What is the Best Overnight Diaper for Heavy Wetter?

Is your child a heavy wetter? Does he need diaper change more frequently than most babies at night? If this the case of your baby, then it can be quite frustrating not only for him but you too. Having to wake up many times overnight because of a wet diaper can disrupt both of your peaceful sleep. For sure, you are a bit worried and frustrated at the same time. And we understand why, mommy! After all, you might be worried that your baby is not getting enough rest and frustrated because you need to rest too! Well, I will let you in on a little secret—the best overnight diaper for heavy wetter.

Yes, using the right kind of overnight diaper is the solution to all your woes! I know because it solved my baby’s wetting problems too! And believe me when I say that the right diaper is one of the best blessings from up above as it made my (and my baby’s) life so much easier! To know which is the best overnight diaper for your heavy wetter, read this article!

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What The Best Overnight Diaper Can Give Your Heavy Wetter

For sure, you may be wondering, how can using the right overnight diaper help you with your problems? Well, there are plenty of ways how! Here are some of the benefits of using the best overnight diaper for a heavy wetter:

Peaceful sleep

Baby Peaceful sleep

Aside from choosing the right mattress for pack n’ play and ensuring the right temperature for sleep, another way to ensure that your child will enjoy peaceful sleep is to use the right kind of diaper. When you use the wrong type, there’s a high risk that it will leak which may cause your child to wake up and cry.

Healthy development

When you use the right type of overnight diaper, leaks can be minimized, and the lesser instances of diaper leaking, the more peaceful your child’s sleep can be. As a result, he can get to enjoy the rest that he needs for healthy body and mind development.

Long-term use

As compared to normal diapers, an overnight diaper is designed to provide long-time service to babies. With its thicker padding and longer lasting materials, most overnight diapers can provide your child protection for up to 12 hours. This will ensure that you and your baby will get the amount of sleep that you need.

Clean Bedding

Clean baby bed

As mentioned above, most overnight diapers minimize the chances of leaking. As a result, it can prevent the stool and urine from spreading not just to your child’s body but the mattress as well, making your life as easy as possible!

Rash-Free Skin

Diaper rash skin baby

And since the stool and urine will not have prolonged contact with your child’s skin, development of diaper rashes can also be avoided.

What to Look for in An Overnight Diaper for Heavy Wetter

Baby smile wear the diaper

Now that you know what the benefits of an overnight diaper are, the next thing you should understand is how to properly choose an overnight diaper for heavy wetter. What are the things to consider and characteristics to look for? Know the answer below:


Child diaper structure and material

When it comes to the materials used, it is a must that you opt for one that is free from toxins and other harmful chemicals. Keep in mind that your child will be wearing this for hours every single day so you must ensure that the diaper does not contain any material that may cause skin irritation.

In addition to that, the type of material used can also determine the absorbency capabilities of the diaper. The best material that is known to hold high amounts of liquid is microfiber. Other recommended materials to look for include bamboo, organic cotton, cotton, and hemp.

Stay Dry Feature

Most overnight diapers available nowadays come with the feature that keeps the skin of babies dry because the diaper absorbs all the liquid, ensuring that babies will not be able to notice the wetness, allowing them to sleep soundly for long.


Overnight diapers come in different sizes, and it is important that you find the right size to avoid leakages. This may be a bit of work, especially for babies that are quite small and are light in weight. Most products have recommended weight range for their corresponding sizes so you can use that as a basis for choosing the right size.

Closure Method

There are two ways on how an overnight diaper can be closed or sealed—by loop and hook or by snap. The snap closure method offers more security and has lower chances of getting unhooked. On the other hand, the loop and hook closure method offers versatility because it can be customized based on your child’s size.

Customizable fit

Diaper size fit with baby

Diaper manufacturers have different types of closure methods. One of the things you may want to look for is how much you can provide the right fit for your baby. The perfect fit ensures that all the features work together. Snug fit makes sure that leak will be controlled while your baby can comfortable move while sleeping.


Whatever type and purpose of diaper you may be looking for, a breathable feature is a must. Breathability of the diaper makes sure baby’s skin stays dry while sleeping. Moisture can invite bacterial growth which could end up in diaper rashes.

Designing breathable diaper is a little tricky so you must watch for the best brand that suits your baby. Thicker padding means better absorption; however, this also means little air circulates inside the diaper and can potentially trap moisture. Lesser padding, on the other hand, means that the diaper is more breathable but can be easily soaked and frequent diaper change may be in the equation.


This may be a little trivial, but, don’t you want your tiny angel rocking out with cartoony diapers? Of course that would be a bonus! Your baby will surely have fun staring at his diapers with the cute designs!

Wetness indicator

It’s a great feature to have that tells you when it is time to change diapers. This eliminates the need to check from time to time.


The channels on the absorbent side of the diaper is not there as a design. These channels are designed to easily catch liquid as it flows and gets trapped on the creases. This ensures that any liquid that flows is quickly and efficiently absorbed to keep your baby dry all the time.

Hypoallergenic Material

One of the primary reason you take much time in choosing the right diaper type and brand for your baby is to keep your baby dray and avoid diaper rashes. If you end up using non-hypoallergenic materials, you are exposing your little one to a potential allergy inducing material. This could result to diaper rash. You also have to be particular with the types of materials used in the diaper.

Antibacterial Feature

Diaper rashes are caused by bacteria. Moisture provides a good environment for bacteria to grow and multiply. When it reaches its potent quantity, diaper rash is just a few steps away. Antibacterial features of diapers ensure that the diaper you are using is not contributing to the bacterial growth.

The Best Overnight Diaper for Heavy Wetter Review You Should Read!

So, which is the best overnight diaper for heavy wetter? To know that, it is a must that you familiarize yourself with the popular brands in the market. You need to know compare their features as well as their pros and cons. Lucky for you, I have already provided you everything you will need to make the right decision below:

Pampers Swaddlers Diapers

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According to the sales of newborn hospital diapers in US Hospitals, Pampers Swaddlers is the #1 choice of many and with its features, which comes as no surprise. First off, the diaper is made of an ultra-soft material (soft like a blanky) that is comfortable and will make your baby feel as if he has been swaddled in a blanket.

When it comes to wetness, there’s nothing that you should worry about because it has a unique absorb away liner which pulls away from the wetness and mess from the skin of your baby to prevent rash formation.

In addition to that, the diaper has a wetness indicator that will signal you when it is time to change the diaper. Now, you do not have to guess! It is also equipped with a soft, stretchy sides to snap on closure method that will flex with every move of your baby.

Last but not the least, it also has extra absorb channels which evenly distributes wetness, allowing your child to stay dry for up to 12 hours!


  • 12-Hour protection
  • Extra Absorb Channels
  • Wetness Indicator
  • Soft Material
  • Absorb Away Liner
  • Soft and Stretchy Sides


  • Made from materials that are not eco-friendly
  • Not suitable for babies with sensitive skin
Sposie Booster Pads

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From the term booster pads, the Sposie Booster Pads are used in doubling up the protection of your baby against urine and stools. It is used in conjunction with any diaper, and it can boost their absorbency with its Flow-Thru pad.

It is made from toxin-free materials to ensure that your baby will be safe from possible skin irritation. The Sposie Booster Pads has undergone stringent manufacturing standards and is a certified latex-free product. In addition to that, the pads have the ability to wick moisture away from the skin and can hold as much as 8 ounces of liquid.

What makes these pads unique is it offers customizable positioning, which ensures comfort to your little one, whether he is a boy or she is a girl!


  • Customizable positioning design
  • Moisture wicking capabilities
  • Latex-free product
  • Can Hold up to 8 ounces of liquid
  • Flow-Thru Pad


  • Not expandable
  • Hard to secure in place
Mama Koala 3-Layer Diapers

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If you are looking for a diaper with thick padding and materials with high absorbency, the Mama Koala Diaper is for you. Featuring 3 layers of all-natural and organic material made of 30% organic cotton and 70% bamboo, you are assured that your baby will stay dry throughout the night. In addition to that, the materials do not contain any toxic materials, reducing chances of skin irritation.

Moreover, the bamboo material is highly sustainable and all-natural, so you are not just ensuring your baby’s health but helping out the environment as well!

This cloth diaper is breathable, highly absorbent and antibacterial which provides good hygiene for your child. More than that, the diapers are machine washable and dryable for easy maintenance. These microfiber pads can fit most standard sized cloth diapers.


  • Thick padding
  • All natural, toxin-free materials
  • Environment-friendly
  • 30% organic cotton and 70% bamboo
  • Highly absorbent
  • Breathable
  • Antibacterial
  • Machine washable and dryable
  • Fits most sizes of cloth diapers


  • Lack of elastic in the pocket opening
  • Elastic is not durable
GoodNites Bedtime Underwear

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If you are looking for diapers that look more like underwear (and have much cuter design!), then GoodNites Bedtime Underwear is the perfect pick for you. This diaper has a 5-layer material that provides added protection to your little one. In addition to that, it also has a double leg barrier to prevent leaks.

In addition to that, the “underwear” has extra stretchy sides that will ensure fantastic fit for all body sizes and shapes.

The underwear is also made of material that is 20% more absorbent than the usual diapers in the market, which makes it perfect for heavy wetters. In addition to that, the underwear is embedded with odor-absorbing materials for more discrete wetting. Last but not the least, they come in different cute and eye-catching Marvel designs which your baby boy will surely love!


  • Cute Marvel Designs
  • Double Leg Barrier
  • Stretchy Sides
  • Odor-absorbing
  • 5-layer Protection
  • Fits most sizes and body shapes
  • Highly absorbent


  • Bulky
  • For Boys Only
Luvs Ultra Leakguard

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There are plenty of features to love about the Luvs Ultra Leakguard. For one, it has a leak guard core that keeps the baby, bedding, and clothes dry. The material is also very soft, making your baby feel more comfortable and helping him enjoy a peaceful sleep.

With its NightLock Plus design, the diaper is ultra absorbent. It also has wider tabs and a large fastening area for fast and easy changing of diapers. The sides are fastened using fastenable stretch sides that will ensure perfectly snug fit.

Last but not the least, the diapers come in attractive and fun designs that babies will love! The diapers come with a money back guarantee.


  • Leakguard core
  • Soft Material
  • NightLock Plus Design
  • Wider fastening tabs
  • Large fastening area
  • Re-fastenable stretch sides
  • Fun and eye-catching designs
  • Money back guarantee


  • Not environmental-friendly
  • Perfumed (which may cause skin irritations)
HUGGIES Little Movers Diapers

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Huggies have put much thought in designing their diapers. Little Movers Diapers is designed with Double Grip Strips™ and DryTouch Liner™ for the most comfortable and customizable fit. With its DryTouch Liner™, any liquid any liquid that comes in contact is quickly absorbed.

The Double Grip Strips™ makes sure that your baby will have the best fit. No matter how curious and active your little angel is, Huggies can take good care of them! The leak proof system ensures that you would not have to worry about leaks while your little one is running around. This diaper offers up to 12hours dryness for your baby.

Oh, and one more thing! Your baby will be enjoying the cute little Disney character designs!


  • Double Grip Strips™
  • DryTouch Liner™
  • Superior leak lock system
  • Adorable Disney character designs
  • Customizable fit


  • Can be a little tight
  • Not a great overnight substitute


Heavy wetting can be a problem not just for you but your little one as well. Too many diaper changes overnight can prevent you and your child from getting a peaceful sleep, but the best overnight diaper for heavy wetter can solve all of that.

To find the best overnight diaper for your baby’s needs, it is a must that you take into consideration material (it must be non-irritating and eco-friendly), size (it must have a snug fit), closure method and stay-dry feature. With all of these things considered, the clear winner of this round up is Pamper Swaddlers Diapers because it has almost all of the factors mentioned above plus more—its wetness indicator.

But if you are using cloth diapers and you wish to use something that is friendly to the environment, the Mama Koala Diaper is the perfect option for you.

Did you found this article useful? I hope you did! If so, do us a favor and please share this with your family and friends! For questions along with your suggestions and feedbacks, please do head to the comments section below. I would love to have a chat with you there!

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