Should You Change Diaper at Night? You Need to Read This!

Are you confused whether or not you should change the diaper at night? This is one of the most common dilemmas that parents have. In fact, just a simple search about this topic can enlighten you on how big of an issue this is to the parents.

If you have not yet made up your mind on what to do with this issue, maybe you need more information, and that’s what this article can give you. With that in mind, continue reading this article to discover the answer that you are looking for!

Should You Change Diaper at Night?

Aside from trying to save money on diapers, this is another issue that you have to deal with when taking care of a newborn. Whether you are a first-time parent or you have already taken care of a few kids already, knowing what do during this situation is always difficult.

Your baby sleep with teddy

The truth is, there is no right or wrong answer to this question. After all, both options come with pros and cons that you need to consider. Because of this, the best thing that I can do is to help you make an informed decision by telling you the pros and cons of each option.

1. Not Changing the Diaper

Are you tempted not to change the diaper of your baby when he wets it at night? Before you decide on that, here are the pro and con of this option:


More sleep and rest for you and the little one.

Not having to change the diaper at night means you can spend the night sleeping and resting. But more than that, it can also mean uninterrupted sleep for your little one. After all, parents are fully aware of the fact that there is a high risk that your baby will be woken up when you change the diaper at night.


Your baby may suffer from diaper rash.

Not changing the diaper means that the skin of your child will be exposed and in contact with his pee for the entire night and this may lead to diaper rash which can be quite itchy, irritating and painful for your little one.

2. Changing the Diaper

If you are considering to change the diaper at night, here are some things that you should know.


Your baby can be protected from diaper rash.

Changing your baby’s diaper at night may lower his chances of having a diaper rash. After all, your baby’s skin will not get soaked in his own pee for a long period of time.


Your baby (and you) will have interrupted sleep.

When you change your baby’s diaper, there is a high chance that he may wake up. The worst part is, he (and even you) may encounter some problems going back to dreamland.

Must-Know Tips on How to Change Diaper at Night Without Waking Up the Baby

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Most parents would choose the option to change the baby’s diaper at night to prevent possible infection and skin irritation. That can be a great decision, especially if you can find a way to ensure that your baby won’t wake up or his sleep will not be interrupted. Well, I can help you with that. Here are a few tips on how you can change his diaper without waking up your baby:

  • Dress up your baby in easily accessible clothes.

The lesser movements that you will make, the lesser chance that your baby will wake up while you are changing him. Because of this, it would be wise for you to dress him up in clothes that will give you easy access. Some of the clothes that you should consider are open bottom pajamas, nap on overalls, zip up pajamas and many more.

  • Change his diaper right before he sleeps.

Many parents recommend that you change your baby’s diaper before his bedtime. It makes sense because doing so can help minimize the chances that the diaper of your baby will be filled.

  • Apply a diaper cream on your baby’s butt.

In the event that you have decided not to change your baby’s diaper at night, the next best thing that you can do is to protect him from possible diaper rash. You can do that by applying a diaper cream on your baby’s butt before you change his diaper at bedtime. The cream can act as a protective barrier in between your baby’s skin and his urine.

  • Use diapers that are designed for night time use.

It is recommended that you opt for a more absorbent diaper during night time. These diapers offer extra absorption that can minimize leaks and rashes at night. You may be wondering why these diapers are recommended only at night time. Well, that’s because these diapers are a bit costly, so it is not practical to use them in the morning.

  • Use the night light.

Use the night light

I know that you would need as much light as possible to ensure that you can change your baby’s diaper efficiently. However, the bright light will certainly wake your baby up. So instead of turning on the room light, turn on the nightlight instead.


Should you change diaper at night? If your baby poops, it is a must that you change his diapers right away. But if it is just pee, you may or may not change it yet. The decision is up to you. Just remember the pros and cons that we have mentioned above so you can make a decision that is most suitable for you and your baby.

I hope that you are able to make the right decision using the information that I have provided above. For questions or suggestions, please leave a comment below!

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