Fun Father and Son Activity Ideas

Every good father should teach his son a few tricks and loops in life. However, teaching them a few nuggets of wisdom through bed-time stories is not enough. As a father, you need to find and spend some time with your son. He is going to learn a lot by watching you, and the bond will form the basis for a healthy relationship later in life. Here some fun father son bonding activities to try out the next time you go out together.

Go for a Sports Event

Get to know what sport you son loves most and plan to watch the event live. Give the chance to get painted his favourite team colours and allow him to get an autograph after the service. You may buy the team’s jersey to add to the fun. The sporting activities can range from car and motorbike racing, soccer, baseball, hockey and tennis, among others. Stadiums have an incredible atmosphere that will turn your boy in a true fan, in addition to offering him an unforgettable experience.

Playing Computer Games Together

All kids these days love playing the computer, Xbox or PlayStation, especially when a parent is watching. The latest games for kids are really engaging, some even think too addictive, but in moderation most things are fine. I have an X-Box 1 and play with my son occasionally, he loves this time together, which I can honestly say has deepened our relationship and my much-needed cool dad points! There are some awesome games that are great to play together and for more check out the latest ones reviewed on

Go Fishing

Fishing is a great time to have a one-one-talk with your son. The water backdrop makes a good scene for the son to open up on a variety of things. Fishing and outdoor games in general are one of the father son activities 1 year old boys will find exciting. Use the time to teach the child about nature and other things around them. It will also be a refreshing time for you.

Repair and Clean the Car Together

It is hard to find a boy who is not fascinated by a car. No wonder every boy loves his toy cars. Repairing and cleaning the car together is a great chance for them to learn about vehicles and also be the first step towards actualising their dream of owning one. It is also a great time for the father and son bonding as the young one learns simple car maintenance procedures such as changing tires and oil.

Take a Road Trip or Vacation

A road trip could take you to a vacation spot tens that is miles away. You may also book a vacation for a few days with your son to places like the seaside, a town that is far from home, the countryside or any other place of interest. Ensure that the place you pick is interesting to the kid and provides a great opportunity for you to bond.

Play a Game at the Backyard

If you do not have much time or a budget to take your son out, you can utilise the little time you have to play a game in the backyard. The things to do with your son range from treasure hunts to soccer or racing. You could also tag your dog along for some extra fun. Play with your boy from time to time for a few minutes to strengthen your bond.

Father and son games and activities create a great time for sons to learn from their fathers as they take in tricks and skills. Create time out of your busy schedule to nurture your boy to become the man that you are.

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