How To Draw A Tiger For Kids

When the babies start holding a pencil in their hand, the very first thing they do is to make a drawing on the walls of their homes. Do you also have the same kid at your home? If your answer is yes, then do not waste the talent of your baby and make them learn some new and easy skills of drawing like how to draw a tiger.

A tiger is always a favorite animal for a baby and they can easily recognize them in the pictures. But you should remember that your kid must be aware of making the shapes and also perfect for identifying the different colors.

When the baby begins the drawing, you should also discuss that how that particular animal resembles. It will enhance the focus skills of the kid, and they will draw a better replica of the tiger. You have to participate with them in their drawing work.

There is no fix format or steps for drawing a tiger as everybody have their skills of making art. As soon as your baby gets good control on their hand as well as the pencil, then they can show you the better drawing of their favorite animal. You can show them the different pictures of the tiger so that they can draw a good image at the end.

While showing your kids the drawing of a tiger, you must ensure that he is interested in this task completely. Let them participate in drawing with you by asking them to do the coloring portion. In the below article, we will tell you some easy steps of drawing a tiger for kids and also discuss the necessary things which required for drawing a tiger.

List Of Things You Will Need To Follow This Tutorial

Of course, you cannot begin the drawing of a tiger for kids without the arrangement of the following things before:

1. Plain paper

The first and foremost important thing which you will need at the time of drawing a tiger is the plain white color paper. Whenever you draw anything on a white paper, it enhances the overall look of an object which you draw over it.

2. Cardboard

Of course, you also need one cardboard over which you can place the drawing paper easily. It helps in supporting the drawing sheet from below so that you can draw a picture without any difficulty.

3. Pencil

You also need one sharpened pencil which will help you in drawing the tiger beautifully. The pencil must have a refined tip also.

4. Crayons

After making the drawing of the tiger, the crayons will help you in coloring your picture with lovely colors. The babies always like colorful things as compare to the black and white objects as they can remember them for the longer time

5. Black sketch pen

After making the sketch of the tiger, a black sketch pen will benefit you in outlining the shape of the animal.

6. Eraser

You will require one eraser also to rub-off the additional lines in the drawing of the tiger. Sometimes, at the time of making the outline of the tiger wrongly, the eraser will help you in erasing the wrong lines.

Step By Step Tutorial To Draw A Tiger For Kids

The following are the important step by step instructions which you will need to follow this tutorial:

Step1: Draw a simple circle on the page.

Step2: Then draw a half circle below the first circle.

Step3: Now from the right side of the second circle draw a long circle as shown in the picture. It will be the body of the tiger.

Step 4: Now draw the four feet of the tiger below the body of the tiger image.

Step 5: Draw the tail of the tiger in the upward direction

Step 6: Now the next step is to draw the ears of the tiger and then rub off the additional strokes of the lines as shown in the picture. It will make the picture clearer with the perfect outlining.

Step 7: In the upper circle which represents the face of the tiger, draw the nose and the mustache of the tiger.

Step 8: You have to make the eyes of the tiger and make the curve two lines on the face so that it gets divided equally.

Step 9: Now make the small black color strips over the entire body of the tiger including face and the tail.

Step 10: Fill the color in the strips make in whole body

Step 11: Now make two strips of black color on both sides of eyes

Step 12: Make two more small holes in the ears of the tiger.

Step 13: Draw lines in the paws of tiger

Step 14: Draw the beard of the tiger and rub off the extra lines of the face.

Step 15: Your tiger is ready and outline it with the black marker and fill the body with the brown color.

Remember that the stripes should fill with the black color.


We hope that the above tutorial will help you in making the drawing of a tiger for you kids in an easy manner. It is true that with the kids, we also have to become kids with them and this is the only way through which we can understand them better. We have also kept this same thought in our mind while making the steps of the above tutorial.

There are also other ways through which we can draw a tiger but that will be very difficult for a small kid to learn. Our main motive is to provide the steps in one of the easiest way so that the kid can grab the tutorial steps quickly. If you still have any doubt or query regarding the above article, then you may simply write to us. We will be very happy to answer your problem.

Enjoy the every aspect of the childhood of your baby as being a parent!!!

Thanks for reading our article! Hope you enjoy the journey!

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