How to Ensure the Safety of Your Children in the Car

The traffic laws of different region specify various safety measures when you have your child in the car. Regardless of the state that you are in it is an intrinsic nature of parents to protect their children in every situation.

Road accidents claim a lot of lives every year and following the state traffic and our additional safety measures is important to ensure the safety of our children while in the car. In this article, we will look at how to ensure the safety of your children in the car. Here are tips to drive safely with your youngster:

Get Age Appropriate Car Seat

When you are shopping for your baby’s nursery ensure that you also factor in a car seat for your infant. Seat belts are not efficient to hold children under a certain age. In some states, it is illegal to drive a child below recommended years without a car seat. Place your child at the center of the back row of your vehicle if your car has two or more rows.

It is safer for children under two years old to be buckled in the rear-facing car seat. This will maximize the protection for your child. Check the harness to ensure that your child is strapped properly. A booster seat is recommended for children above the age of five years. The car seats have different installation procedure and following the user manual is important to make sure that the seat is fastened.

Airbags in Your Car

Airbags are lifesavers but can also be fatal. The front airbags are strong, and you should not put a child below the age of two in a rear-facing car seat in the front passenger seat. Try as much as possible to use cars with airbags even on the sides as they provide maximum protection for your child.

You can check your car manual to see how the airbags are deployed to determine the safest position for your baby. Also, see if it is safer for you to put a car seat in the particular car model.

Always Remember Seatbelts

No matter how short the trip is seatbelts are necessary. When your children are all grown, and they cannot be restrained in the car seat. It is recommended you use a seatbelt. It is important to make it a routine just like brushing their teeth before bed is. Before you ignite the car make sure that you fasten your seat belt before asking your children to do the same. Children are excellent at imitating what they see their parents do. The center seat of the back row is the safest spot in the car.

Children can also be a bit cheeky sometimes and undo their seat belts while you are driving. Reward them for behaving well while in the car. When they undo their seatbelt pull over and fasten them because doing it while driving can be dangerous than your child not wearing a seat belt. You can also distract them by talking to them or playing their favorite music while driving. This will draw away the boredom that sometimes insight children to be mischievous in the car.

Keep the windows closed

It is awesome to feel the breeze while driving, but it can be very dangerous if you have a child with you in the car. Children have a tendency of putting their hands or head outside the window while the car is moving or parked by the side of the road.

Most cars have childproof door locks which prevent your child from opening the door while the car is moving. Ensure that you activate them and if your car does not have them then improvise ways that will prevent them from flying out of a moving car.

Try Not To Leave Your Child in the Car Unattended

Children are very curious and never underestimate what they are capable of. When you make a stopover even if it’s for a short period take your child with you. When the car is switched off the air circulation is limited, and the temperature in the car can rise to abnormal levels that your child cannot handle. Also, they may decide to take the wheel, and this can lead to serious accidents.

Clear the Car

Make use of the trunk and the glove box. Loose items can pose a greater risk to your child than an accident. Your child may be playing with them, and they accidentally hit you with it disrupting your focus on the road. Every second count and even a slight distraction can cause fatal accidents.

Put Away Your Phone

Your phone can make you and your child vulnerable to a road accident. Using your cell while driving reduces your concentration and decision on the road. The news you get from the other side of the phone may also be delicate, and it can drain your focus.

Role Play

Role play is one of the ways to ensure your child’s safety while they are in the car. Your child has a role to play while in the car to ensure a safe journey. Role playing gives them a chance to know their role while in the car and also the consequences of their actions. A well-informed child is a responsible child.

Baby On Board Sticker

Not all the drivers on the road are vigilant and patient as you. The baby on board sticker gives other drivers warning that you have a little one on board.

This encourages them to be patient with you even when you are driving slower than the recommended speed. It is also used to notify the specialist or people who come to rescue in case of an accident that there is a baby inside.

How to ensure the safety of your child in the car will depend on the precaution measures you take. Some state traffic rules and regulations are indicated to protect your child. However, the sole responsibility of ensuring that the child is safe lies on the parent. Another thing is following the speed limit that is indicated and the road signs. When you have a baby on board, it is not only your life at risk. Following all the road signs can keep both of you safe.

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