How To Clean Baby Neck Rolls

It is the dream of every parent to keep their small baby's skin clean, smooth and soft. However, if you do not take serious precautions then, your baby’s skin can become susceptible to some types of rashes, particularly in the baby neck rolls. This part of the infant’s body is more prone to the rashes.

There are numerous kinds of skin rash which take place in the neck area. Some of the rashes are very mild and get disappeared after some days. The rashes in the neck rolls are exceedingly common in the newborns that are between the ages of 0 to 5 months.

The neck rolls of the baby occur due to several factors like stork bites (small pink color acnes which occur at the time of birth), prickly heat (red bumps which occur in summer seasons), skin irritation (due to chubby and plump skin) and fungal infection (due to extra moistness and sweat in the neck skin fold).

Does you baby is also suffering from the above causes and you are also finding the way to clean the baby neck rolls? Then, you don't have to worry at all as you have landed in the right place. There are lots of household remedies which can help you in cleaning the baby neck rolls easily at home.

In the below article, we will provide you a tutorial which will guide you in cleaning the baby neck rolls properly along with the help of some important ingredients and things.

List Of Things You Will Need To Follow This Tutorial

The following things you will need while following the below tutorial of cleaning the baby neck rolls:

1. Oatmeal: The oatmeal is prepared from the ground oats and used in oatcakes, porridge, and several other foods. It will use for making the solution for cleansing.

2. Washcloth: A clean washcloth also required for cleaning the neck fold of the baby in a gentle way. You should remember that the cloth must be soft and of good quality material which does not harm the baby's skin while using.

3. Warm water: Along with cloth, you also need warm water for dipping the cloth. The water must be warm and not hot or otherwise, that can burn the gentle skin of the baby.

Other Methods

In this tutorial, we will use the oatmeal method but there are few other methods also through which you can clean the neck roll of your baby like cornstarch method, skin cream method, and coconut oil method. But we prefer to use the oatmeal method as it is very easy to use and quite effective in the results also.

So, the following are the other alternative methods which you can also use:

1. Cornstarch method: It is known as corn flour which also acts a cleaning agent for cleaning the skin of the baby tenderly. Before taking out the baby after the bath, you have to sprinkle the cornstarch over the baby’s neck. It will benefit in keeping the neck area clean, dry as well as moist-free.

2. Skin Creams and Lotions method: The cream and lotions which recommended by the pediatrician for your baby also benefit in keeping the neck roll of the baby clean and tidy. You should check the cream before applying it on the skin of baby so that it doesn’t cause any irritation later. Your baby must be more than the age of six months by this method.

3. Coconut oil method: The coconut oil possesses its anti-microbial properties which benefit in preventing the skin infection. You have to massage your baby neck roll with the coconut oil two times in a single day cautiously. It will provide soft and clean skin at the neck.

Step by Step Instructions For Cleaning Baby’s Neck Rolls

The maximum numbers of skin rashes on the body part of the baby get vanish after few days and don’t need any complicated treatment. However, the baby is greatly uncomfortable throughout this period because of the nonstop scorching and burning sensations. Thus, the following oatmeal remedy will help you in cleaning the baby neck rolls easily and effectively:

Step1: Add Oats
The first step is to add the oats or the oats extracts in the baby’s bath. Remember that the oats must be fresh and of good quality.

Step 2: Use the washcloth
Now next step is to take the clean washcloth and bind a cut of oatmeal inside it. The contents of the cloth must be sealed by twisting both the ends.

Step 3: Soak the washcloth
You have to take a bathtub of warm water and dip the washcloth inside it for 2-3 minutes. You have to submerge them till both the oats as well as the cloth gets wet completely.

Step 4: Squeeze the water
Now finally, check the temperature of the cloth so that it does not burn the skin of the baby. After checking, squeeze the oatmeal filled water over the baby’s neck roll for cleaning. As soon as this process finished, you have to pat dry the neck roll.


At last, we just want to say that the cleaning of the baby neck rolls is not so much difficult task to do. But there are few important things which you have to keep in mind for preventing the causes of untidy neck roll such as never use the tight, inflexible, and heavy dress fabric for the baby, no harsh chemicals need to be used for cleaning the skin of the baby, etc.

One small tip also which we want to give you in the end that while using the above oatmeal method might be your baby gets uneasy or annoyed when you attempt to clean his neck roll. Thus, humming a song can divert his/her attention.

We hope that with the use of the above effective oatmeal method, now you can simply clean the baby neck rolls effortlessly at your home. But still, if you have any doubt or question in your mind then you can simply write to us in the below comment box. On the other hand, if you like our article, then you can share our views with your other friends and relatives.

Thanks for reading our article! Hope you enjoy the journey!


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