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It can be a challenge for parents to keep their children away from harmful germs and bacteria because there are everywhere; we can sanitize our homes but what happens if our children are in school, playground, or when we go with them shopping? It is an uphill task, but that does not hinder parents from always finding new ways to protect their children’s health.

Taking your child to the mall is a fun way to bond, but sometimes it is hard to keep them in check. Shopping cart cover is a gift to parents with toddlers because you get to protect your child from germs and bacteria on the shopping carts, and also you get to keep them in check.

Why Buy a Shopping Cart Cover


There are so many people using the same shopping cart that you are using. The problem with sharing is you don’t know the hygiene of the other person and the items that we put on our cart is not always 100% germ-free. The shopping cover cart acts as a barrier between your child and the germ breeding zone (shopping cart).

The shopping cart’s surface is hard, and your child becomes restless after sitting in it for a while. The bumpiness of the shopping cart and the cold metal frame can make your baby uneasy throughout your shopping trip. Shopping cart cover has a cozy pad that provides your child with maximum comfort, and it fills the space around which enable you to put your baby upright. This is convenient also for parents shopping which toddlers who have not fully developed the sitting skill.

Shopping cart covers ensure your child is safely secured in the cart; you can shop without the stress of your child climbing out of the cart and getting hurt. The covers have straps that you can adjust to ensure your baby’s safety.

What to Consider When Buying Shopping Cart Covers


Shopping carts are some of the simple products, but there are some things you need to consider to ensure your baby’s safety, comfort, and health is guaranteed.


The shopping cart covers should make sure that your child is well protected from the germs and also from falling. Check for safety on the cover to ensure that they are strong enough to hold your child in position. Another thing that you should take into account is the straps fastening the cover to the cart should be out of your baby’s reach. The Velcro on the sides of the cover will help to attach it to the handlebar.


One of the reasons that your child will try to escape from the cart or bring drama while you are at your shopping store is if they are not comfortable in it. Ensure that the cover you purchase for your child has enough cushioning and provide enough support for your child.



The effectiveness of the cover that you buy will determine how well you will interact with it. Choose a cart cover with easy installing and uninstalling procedures. The covers with elastic edges are easier to use on any cart because they stretch.

The flexibility of the cover will allow easier portability and storage. Some covers come with a pouch that you can easily fold them and store the inside.


The type of fabric used in the manufacture of the shopping cart cover will determine its comfortability and longevity. Choose covers made from fabric that is easy to clean and stain resistant. You are advised to wash your baby’s cart cover with soap and disinfectants after every use to maintain hygiene. Going with fabrics that allow machine wash and dryer will save you a lot of cleaning time.

Babies tend to have susceptible skin, and if you are not careful, the fabric that you are using may cause an allergic reaction. Choose covers that are made from a hypoallergenic material, and they are chemical free.


Some shopping cart covers protect your baby from germs, secure them in the cart, and also entertain them while you are shopping. The toys on the cover keep your baby busy, and some come with side pockets that you can put your phone, feeding cups, or a diaper. These extra features increase the cover’s functionality.

Reviews of the Best Shopping Cart Covers

Here are reviews of the most functional covers in the market. They have been tested for durability, efficiency, safety, cost, and views of consumers have also been considered. This is a list that will make your decision in choosing a cover for your child easier and eliminate the confusion that comes with trying to look for the best shopping cart cover for your baby.


When you want a shopping cart cover that provides a full coverage (the back rest of the cart, the handle bar, and the seat) then consider buying Infantino Compact 2-in-1 Shopping Cart Cover. It is pocket-friendly and very comfortable for your baby. About the safety, this cover comes with a safety harness that is easy to use, and you can fold it into a compact tote which makes it very easy to walk around with.

The cover has extra treats both for you and your baby; it comes with a teether, so your baby doesn’t have to chew on the fabric. The fabric is made of 100% polyester fiber, and it is hypoallergenic so don’t worry about your baby developing an allergy if they are safer from allergies. The cover’s design allows you to place your baby’s sippy cup, and a teether and the sippy cup is secured with a strap. There are also toy loops to keep your baby busy during shopping.

The designs are gender neutral, and they can also be used to cover a chair when you are out for dinner with your family.


  • Elastic lined and it is easy to tell which side stays up.
  • Velcro is used for side attachment
  • The cover comes with toy loops and sippy cup strap
  • Provides a full cover


  • It is not very padded.


This is probably the best shopping cart cover in the market today because you can use it even for an infant. The Summer Infant 2-in-1 Cushy Cart Cover comes with an infant positioner that is very soft and squishy. It enhances your infant’s support while they are o the cart and it can be removed when your child is a bit grown and does not need it.

The cover is designed to provide full coverage with adequate space to pass your child’s legs through. The straps are strong enough to prevent your child from tipping over the cart. Don’t worry about portability and storage because the cover nicely folds up into a tote. Another impressive feature is that it can double up as a diaper changer and an infant travel bed.

The product includes vinyl pockets that you can put sensitive gadgets such as your phone and two toy loops to help you attach your child’s favorite toys. It is also designed to fill all the carts, so you don’t have to worry about them fitting target carts.


  • It ca be used on a high chair when you are out with your child.
  • It is waterproof and effortless to clean.
  • Secure and soft infant positioner.
  • Compact folding and easy portability.


  • The pillow is not firm enough


You can still protect your child from germs, safely fasten them in the cart, and be stylish when you are using Crocnfrog 2-in-1 Shopping Cart Cover. It is designed to provide a full coverage and fit the standard carts. The fabric is made of polyester fiber to provide a soft and comfortable environment for your baby. This makes it relatively cheaper, and if your child suffers from allergies, you don’t have to worry because the material used is hypoallergenic and free of ozone depletes.

The polka dotted cover comes with three toy loops to keep your baby engaged with their favorite toys. Your baby’s safety is guaranteed with two buckles located in the front and rear. It has a pocket that can carry your baby’s diapers or wipe and you can easily fold the cover into a tote and carry it without any hustle because it is very light.


  • Comfortable and soft fabric.
  • Easy to clean and carry around.
  • Hypoallergenic material
  • Attractive design


  • Not very cushy


The Binxy Baby Shopping Cart Hammock is a unique product that is just adorable. However, do not let its good looks get to you because it functions as well as it looks. The product is designed with clips that to fix on the front side of the cart, and as you push the cart, it slowly rocks your child. It is very comfortable for infants, and it can hold a maximum weight of 50 pounds.

The Binxy Baby Shopping Cart Hammock is manufactured with 3% Spandex and 97% Cotton which allows you to machine wash it. It is also manufactured according to the safety standards required, and its performance is excellent.


  • Machine washable.
  • Very comfortable for infants too young to sit.
  • Rock your baby while pushing the cart.
  • Soft and comfortable material.


  • The product does not have any known flaws.


This cover is one of the best-padded covers in the market yet it is lightweight and convenient to carry around. The cover can be folded easily into a bag which enhances its portability. It is designed to provide complete coverage, and it is fitted with safety belts to ensure that your child is safe on the cart. Its design allows it to fit most of the standard carts.

You baby will be engaged with their favorite toys because this cover has toy loops, a phone holder, and two mini pockets. The elastic edges maximize the cover’s grip on the cart and to maintain your baby’s hygiene you can machine wash it.


  • Comfortable and soft material.
  • Fitted with adjustable safety buckles.
  • Allows machine wash


  • Does not fit bigger carts


Various shopping cart covers on the market are designed to meet the different need; others are designed to target specific problems, and others are designed for universal use. When you are purchasing a cover for your baby ensure that it meets your needs. Make sure that the cover you choose is easy to clean to avoid carrying germ on the same cover that is supposed to protect your baby from germs. The low priced covers is not an indication of poor quality, you can go for a low-cost cover, and it is still functional. The advantage that others may have is the additional features that are installed to maximize your child’s comfort and entertainment. Shopping cart covers are a smart investment for your baby.

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