Best Mattress for Graco Pack n Play

The term pack and play can be a little confusing given that the commonly known terms when it comes to babies sleeping and playing are a crib and play yard. There is no much difference between the three of them. Pack n play is just like a playground only that it is portable and suitable for sleep. Graco Company is the sole originator for the term pack n play to refer to their play yards. Graco pack n play is just a portable station for babies that can be set up at any place to cater for your baby's needs. Depending on its make, it allows you as a parent to nap your child, give them a change of diapers or just rest your child.

Pack n play vs. crib vs. play yards


A crib is an enclosed area which serves the sole purpose of sleep for babies traditionally. Play yards, on the other hand, are enclosed areas that serve the purpose of play. This is typically a broad definition since it includes play yards that are suitable for sleep and play while others are not. Play yards can, therefore, be considered pack n plays.

‘Pack n plays' in many ways provide the best of both play yard and crib since it can be used as both. However, to serve as a crib, ‘pack n play' require a mattress or mattress pad that suits your child's age and should fit the size of the ‘pack n play,' which could be tricky since most ‘pack n plays' are irregular in size.

Pros of Graco ‘pack n play.'

‘Pack n plays' are:

  • More portable compared to traditional cribs.
  • Lightweight hence easy to handle and carry
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble hence flexible to use.
  • Perfect for travel due to easy ways of handling and assembling

Like I mentioned earlier, pack and play are suitable for both play and sleep. To facilitate sleep and rest for your child, pack n play will need a mattress that will fit correctly to ensure that your child is safe to prevent any complications.

How to look for a mattress for Graco pack n play


Choosing the right mattress for Graco play is not something that one should just jump into with doing the required due diligence. Several factors should be considered depending on the result required as well as the needs of your child. Some of the factors to consider are;

1. Maintenance

The amount of energy and work required to maintain the mattress should consider before purchase. As a parent, you will not want to buy a mattress that will easily stain hence require a lot of time to clean up. It should be a mattress that has a low maintenance cost.

2. Lightweight

Pack n play mattresses are usually or mostly used when traveling. It should, therefore, be relatively light to allow easier handling.

3. Cover

The best mattress covering to choose should be one made from an easy-to- clean and waterproof material. This will ensure that the mattress doesn’t stain and that it remains dry at all times. A good example of such a material is Vinyl

4. Affordability

Your budget plays a crucial role in determining the type of mattress you purchase for your child's pack n play. There are two types of pack n plays, basic and deluxe. Basic pack and plays are affordable while the luxurious ones are a bit pricey since they have been designed to serve several more side tasks like bassinets.

5. Material

Knowing what material the pack n play mattress of your choice is made of is essential. This is because your child to be allergic to a particular material. It is advisable to use mattresses made from hypoallergenic materials to reduce health risks and hazards. Most pack n play mattresses are however made of foam to ensure a firm sleeping surface that is comfortable for your child.

6. Size


Size is the major thing that tells apart a pack n play from an average child’s foam. Typically, pack n play mattresses have a thickness that lies between one and three inches and is usually narrower and shorter than traditional crib foams. Your child's age will also determine the size of mattress you purchase their Graco pack n play.

7. Warranty

Manufacturers must be willing to attest to their good work by offering a warranty on their products. With this, you as a parent can rest assured that you have bought a mattress that will serve your child for a considerable period. Warranties are also important in that they help you as a parent to know past what period will not be benefiting maximally from the pack n play mattress.

8. Durability

The best foam for Graco pack n play should be one that will last long. As your child grows and continues to use their Graco pack n play which will expose the mattress to wear and tear. A good mattress should be able to withstand all that.

9. Construction

The way the mattress is designed should be such that it is well able to support your baby’s body safely and comfortably. This means that the thickness and material used should matter. Other comfort components should also be considered significant.

Features of the best mattress for Graco pack n play


In addition to the above general list of things to check against when looking for the best foam for a pack n play, several key features should be considered. The specifics of any pack n play mattress should be critically examined to make sure that you get the exact mattress that you need depending on your baby’s needs. Some of this particular key include;

1. Quality and safety

Your child's safety goes without saying. The quality of the mattress that you buy for your child's pack n play should be to keep your child from all harm and injury during play and or sleep at all cost. If it does not, then the whole idea of a pack n play being a safe environment for play and sleep loses meaning.

2. Hygiene

A good pack and play mattress should be easy to clean rendering it germ-free. The mattress components should also allow proper air circulation to ensure no dumpiness on or in the mattress. Should also be waterproof to avoid leaks.

3. Comfort and quality

The best mattress for a pack n play should be one that assures maximum comfort hence providing adequate support to the fragile growing bones of your baby. A good mattress should also not have any odor hence should remain fresh at all times

Why Invest in Graco pack n play


A Graco pack n play is a must have for any parent with children, that is infants to two-year-olds. This is because of its convenience. Also, Graco pack n plays come with different designs hence allowing you as a parent to choose the one that will suit your needs and those of your child best. Here are some the reasons why you should invest in Graco pack n plays;

1. Cost

Graco pack n play is cheaper than the traditional baby crib. This helps you as a parent to have a safe and comfortable area for your child to sleep even when you do not have enough money to purchase a crib.

2. Safety

With a Graco pack n play, you are to leave your child for a little while and still rest assured that they as still where you left them and are safe by all means. There is nothing more important to a parent than to know exactly where their child is and know exactly what they are doing. With Graco pack, n plays it is practically impossible for your child to climb out hence assured safety.

3. Portability

Graco pack and plays are excellent, especially during travel. This is because dragging a traditional crib with you will be impossible and yet your baby will still need the services that the crib offers. For this reason, Graco pack n plays come in handy since you want where and when you'll need to change your child's diapers or need to nap them. Therefore, Graco pack n play becomes a must have due to its ease of carrying around since it is light.

4. Child development

Graco pack n play assures you of your child's growths as well as cognition and fine motor skills development. This is because Graco 'pack n play' is a perfect place to put toys to allow your child to play with them. Some Graco pack n plays, however, come fitted with their toys. The bottom line is, playing with toys in a Graco pack n play assures you of your child's growth and development.

5. Convenience


In as much as this may seem like just an extra cost, Graco pack n plays have facilitated convenience. As a parent, you will not move around the house with you baby in a traditional crib just to keep an eye on them. On the other hand, there is no safe place to place your living room or kitchen to place your infant. However, with Graco pack n play, you easily move your child around the house in a safe environment easily. You can make dinner with having to rush out of the kitchen to check and see if your baby is alright. The convenience that Graco pack n play provides is second no other.

Top Best Mattress for Graco Pack n Play

Sleeping on a wrong mattress as a grown up can be devastating. You will more often than not wake up more tired than you went to sleep and it would affect your health wise. For this same reason, choosing the right mattress for your child's Graco pack n play can give you a headache. This is because you want the mattress to serve your child's needs perfectly from comfort to safety to hygiene. The best top 5 mattresses for Graco pack n play are;


This is by far the best mattress for Graco pack n play. This is because compared to other mattresses that serve the same purpose, dream on me foam is thicker. It, therefore, provides an environment that is comfortable for play as well as sleep. It has key features such as facilitate hygiene, convenience, and comfort as well as quality and safety. Dream on me foam mattress has an easy to clean anti stain mattress cover that is waterproof hence preventing leaks and odor.

Its antibacterial feature ensures your child good health since it actively prevents mold which is harmful when inhaled. It's 90% foam, and 10% vinyl ensures gentle support for your baby's back and their fragile bones in general.


  • Safe to use on kids because it has antibacterial and waterproof properties that assure no health hazards
  • Provides a safe, comfortable, supportive and gentle environment for your child to play in and even sleep
  • It has high durability hence does not quickly wear and tear


  • Depending on the make of your pack and play, dream on me foam mattress might not fit perfectly.

Clients reviews have also shown that clients have attested to its

  • Comfort for their babies
  • Durability
  • Safety as far as size and health is concerned


This is a perfect cover for any parent who feels that they need an additional cover for their Graco pack n play mattress. It fits all crib and mini crib mattresses perfectly without lumps or bunching up. It is made from a hypoallergenic material that is safe for your baby's sensitive skin.

It is highly absorbent due to its fabric top that is quilted peach. Its high absorbency renders it bacterial resistant hence odor. It has just the right padding to support your baby. Also, it has high durability and does not shrink when washed or dried. It also safe for your child because no toxic material is used in its making. This is a must have cover for any mother.


  • It adds support to your Graco 'pack n play' mattress since it is comfortable and soft.
  • Helps protect your mattress with it waterproof properties
  • Fits perfectly in all pack n play, crib, and mini crib mattresses


  • Can be noisy as the baby moves and this can disrupt their rest

Client reviews of purchase prove that this is the best cover for your Graco pack n play mattress. Some of the reviews approve of:

  • No shrinkage when washed and dried
  • Durability
  • High-level comfort and softness that help babies rest well
  • Perfect fitting without bunching up hence your baby's breathing is not altered.
  • Ease in to putting on and removing from the mattress
  • Light compared to other bulky covers


American Baby Company Jersey sheets are the number one option for your crib and mini crib mattresses. There is a variety of seven colors to choose from depending on the style and theme you are hoping to achieve. The sheets are 100% cotton hence provides a warm, soft and comfortable feel. Jersey sheets fit standard size pack n play mattress up to a thickness of three inches. Its deep pockets trimmed with elastic ensure a snug for a secure fit hence ultimate comfort for your child. American baby company jersey sheets are perfect for machine washing and are dryable.


  • Super soft hence exceptionally comfortable for your child
  • Fits pack n play mattresses perfectly
  • Durable hence not a wastage of money
  • It is effortless to clean therefore time preserving
  • It is of high-quality material as it remains soft even after numerous washes


  • The jersey sheets are too thin
  • It does not fix all pack n play mattresses perfectly


Baby Mary Company waterproof pack n play and mini crib mattress cover pads fit pack n plays of a thickness ranging from three to five inches. Secondly, these waterproof mattress cover pads are safe for use in a dryer and are made from a hypoallergenic material that fosters softness and crib protection. Baby Mary Company waterproof mattress cover pads are packaged with an E-book and a free changing pad liner.

This pack n play mattress cover has a peach fabric that helps your baby's sleep in a great way. It has no toxic materials and therefore safe for your baby's sensitive skin. In addition to its being waterproof, it is also noiseless and resistant to bacteria. It has a guarantee of up to a life time washes without wear and tear.


  • Fits the Graco pack n play mattress perfectly as well as other mini portable crib mattresses
  • High-quality material hence durable
  • Offers extra protection to your Graco pack n play mattress


  • Comes with only one pad liner for changing

What consumers are saying

  • Baby Mary Company pack n play mattress cover pad has a perfect fit without any loose ends and does not bunch up at all
  • Its waterproof properties offer additional protection to the pack n play mattress
  • It has just the needed amount of padding hence an exceptional quality of softness.
  • It is not noisy and has just the right flexibility
  • This pack n play mattress is safe for use on babies since it has no chemical odor


Last but not least, Amy Carinn Collection 'pack n play' mattress pad covers are the last best Graco pack n play covers we are going to look at. It comes in a pack of two bamboo mattress pad covers and an addition of two free bamboo pad liners for changing. Amy Carinn Collection pad covers fit most pack n plays as well as other mini crib mattresses. It also has the best crib protectors. These bamboo mattress covers are waterproof and do not shrink when washed or dried since they are dryer friendly. They have a guarantee of 345 washes and equal drying cycles without wear and tear.


  • Durable due to high-quality bamboo material hence do not wear and tear easily
  • Has two bonus changing pads
  • The covers and changing pad are not bulky


  • Some parents find them a little bit too light

What are consumers saying?

  • The changing pad is of high quality and stay intact even after many washes
  • The pack n play bamboo mattress pad covers are super soft for babies to sleep on
  • The durability of this covers and changing liners is exceptional
  • Compared to other cover pads, bamboo cover pads are extra light. The padding is just right and enough
  • This bamboo pack is value for your money as you pay less and get a lot in return regarding quality
  • The covers fit perfectly and fit most pack n plays and even mini crib mattresses.


As a parent, your natural instinct will always drive you into purchasing the best quality products for your child. Graco pack n plays are by far the best. The above review will help you in choosing the best mattress for your Graco pack n play as well as the best cover pads and sheets. You should also do more research to know more about anything you would want to purchase for your baby. Asking around from people who have used the products before can be of great use to you.

Every product has its pros and cons and that only means that some will love it while other will not. You should, therefore, be careful what information you choose to let in and what you do not. This will help you not by going a product that would have helped your child. As you inquire from people or research online always remember that babies are completely different and so what works for one will not necessarily work for the other. Always buy what works for your child. In most cases where babies are concerned, it is all about trial and error until you find what your baby will love.

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