How To Find The Right Dual Baby Monitor

Baby monitors have been around for quite some time now. It has become an essential, if not a must-have gadget, for parents with babies or children. These gadgets have been regarded as idealsafety hacks in the home.

Things have drastically improved since the days when baby monitors only serve to alert parents through sounds. It helps but it also heightens your stress because you still have to scamper to the room to check on your baby.

Modern technology has upgraded the simple audio alert with more creativesurveillance features to lessen your anxiety.

Today you can have the luxury of monitoring one or two babies in a room or two rooms with a sleeping child in each room. If you are contemplating on going the extra mile for your children’s safety,you can find the best dual baby monitor that will give you peace of mind.

The high-tech apparatus will not only augment your baby monitoring activities. It will also relieve you of the constant pressure and afford you the time and space to get the much-needed sleep or rest.

Re-examine your home environment and assess whether the time is ripe to get the baby monitors. It is certain you will find an important need like what I found out. My experience with the gadget has been truly rewarding.

A regular digital video baby monitor functions like a walkie-talkie but with a visual component.There is one camera and one baby monitor that serves as the parent unit. The baby dual monitor is the upgraded version with the addition of one camera

It is equipped with a transmitter or the thing you call the base. This where the microphone is to pick up the baby sounds. The sounds are then transmitted to the receivers which you will normally carry or place in an area near you.


What are the benefits of a dual baby monitor?

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Limit your stress

With dual monitors, you can lessen your stress watching over your children in a room or separately in two rooms.With the visual component, you can see the nature of the alert and react accordingly.

See the situation of two babies or in two rooms

The system was designed specifically for you to have a better view the room or rooms where your children are staying. You can view the entire room or even zoom in to check if your babies are comfortably asleep and breathing.

Soothe babies from a distance

You do not need to spend too much energy moving from one baby to another or from one room to the next. Talk to them or sing a lullaby. It is comforting for babies to hear their mother’s voice as if she’s just close by.

What are the features to look for in a baby monitor?

In your search for the most suitable dual baby monitor, there are salient or must-have features to lookfor. It would be quite puzzling at first because the selections are plenty. Just zero in on the features that you will find personally useful. Check out the considerations of other parents here.

1. Range

Take into consideration the size of your house. The monitor should have a longer range for wider coverage. Some units have a range or line of sight reaching as far as 1,000 feet.

2. Choice of Digital or Analog

In terms of cost, analog is relatively cheaper. However, with digital, you get better sound quality. You can make adjustments and choose the system that fits your budget. You will find out the real worth of dual baby monitors is more than the actual cost.

3. Night Vision Capability

Baby monitors are similar to digital cameras. Picture quality declines at night or in a dark light setting. Check if the video monitor can render high-quality night vision.

4. Dual or Multiple Receivers

Having multiple receivers is excellent so you can set up one in a specific room and take the other with you. What’s best is you can co-share your monitoring duties with another family member or the babysitter.

5. Split Screen Function

A baby monitor with a split screen function will give you the best advantage. You can monitor two rooms or two cameras in one room simultaneously.

6. Power Saving Mode

A reliable baby monitor would have a power-saving mode to complement and extend the battery life. Typically, there is also a low-battery indicator for timely re-charging of the battery.

7. Sensitivity Features

If the loud sound bothers you, there are baby monitors with the option to switch from sound to blinking lights alerts.Also, the lights are sound-sensitive if the sound alert is off or muted. Adjust the settings in case your baby is easily awakened by noises. The system is likely to create load noises in high volume.

8. Temperature Display

An innovative function of some baby monitors is the room temperature detection. Varying temperatures may cause sleep anxieties in babies. You will always know if the level of temperature is comfortable for your baby.

9. Lullaby Setting and 2-Way Talk Features

The interesting features found in the top models are the lullaby setting and talk back feature. A set ofbaby lullabys are built-in so you can play musical sounds to put your baby to sleep. You can opt to sing a song or just whsper sweet nothings to your baby using the talk back feature.

10. The TPZ Advantage

The “Tilt, Pan and Zoom” feature is found in almost all of the leading baby dual monitors. With this feature, you get the perfect vantage point whether for afar or closer.With two babies ot two rooms to check, it would not be a stressful.

Factors To Consider In Setting Up A Dual Baby Monitor

When setting up the dual baby monitor, you have to consider these basic factors to optimize the functionality of the system.

STEP 1 – Find the perfect location for the transmitter

The proximity of the transmitter to a working electric plug is important. Even if the modern units are super-sensitive to sound, it is suggested that the transmitter is within a safe distance of 5 to 10 feet of your baby’s bed space. Likewise, the video transmitter should be placed within a similar distance to the crib.

STEP 2 – Learn to use the receiver

Remember to put emphasis on the receiver or baby monitor to maximize your monitoring experience. Learn to use the receiver based on the nature of activities you will be doing while monitoring your babies. The sensitivity of each unit will vary depending on your distance from the base. Check if you can carry the receiver around or set it up in a place closest to you depending on the circumstance.

STEP 3 – Be on guard with signal Interference

Radio frequency is an all-important aspect of baby monitors. Since most operate on radio frequency, they are susceptible to signal interference. Some electronic devices inside or within the vicinity of your house can alter signals. Ask your seller if the unit falls into one of these frequency categories: 49 MHz, 900 MHz, or 2.4 GHz. Units that are Wifi capable can reduce interference but they have a shorter range.


Apart from the easy set-up, I instantly fell in love with the features of a dual baby monitor. My apprehensions before were quickly erased.I realized that watching over children need not be an exasperating routine for parents.

When I studied and learned to use the system, my duties suddenly took a turn for the better. I can do my acitvities and house chores with less hassles while my children are asleep. I was able to find relaxing moments and add some precious hours to my rest periods.

I will readily recommend the system to other parents who are confronted with similar concerns. We hope this article was able to deliver the pertinent information and clarify any misgivings you might have about dual baby monitors.

A dual baby monitor is a reliable day and night companion. Whether you are watching your newborn, an older infant or a toddler, you will definitely enjoy the experience. In truth, you deserve a reprieve from the daily pressure. This ingenious product will do just that. It is worth every penny of your investment.

We will appreciate receiving your comments and suggestions to further help our readers decide. You can also share your personal experiences with dual baby monitors.


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