How To Soothe A Teething Baby At Night

If parenting was an easy job, every one of us would be having kids. But in fact, child rearing can get tough – especially at times when your little one is going through the painful process of teething that can keep him up at night, crying in discomfort. Parents would do anything to see a precious, white smile on their baby’s face but who knew that growing new teeth could be such a painful process!

We understand that, as a mom, staying up all night trying to soothe a wailing infant can get rough on your mental health as well as the baby’s, which is why we decided to create an easy-to-follow guide to help put your child to sleep even when he is in pain. But how do you know that aching gums are the culprit behind your baby’s restless nights? There are a few signs you must look out for in your infant to know if he is teething.

Signs of Teething in Children

The teething age in infants can vary as can its symptoms during the process. Most babies will start growing new teeth around the age of 6 months, and while some will sail through this period with little discomfort, others will have to bear the pain that comes with acquiring a set of brand-new chompers. Here are some classic signs that a baby will show when he is teething:

  • Excessive drooling and diarrhea caused by swallowing excess saliva produced by salivary glands which are hyperactive during the teething process.
  • Scratching or rubbing of ears, neck, and face as an attempt to divert attention from the gum pain.
  • Putting objects in the mouth or chewing on random things to soothe the pain.
  • Constant crying, lack of appetite and agitation.
  • Biting, pulling your hair or scratching your skin when you hold or feed the baby.

Soothing a Teething Infant at Night

Is your baby showing the classic-teething signs that we mentioned above? If yes, then his aching gums may be the reason why he is unable to sleep at night, and it is time to do something about it.

To help struggling moms and teething babies finally get some rest, we have put together a list of fool-proof methods to soothe your baby’s gum pain and help him fall asleep at night. These methods are approved by mothers around the globe who have seen noticeable improvements in their children’s sleeping patterns after trying them.

Step 1: Start with a gentle massage

Before putting your baby in his crib, gently massage his sore gums with clean fingers to alleviate some of the pain. Your gentle fingers will instantly calm him down and put him to sleep in no time. If he/she wakes up again during the night, make sure to repeat the massaging process until he is able to fall back to sleep.

Putting slight pressure on an infant’s gums with a damp gauze pad can also soothe the aching gums and relieve some of the pain at night.

Step 2: Apply cold pressure

Nothing works better on sore gums than pressure from a cool object such as a wet cloth to reduce some of the swellings in your baby’s teething gums.

To give your baby’s gums a soothing massage, take a clean soft cloth and a bowl of slightly cool water. Carefully place the baby in his crib and soak the cloth in the water for a few seconds. Squeeze the excess water from the cloth before gently placing it on your baby’s sore gums and applying slight pressure to alleviate the pain.

Step 3: Let your baby munch a little

Chewing on solid foods such as apple, carrot or cucumber can be good to relieve gum pain for your teething baby. The added pressure on the gums from these foods can also aid in reducing gum swelling and strengthening infant’s teeth over time. Let your baby munch on small pieces of fruit or vegetable throughout the day to help him sleep better at night.

Tip: Giving your baby a piece of slightly cold carrot or apple before bedtime can act as a soothing agent to reduce gum swelling.

Step 4: Use teething toys

Teething toys including chew rings, amber necklaces, and other fabric teethers are a great way to soothe your baby’s aching gums. Let your little one play with his favorite chew toys throughout the day but take extra caution with letting him play with toys that could pose a strangulation or choking hazard, especially when they are not under direct adult supervision. Hence, it is advisable to not let a baby sleep with any of the teething toys since they could pose a threat to his well-being.

Step 5: Make your baby feel more comfortable at night

Keeping your baby warm and cozy at night can help them fall asleep easily and get uninterrupted rest – which means more sleep for moms! Investing in a good quality sleep sack for your baby can make a huge difference in his sleep patterns and help him stay comfortable at night. Don’t know which sleep sack to buy for your little one? Check out our list of best sleep sacks for babies for more information on sleeping products that are worth investing in for your infant.

Step 6: Try over-the-counter teething remedies

If your child is in excessive pain and none of the remedies mentioned above seems to be working, it’s time to take a step further and consult your pediatrician regarding over-the-counter painkillers that could work in alleviating some of the discomforts for your infant. Avoid the temptation to self-medicate your baby since certain painkillers containing chemicals like Benzocaine may work on adults but can be toxic to children, causing a rare condition called methemoglobinemia which restricts blood’s oxygen supply. Homeopathic gels and creams that have not been approved by FDA should be avoided at all costs


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