How to Set Up Pack and Play? It’s Easier Than You Think!

A baby is a heaven-sent gift. They are irresistible bundles of you cannot get enough of! But sometimes, taking care of your baby, especially for first-time parents, can be a little tiring. There are times that you get exhausted after a day of cleaning after them. This one of the most common challenges with a baby. Do you wish to make parenting and taking care of your child a lot easier? Are you looking for baby gears and toys that can help you with this task? Well, we know just the gear for you—the pack and play. But do you know how to set up a pack and play?

With the use of well-thought of and well-designed devices, you can make watching over your child a little easier. If you have this, you could take control of some factors and simplify some things at home. To help you out, I have prepared a simple tutorial on how to set this up and it is a lot easier than you think it will be!

Why Use a Pack and Play?


Aside from being a responsible parent and taking care of your child, there are other stuff and chores that need to be done at home. It can be a little hard to focus on the laundry and dishes while worrying about your baby, right? It’s also a little hard to work in the kitchen where you can’t see your baby, right?

Wouldn’t it be great if you can easily have your eyes on them in the middle of whatever you might be doing? I bet you would love to mow the lawn while still keeping an eye on your baby. With a pack and play, you can do all these stuff at home and monitor your baby.

  • Portable

You can easily stow it under your bed when not needed. You can bring it anywhere you go! Need it upstairs, no need to buy another set! Fold it and bring it upstairs.

  • Set up anywhere
Pack and play setup everywhere


Pack and plays are lightweight and foldable. You can set them up and re-set them up whenever needed. Wherever you are at the house, you can always place your baby in one of these and move on with your chores.

  • Takes your worry

This ingenious pen will let you take a nap soundly while your baby plays with his favorite toys! You wouldn’t have to worry about your child wandering around the house without supervision! Place your baby in the pen and place some age appropriate toys too.

This will provide your darling with hours of fun without a kitchen disaster.

  • Extra-safe

They are made with durable, soft, and breathable mesh material that keeps your baby away from injury. You can also easily see them inside the pen so that you can monitor how they are doing.

  • Mobile

Cribs and other pens can be difficult to move around. Pack and plays have two wheels on one side so you can easily push it around the house like a wheelbarrow. Can it be easier than that?

What You Will Need

To set up your pack and play, you will need the following:

  • A pack and play
  • Age appropriate toys
  • Musical mobile (especially for infants)
  • Waterproof mats (optional)

Step by Step Instructions

Pack and plays are surprisingly light and fold in a small bundle when not in use. A staging area is a good idea to unpack all the stuff since pack and plays come with a bag.

Step 1. Unpack form the bag

Unpack from the bag. If you are setting it up for the first time, check for the completeness of the parts and accessories. Set the mattress (and bassinet, depending on the model) for later as it will be placed last.

Step 2. Place pack and play

How to set Up Pack and Play


Place your pack and play unit upright on the floor. You will notice that they are slightly open. Reaching over the opposing sides and give it a gentle pull to widen the opening.

Step 3. Straighten all four rails

Straighten all four rails until they latch and lock. Make sure they are stiff and does not wobble.

Step 4. Firm set up on the ground


While holding one end, push the center of the bottom base until you hear a click, and they are firmly set up on the ground. Now you have your base set up.

Pro-tip: Make sure that the rails are locked before pushing the base to get a snug and secure fit.

Step 5. Set up bottom straps

Set up bottom straps


Turn your pack and play upside down to get access to the bottom straps. Reach for the bottom straps as they are tucked inside a small pocket for tidy packing. Pull them and fix them on the tubes for safety. Fasten all the corners to keep them in place.

Step 6A. Set up the mattress

Set up the mattress


If you intend to use them as a playpen, set up the mattress at the bottom. Turn your pack and play upside down again and fasten the mattress bellow. This will keep the mattress fit and secured in place.

Pro-tip: You can add another waterproof sheet to keep them clean and last longer.

Step 6B. Set up the bassinet

Set up the bassinet


Another feature is to use them as a bassinet. If you use will them as a bassinet, you can simply attach the straps on the side and fix the tubes to straighten them.

Pro-tip: Attach a musical mobile and fill your pack and play with toys to keep them occupied! Take note of giving your young one’s age appropriate toys!

A Few Things to Avoid

Baby in pack and play with toys


Refrain from placing pillows and blankets as they are not optimized for sleeping. Your sweetheart may accidentally get buried on too many stuff! Avoid placing cords inside the pen as babies can strangle from them.


Knowing how to set up pack and play can save you a lot of worries. It’s portable, you can use it anywhere, and you can easily store it when not in use! It’s also mobile, and you can move it inside the house easily, too.

Setting them up is also nice and easy. You can do it without any help. The clever design lets you set it up alone with ease.

Now you can get more things done without worrying about your child.

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