How to Use Shopping Cart Cover

Shopping cart covers are the last line of defense between your kid and germs during your shopping spree. However, having a shopping cart cover does not mean that your child is completely protected from germs and other harmful microorganisms. You have to know the proper way of using a cart cover to maximize its benefits.

There are two primary types of cart covers, but most of them are designed to be used on the shopping carts and high chairs in restaurants or anywhere you are on your baby’s day out.

Low-end cart covers: they are usually a layer of cotton material without padding that forms a protective barrier between your child and the cart. They are cheaper but not too comfortable.

High-end cart covers: they are widely used because of the maximum comfort and security that they provide. They have safety straps and are well padded to provide comfort. Most of them have extra features to help keep your baby distracted.

We will focus more on how to use high-end cart covers because that’s the most recommended type. Here is how to properly use a cart cover:

Safety straps

Your kid can be restless in the shopping cart and try to ‘escape’ while you are not looking. The safety straps are positioned in such a way that they hold your child in place and attach the cover to the cart. So before you start strolling around, ensure that you firmly attach the cover to the cart according to the manufacturer’s specifications. Try pulling slightly to see if it is lost, after confirming it is strongly connected then you can place your baby and strap them. You will hear a click in most safety straps to confirm that your child is secured.

Installing cart covers


The best way to install cart cover on a shopping cart is to stand in front of the cart and cover the handle bar all the way to the back rest for the child. Ensure that the cover’s leg holes are aligned with the leg holes in the cart. The covers have indicators on which side should be up, but in case it does not, look at the position of safety straps; the side which the straps are located is the side that should be facing up.

When you are installing the cart cover on a high chair then lay the cover on the seat and firmly secure it. Never put your child on a high chair without strapping it on the chair because your child can slide and fall. When the cover is safely secured, you can place your child on the cover and strap them.

Maintaining Hygiene

Cart covers can be a potential breeding ground for germs and other harmful microorganisms. Maintaining a good cart cover hygiene is important if you want to protect your child from diseases causing organisms. It is recommended that you wash your cart cover after every shopping event. Most covers allow machine wash, but it will depend on the material of your cover. Read the manufacturer’s manual to know how to wash and dry your cart cover or if to use disinfectants such as bleach.

The storage of the cover should be done after it is clean. Some covers fold into a tote which is very convenient during storage. Ensure that the cover does not have wet spots during storage.


Always check the straps and buckles before leaving your home to make sure that they are in good condition. Most covers are designed to completely cover the baby’s area on the cart, ensure that during installation the cover spreads out well on the cart.

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