How to Child Proof Windows to Ensure Your Baby’s Safety

Caring for a baby is stressful and no matter how super parent you will try to be you cannot watch your children 24/7 especially in your own home.

There are stairs, doors, the bed you may have child-proof them all but you left the windows. Or you remembered and that is why you are reading this.

Why are windows such a big danger? No number of toys, apps or movies can stimulate the baby’s brain and imagination as much as looking outside into the real world can.

There are so many things to see outside that it can literally hold the baby’s attention for hours on end if you put them near a window. Try it, you will see what I am talking about.

A study done by the American Academics of Pediatrics showed that within the period of study, (19 years), they found over five thousand children who had fallen out of the windows each year.

So, before you start to show your child how beautiful drops of rain on the windows are, finish reading this first and start installing. There are two child proof window locks I will show you how to install that will work on every window there is. 


The First are Window Latches

Window latches are the least expensive window proofing methods. It is also easy to install.


What you will need to install the latch

  • 1. Latch set
  • 2. A drill with a small drill bit
  • 3. Screwdriver
  • 4. A marker
  • 5. Measuring tape

Step 1: You need to decide which latch to get depending on the type of window you have. There are a number of latches available, but the steps below can apply to any of them. I would recommend the Patrull window latches available at IKEA.

Step 2: It is time to decide where the window latch will be installed. Will it be on the side or on the bottom of your window?

Step 3: For this step it would be much easier if the window was out of the wall. If that’s not possible just hold the latch in a locked position where you want it on the window and mark the screw holes. If your window is out of the wall, lay it on a flat surface and measure exactly where you want the latch and mark it.

Step 4: To insert the screws it would be better to use a screwdriver instead of a drill because of the pressure and vibrations that would break the glass on your window. Use small drill bits if you want to use the drill but only dig shallow starter holes. This will be used to position your screws to make it easier to use your screwdriver.

Step 5: If you have done your measurements correctly and your hands were steady the latch should line up perfectly when you close it and your window should firmly lock.


For the Second Child Proof Lock

Child proof lock you will need

  • 1. Velcro strip
  • 2. Lexan sheet/ Plexi glass
  • 3. Glue
  • 4. Measuring tape

Step1: Measure the space across your window and jot it down.

Step 2: Measure the vertical distance of your window and note it down also. Now choose a point that will be high enough to be safe for your child. I recommend half the height of the window.

Step 3: Cut your Lexan sheet according to the distances you recorded. That can also be done for you at the store you purchased yoursheet if you go with your measurements.

Step 4: Use the glue to attach the hooks to the window frame. If you attach Velcro on the sides of your lexan sheet you can now attach it to the hooks on your frame.

Step 5: What you have now is a child proof window cover that can be used on any window. This is recommended for those unusual windows that don’t use the latch or any of the other methods described below. Added bonus: it can still allow light and air.

Step 6: If you want a more permanent solution you can substitute the Lexan sheet with plexi glass.


Other child proofing window solutions

Window Grills

Window grills come in both visible and invisible. Before you start shelling out for the invisible grills it is important to know that they are not really invisible.

The right description would be barely visible solid stainless steel window grills but that would be a mouthful. These are definelty easier on the eye than the easier to look at than the visible window grills and your home will not look like a third world prison camp.

Visible grills however are the safest way to childproof your windows. All you need to ensure is that the spaces between the windows are narrow enough. Babies can squeeze through anything to get what they want.

The problem with this is that if you are renting you will have to get your landlords permission first and even then your rental agreement may not allow you to install them. You should probably get a professional to install the grills and invisible grills are more expensive than visible grills.

Window Wedges

A window wedge prevents your baby from getting the window open. It wedges the window post tightly against the window frame making it impossible to open the window.

This is usually used on single and double hung windows and your sliding windows. According to market research you should go for the Cresci window wedge. It is the best window wedge available in the market.

It just hooks and loops on your window. No complex installation methods and no tools required. It is made right here in the United States and it comes in two wedges per packet.

If you do want fresh air you can adjust the window wedge to leave around 4 inches of space, which is the safest distance recommended.


I hope you learnt something from this article and it was not too hard to get through. Baby proofing should be a priority if you have or are expecting children.

It will make raising your child a lot more stress-free. There are a lot of dangerous things in the world your home should not be part of that list.

Please share the article if you found it helpful and you can comment below with other methods that you have found useful.


Hello! I’m Rose Ingram and I’m happy of being mother of my two beautiful daughters. They are the most wonderful gifts that I receive in my life. Thanks for having them ‘cause it makes me feel how my life meaningful is. I am working as a designer, specialize in designing safe things for houses or schools to protect babies with utmost care….

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