting the baby in a comfortable sleeping position

Sleeping position is often considered as one of the most crucial factors in ensuring a baby's safety. Infants can't really roll over or turn sides on their own which is they must rely on their parents to put them in the correct sleeping position. Make sure that you lay down the baby flat on their back to keep their airways unobstructed. Avoid placing them on their side since they can easily roll over on their stomach this way and can get smothered by the mattress.


A baby's safety is of utmost importance to their parents, and we hope that this article informed you well on not just keeping your little one warm at night but also keeping them safe and away from any life-threatening risks.

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