How to Make Your Own Castle Toys

It may not seem like much, but playtime is actually one of the most important parts of your child’s early years. During play, your child is able to develop various skills and strategies that they will be able to use later on in life.

A lot of people think that playtime is a waste of time for young children, especially when they could be academically learning something else or practicing an activity to sharpen certain skills.

However, playing is just as important as studying for kids. Playtime engages their senses. It makes them think and it allows them to use and practice their motor skills.

Imaginative play is one of the most interesting kinds of play that children like to get involved in. In this kind of play, kids get to act as other people, pretend to be in different places, and face different situations.

Most kids use imaginative play as a way to cope and deal with the real world. It opens up a new world filled with new opportunities for discovery and development for them.

Imaginative Play with Castle Toys

Castle toys have long been a favorite among kids for imaginative play, especially girls. Pretending to live in a castle as a princess or a queen is a childhood fantasy for many, possibly including you and me.

For boys, it’s usually about being the king or the prince who has yet to find his princess. Some boys like to pretend that they are knights guarding the castle, too, with the help of their reliable dragon pal.

Whatever role your kid assumes, a castle sure plays a big part in it, so finding the right castle toy to encourage his/her imaginative play and make it more convincing and realistic is important.

There are so many different kinds of castle toys out there. You’ll find ones that are so big and ornate and realistic that it’ll eat up all the space in your living room or your kids’ playroom or maybe even the backyard and then there are those that are small enough just to give them an idea of what it would look like on the outside or maybe something to build a collection out of.

Whether it’s a kiddie-sized castle or a mini castle toy that your kid is asking for, learning to make one for and with them is always better than just buying what’s already out there.

Making your own castle toy allows you to customize it down to the very last detail, plus it’s a great bonding activity between you and your bub too!

Castle Toy Ideas


Play Doh Castle

A lot of parents hate Play Doh (or just about any modelling clay / compound marketed towards kids) because it gets everywhere -- on the carpet, under shoes, around furniture, in the kids’ hairs, in your hair -- and it’s usually very tedious to get rid of it when it’s stuck in unwanted places.

However, playing with Play Doh offers a lot of benefits for kids. It allows them to let their imaginative side run free and it lets them to develop motor and sensory skills as well. What’s more is that it encourages the development of better hand-eye coordination, too!

To make a Play Doh Castle Toy, you will need:

● Play Doh in your preferred color(s)

● Cutting and shaping tools (optional)


1. Lay all of the things you’ll need on a table so you can easily grab them whenever you need them.

2. Take a chunk out of your preferred Play Doh color and start molding it into your castle’s base. You can use cutting and shaping tools for this step if you want to make your castle more ornate and polished, but it is optional and you can always just freehand it.

3. Keep molding different colors of Play Doh for different parts of the castle.

4. Assemble your castle as you go. Simple the molded bits of lego on top of your base and build your castle the way you like.

5. Add details. You can be as intricate as you want with the details. If you have cutting and shaping tools, you can make dainty details like flowers, vines, flags, and more. Of course, you can still make these details without the tools, but they will not have as much detail.

6. Add the details to your castle by sticking them on and you’re done!


Cardboard Castle

Making a cardboard castle is one of the cheapest ways to indulge your kids in imaginative play. It’s highly customizable and you can let them in on the building process so they can have as much fun making their castle toy as they will playing with it.

To make a cardboard castle, you will need:

● 2 Cereal boxes

● 3 Toilet paper tubes

● Cocktail sticks / bamboo skewers

● Colored cardstock paper

● Paint

● Pens / markers

● Scissors

● Tape


1. Tape both cereal boxes together, making sure that they are evenly aligned.

2. Take your toilet paper tubes and cut tabs down the bottom to make it easier to stick them onto your base later on. You can also cut details on top to give it a unique design. These toilet paper tubes will be your castle’s towers.

3. Line your toilet paper tubes in a row then secure the tubes on top of your base (cereal boxes) and tape them down.

4. Once you have your castle base and tower set up, you can start painting it any color you want.

5. After letting the paint dry, add a strip of double-sided adhesive tape to the top of the middle tower.

6. Take your cardstock paper and cut out a circle then cut that circle in half. Roll it up to make a cone and fasten the ends with tape.

7. Peel off your double-sided adhesive tape and place the cardstock cone on top of the tower, pressing down to make sure the roof of the tower is taped well to the tower itself.

8. Next, take a cocktail stick or a bamboo skewer then cut out a flag from the remaining cardstock paper and tape it to the stick. Tape the stick with the flag to your castle.

9. Lastly, draw the details on your castle. This process is where you can let your creative juices run wild. Draw whatever you want onto your castle to make it as personalized as you want.


Felt Castle Toy

This one is something that you can make for younger kids. If you’re really into crafting, you can also make felt dolls to go with the felt castle and make it a complete set.

To make your own felt castle, you will need:Non-3D:

● Felt fabric in your own choice of colors

● Scissors

● Glue3D:

● Felt fabric in your own choice of colors

● Scissors

● Needle

● Thread

● Felt castle pattern

● Marker/pen

● Pins

Instructions (non-3D)

1. Gather your supplies and lay them all out on a table to get a good view of what you are working with. If you are crafting with your kid, make sure to place the sharp objects away from them to avoid injuries.

2. Draw a draft of what you want your felt castle to look like and pick out which colors to use for certain parts of the castle. Color it in, if you think that will help you visualize it more. Try to draw parts of your castle by shape (e.g. a big square for the main base, a triangle for the roof, a rectangle for the towers, etc.)

3. Start cutting your felt fabrics in the shapes that you need.

4. Arrange your felt shapes into the castle you planned and, if you’re satisfied with what you have, start gluing them together.

5. Add details by drawing them on with markers or making them with more felt.

Tutorial inspiration

Instructions (3D)

1. Find a pattern online for felt castles. There are tons out there that will range from simple boxy felt castles to more intricate ones. Just choose one that you think you will be able to pull off.

2. Print out the pattern, cut, then paste onto a sturdier piece of paper like cardstock or cardboard. This will allow you to trace easier and reuse the pattern over and over again.

3. Place your pattern against the felt and start tracing using a pen or a marker. Be sure to trace with your pen or marker on the wrong side of the felt or the side that goes unseen.

4. Cut out the pieces you’ve traced, leaving out about half a centimeter or two to be used as allowance when sewing the pieces together.

5. Sew up the pieces according to pattern instructions.

6. Decorate using felt and other fabrics or materials to your liking. You can also embellish using lace, buttons, studs, chains, or any other material you like.

7. Put the parts of your castle together and start playing! If you’re feeling extra crafty, why don’t you go ahead and make felt princess and knight dolls to go with your felt castle too? It’ll be a great toy that your little one can use until his/her toddler years.


You can make all these castle toys for under $20 which is a great price point considering how quickly kids get bored of their toys these days.

Aside from being very affordable and extremely easy to make, these castle toys also present a good opportunity for you and your children to bond. What’s more is that you can get them to help you make these castle toys so they get to develop their own set of skills and have their imagination run wild, too!

If you enjoyed these tips and if you have other ideas for DIY castle toys that you and your children enjoy, let us know by leaving a comment. Share this post, too, if you know someone who could use ideas like these for their kids.


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