How to Keep Baby Cool in Car Seat

As fun as summer sounds, it comes with its share of drawbacks. Traveling with your baby can be a challenge in hot weather condition. It becomes difficult to keep your child settled in their car seat when the temperatures are extremely high. Let’s face it; we would rather to a train station when our car’s AC is broken. There are various ways that you can be sure your child is cool in the car. Here are tips on how to keep your baby cool in the car seat:

Switch on the AC before the ride

When the car is off, and the temperatures are high it likely to be very hot inside the car. It’s nice to switch on the AC or open the car doors to aerate the car to make the temperature bearable. Traveling with the AC on is not recommended because the temperature inside the car can drop and make your child cold. Using AC while driving also dries up the air inside the car which can be harmful to your baby.

Dress the baby lightly

When the temperature is high the vulnerability of your baby suffering a heat stroke increases. Tight clothing increase heat retention in your child’s body which can result in high body temperature. Loose cotton clothes are recommended when you are traveling with your baby. They allow proper flow of air which takes away high-temperature buildup.

Keep your baby hydrated

Soft drinks and soda dehydrate your baby, and they can cause uncomfortable heat buildup in their body. Giving your baby water during the trip keeps the hydrated and cool. However, for kids under the age of one, water is not the best choice for keeping them hydrated. Use formula or breastmilk to keep them hydrated.


One of the best ways to keep your baby cool in the car seat is to ensure that there is proper flow of air in the car and seat. Well, ventilated baby car seat can keep your baby cool throughout your trip. Car seats made of mesh material on the surface absorb sweat and body heat preventing temperature buildup.

Prevent direct sunlight

Babies are prone to sunburns which can be one of the reasons for their restlessness in the car. Car seats with canopies have the ability to protect your child from being exposed to sunlight. Another way of protecting your baby from the sun is tinting your car windows. High-quality tinting films prevent 99% of harmful UV rays and reject heat from the sun from penetrating into the car. This reduces heat buildup as a result of the scorching sun.

Use of lotions

One of the ways of keeping your baby cool is preventing loss of fluids. Lotions are great option to soften and keep your baby’s skin hydrated. Although it does not help much in keeping your baby cool in the car seat, it works wonders if used with other methods of keeping your baby cool. Use the mild lotions to avoid any skin reactions because of the chemicals that lotions contain.

Car seat coolers

It is amazing how technology is making our lives easy and hard at the same time. Your baby’s car seat can get hot especially if you packed your car in a place there was no shade. Car seat coolers are put in the freezer for a while before departure and place it on your baby’s car seat minutes before take-off. You can be generous with it and also cool your seat.

Note that you have to remove the car seat cooler from your baby’s seat before placing them in it.

Plan your trips when the temperature are cool

During the day when the sun is overhead, the temperature becomes unbearable. Planning your trips early in the morning or late in the evening can help you keep your baby cool in their car seat. You also get a bonus of less traffic and less noisy streets.

Light colored interior

If you already have a car with dull interior colors do not worry because car seat covers and dashboard covers will sort you out. Light-colored interior helps reflect the light reducing the temperature in the car. This will help you keep your baby cool. You can also get a light colored baby’s car seat to maximize on this concept.

The car seat covers can also be used when your car is packed and removed when you are about to take-off. This will ensure that your baby sits in a cool seat.

Baby cooling towels

Using cooling towels is one of the easiest ways to keep your baby cool in their car seat. Wet the towel and rinse off excess water. You can then place the damp towel on top of your child. However, cooling towels are not used under harness straps or put on your baby’s car seat. You also have to take caution to ensure that your baby does not cover their face with the towel as the risk suffocation.

The Noggle

This a lightweight and flexible tube that is used as an air conditioner that is specifically designed for kids in their car seat. The car vents supply the tube with air which it directs to the baby’s car seat. One of the advantages of this tube is that it can be used to keep your child cool during hot weather and help keep the warm during cold climate.

These are some of the common ways to keep your child cool while driving. High temperature can make your baby restless in their seat, and for older kids, they will try to loosen the harness or sulk all the way. Keeping them cool is one way to ensure that they stay put. When all these options do not work for there is always a backup plan that cannot fail you. Have someone else with you in the car while driving to help keep your baby cool. Never open the window while driving in an attempt to keep your baby cool because the high-speed wind is harmful to your child in so many ways.

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