How to Keep Track of Your Kids This Halloween

Your children are getting to that age where they don’t want you joining them trick or treating. Eventually, they want to gain some independence, and Halloween can be a great night for that. Chances are they’re going to be with a group of friends. While you could stay a distance away from them---allowing the feeling of independence but still there if they need you---there are other ways to keep track of your kids this Halloween.

When you’re not going with them, make sure you keep track with these top tips.

Make Sure You Know the Route

Plan out a route that your children can go on for trick or treating. This should only be in your neighborhood, where there are plenty of well-lit streets. You can even draw a map with the exact route they’ll take, which is great for the very first year. That way children don’t get overwhelmed by the many houses and they know you can find them if something happens.

You’ll have an idea of how long the route will take. This allows you to know when they’ll be back (giving time for some dawdling because you know what children are like) and you’ll be able to follow the route if they end up getting home late.

Make Sure They Have a Cell Phone

Even if your children don’t usually have a cell phone, you’ll want to make sure they are equipped with one when out on Halloween. This is the easiest way to keep track of your kids, because you know they’re just a phone call away. In fact, with smartphones, you can also set up a Find My Phone app, allowing you to track their location throughout.

Many children will also like to post pictures on social media. While you don’t want them doing things while crossing the road, social media can be a powerful tool. The images they post are often geo-tagged, so you can see where they are and when.

Get an App Specifically for Tracking

You want to make sure some sort of app is on the phone for tracking location. Google Maps is one of the easiest, but there are many others. For example, you could opt for Life360 or FamilyOrbit.

There are some apps specifically designed for Halloween. Look out for Track or Treat or Trick or Treaters in your app store, whether you have a Google or Apple device. Trick or Treaters is one of the best apps out there if something happens. If your children do go missing, you can send out a “help” notification to other parents in the area with the same app.

Have Check-In Times

As children get older and stay out later, you can always have some check-in times. Get them to set up a reminder on their phone so they send a text message or check in with a phone call. You can choose which one and even have specific words or phrases to use if there is a problem.

Your children do need to grow up and they will want independence. Halloween can be a great time to test this, but make sure you’re tracking them.

Paula Noble

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