Best Crib Soother For Baby

Dealing with your infant’s sleep issues is a real nightmare for parents. Some babies will not go to sleep or nap at all even when it is so obvious that they are exhausted. Having to wake up three to ten times and more a night is not a fun thing considering that you have to work the following day. For this reason, this article will review some of the best crib soothers to help with calming down, comforting, engaging and putting your baby to sleep. As the name suggests, crib soothers are additional toys to an infant's crib to offer calming and soothing effects that help them sleep through the night or stay calm and engaged even when they are not sleeping. Crib soothers range from aquariums to projectors with a lighting and sound effect.

Factors to consider when buying a crib soother


When it comes to babies, it is any parent's natural instinct to ensure that all precaution is taken. It is important for you as a parent to feel positive that whatever crib soother you buy for your baby's crib is, by all means, safe for your baby's use. Some of these factors include:

1. Affordability

Affordability of the crib soother you wish to buy is the number one factor to consider. Living within your means ensures reduced stress. As a parent, you should, therefore, go for a crib soother that is within the budget you have set aside for it. After all, it just helps put your baby to sleep hence does not have to be beyond what you can afford.

2. Durability

Everyone wants the value for their money. You should, therefore, need to consider the soother's construction and material to ensure that it is durable. In addition to that, always go for a soother that has a warranty to ensure you know the shortest life span the soother can have.

3. Flexibility

Cribs come in different sizes. It is not always that you will remember the exact dimensions of your baby's crib or play pen. You should therefore always opt for a flexible soother since that makes it more likely to fit in your baby's crib. Flexible can also mean that your soother can go elsewhere like on the wall if it does not fit in the crib.

4. Maintenance

Maintenance cost should also be in line with the budget you set aside for your crib soother. Soothers primarily run on batteries. The cost of maintaining it should be low regarding battery usage and other things that come with using the soother like cleaning it and detergents required.

5. Easy to operate

Just like crib soothers are meant to serve a small purpose of helping your baby fall asleep, so should their operation be. Go for a soother that your nanny or elder children can operate even in your absence to help your baby fall asleep.

Important features


After considering the above general factors, it is always good to cross check the crib soother's specifications against what you expect to get from the soother. Important features to consider may include:

1. Light

It is important to ensure that the light produced by the soother including those with projectors is just enough and right for your baby's fragile eyes. It should have just the right amount of intensity and brightness to ensure your child's optical safety.

2. Sound

If your child takes longer to sleep you can be sure that they will be exposed to sounds from the soother for quite a long time. The quality of the sounds should, therefore, be safe for your child for just until you switch off the crib soother.

3. Material

The crib's soother material should be safe for your baby's handling. This is because the baby can bite it as the explore it. The soother’s material should, therefore, be made in a way or fabric that allows explorations without causing any injury or health problem.

4. Mold and mildew resistance

Mold and mildew practically form and grows on practically anything. To ensure your baby's health safety, ensure that your choice of crib soother is perfectly equipped with mold and mildew resistant components. This will prevent your baby from inhaling the pores that are dangerous to their health. You can also clean the crib soothers with warm water and vinegar solution ones s week to kill mold. Sealing opening with hot glue also keeps mold and mildew at bay.

Last but not least, you need to figure out what your child will like. It is effortless to buy crib soother that your baby will not like one bit. You should, therefore, choose what your baby will most likely love depending on how you know them.

Using crib soothers as a way of helping your baby sleep comes with its share of advantages and disadvantages.


  • For toddlers, crib soothers also serve the purpose of nursery or crib toys
  • Crib soothers help in the development of motor skill as babies tactically explore them
  • Can be used as a bedside light for toddlers


  • May harbor mold and mildew which can cause health issues
  • Can easily cause injuries when not clipped right
  • Your baby might not like it
  • Can have a high consumption of batteries.

With the above information, it is easy to choose a crib soother for your baby. There are many types and brands of crib soothers out there that come with different prices. How do you know and single out the best soothers for your infant?

Top 5 Best Crib Soothers for Babies

1. Fisher-Price Rainforest Peek-a-Boo Soother, Waterfall

This is a discover n' Grow storybook projection soother. As its name suggests, it takes the form of a storybook with pages. It offers a three in one soother system by offering music, night light and colorful projections to the ceiling. It has four stories that include the classic Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Rockabye baby, Hickory Dickory Dock and Hey Diddle Diddle.

The stories change as pages are turned as the projection and music correspond to the story. Each story projects two images which in turn alternate with music that plays for twenty minutes. The pages of these crib soother have words on its pages that can sing along to. Fisher-price uses 4C batteries and 2AAA for the remote. With Fisher-price discover n' grow storybook does not change projections or music until the mother and or the baby flips the storybook pages.



  • Comes with a remote
  • Projects images to the ceiling


  • Pages have to turn to change stories
  • Requires many batteries for the soother and its remote

Commonly asked questions and their answers

Q: Can the soother be hung on the wall?

A: The small hole at the back of the soother can allow for that

Q: How can one change the rhymes from classical to nursery ones and vice versa?

A: By flipping the pages

Q: Can you use it in a pack n play?

A: The soother is meant for cribs hence wouldn't recommend use on a mini-crib

What buyers are saying

  • Most babies love this soother
  • Does not use up batteries fast
  • Fits firmly

2. Pond Symphony Crib Soother With MP3 Connectivity

This is a pond symphony soother that allows for MP3 connectivity. It consists of bright colored adorable animal characters. This crib soother responds to a baby's touch with soothing melodies which mostly helps in attracting the baby’s attention. This, in turn, allows room for exploration through touch by the baby. It engages and calms babies when activated by presenting an array of soft and colorful lights slowly going on and off. Babies can also activate it by pressing the ladybug.

The soother has a setting that allows choosing either sound only, light only or both. The soother can be connected to an MP3 player for a more customized and familiar soothing atmosphere with lights dancing in synch. Last but not least, it allows adjusting the volume as well as an auto-shut down button. It has an adjustable clip that allows fitting in all cribs. Soothing melodies play for up to twenty minutes after which it shuts down automatically.



  • Allows for MP3 connectivity
  • Easy to operate
  • Easily fits all cribs


  • Poses a choking hazard as it has small animal pieces

Commonly asked questions and their answers

Q: Can the sounds play continuously

A: No, the crib soother auto-shuts after twenty minutes to conserve the battery life

Q: Can Lamaze crib soother be securely attached to a pack n play

A: No, the clip has to go through something like slots on a crib hence impossible to fix on a pack n play

Q: what kind of nature sounds does the soother make

A: chirping sounds

Q: Which MP3 can Lamaze crib soother be hooked to

A: Any MP3. It has 100% compatibility

What buyers are saying

  • Has perfect fabric constructions that cannot injure a baby
  • Best since it fits all cribs
  • Has an auto-shut off button
  • Help the baby to develop motor skills by allowing tactile exploration

3. Fisher-Price Discover 'n Grow Storybook Projection Soother

This second fisher-price soother brings a rainforest peek-a-boo waterfall soother effect. It brings the calm rainforest serene atmosphere to your baby's crib. Its glowing blue waterfall provides an amazing motion that easily soothes your baby to sleep. The pool into which the waterfall extends to have a bubbling fish that easily attracts and engages your baby. In addition to that, is a Frog and monkey that play peek-a-boo among the leaves.

This in a large way helps develop your child's sensory skills through hearing and seeing. It also allows explorations as you or your baby can activate it using a toucan button on the front part of the crib soother. Numerous bubbles produces by the fish are enchanting and easily keeps the baby's eyes fixed onto the soother

It has the power and control button. Settings allow you to play lullabies, rainforest or classical sounds with or without lights. Settings appear as music only; lights and music or lights, motion and music. It does not come with batteries. Fisher-price rainforest soother runs on 4 C batteries with a battery life of two and a half hours.



  • Allows you to choose the soothing you want for your child
  • Easy to operate since even toddlers can operate it
  • Has good construction hence durable


  • Has loud mechanical or clicking noises that can disturb a baby's sleep
  • Very short battery life especially when settings include motion
  • Plays for a concise period compared to other soothers

Commonly asked questions and their answers

Q: Does it come with a remote

A: No it does not. But has control buttons

Q: Do the lights and music slow or dim down over the 18 minutes play time

A: No they do not. The brightness and volume is the same all through the play time

What buyers are saying

  • It is very relaxing for babies.
  • Lasts a very long time hence durable
  • Helps develop motor and sensory skills

4. Baby Einstein Sea Dreams Soother

Baby Einstein Sea Dream Soother offers a medley of soothing lights, sound and motion over a period of twenty-five minutes play time. Baby Einstein offers an ocean imagery that provides a soothing effect that lulls your baby to sleep.

Baby Einstein has a unique drift of features that ensure that light, motion, and music drift away slowly every ten minutes as your baby falls asleep. This soother also offers an extended use for toddlers as it can be used a bedside soother as well as night side light for toddlers.

Colorful real life ocean imagery ensures that your baby stays engaged as well as helping in the development of their sensory skills through hearing and seeing. Baby Einstein crib soother offers a perfect fit for cribs except for curved ones. It comes with a remote control and an attachment buckle for fitting the soother.

The four soothing modes that come with Baby Einstein crib soother are melodies with lights and motion, melodies only, ocean sounds with lights and motion and ocean sounds only. This crib soother uses 4 C batteries that last approximately twenty hours. A mother can also switch it off from a distance to avoid disturbing the baby in case they are sensitive to noise or movement during their sleep.


  • Can be used in cars when attached to the front seat's head rest
  • Can produce sounds without any lighting hence effective for babies who don't like light
  • Comes with a remote
  • Lasts a long time


  • Has a short battery life

Commonly asked questions and their answers

Q: Does it come with warranty

A: Yes, Baby Einstein comes with a 1year warranty

Q: Does the crib soother have a clip to attach it to a play pen

A: No, the soother comes with a strap for crib attachment

Q: Does it have any age range or limits

A: No, you can use it for your baby at any age. Just be sure to alternate sides on the clip to ensure you do not deform your baby's head

Q: If attached on top of the crib can babies see all that is going on

A: Yes, it is possible for your baby to see everything. Ensure not to strain them by any means

What buyers are saying

  • Flexible and easy to use and operate
  • Very relaxing with its real life ocean imagery
  • Baby Einstein is loved by most babies
  • Help with development of motor and sensory skills

5. Fisher-Price-Shooting-Stars-Glow-Soother

Fisher-price shooting star glow crib soother creates a glow- effect light show of innovative and mesmerizing glow-beads. The enchanting glow-beads gently tumble around in a soothing pattern. As the glow-beads softly fall, they activate a gentle motion in the light-up monkey and elephant characters in the soother.

You can customize the soothe and calming effect to your baby's preference with a mix and match of sounds ( nature sounds and white noises ), music (lullabies) and glowing lights with thirty minutes play time. Fisher-price shooting star glow crib soother has three setting modes namely music only, music and lights (which is similar to night light) or music, motion and lights.

These three setting modes provide a sense of company, comfort and bedtime routine as the baby is perfectly soothed by the white noise. Fisher-price soother not only provides a routine for sleep but also helps immensely with the development of sensory skills by the soothing white noise, music, natural sounds and glowing motion beads.

This soother attaches easily and firmly in cribs hence reducing chances of injuring the baby or falling off. It can be activated by either the mom or the baby by pressing the light up tiger button. The restful and comfortable atmosphere created by the soother's music, white noise, soft glowing beads and motion of the animal characters helps the baby acknowledge the wind-down and relax time. Fisher-price shooting star glow crib soother is the crib soother that has the longest play time.



  • Has a good structure which makes it durable
  • It easily and effectively comforts, engages and keeps the baby company
  • Makes babies sleeping easier which in turn makes life easier for the parents
  • Has a universal fitting to cribs


  • Does not come with a remote control
  • The water can easily evaporate in some instances

Commonly asked questions and their answers

Q: Is there a light only mode without sound

A: No, but the white noises produced are very gentle and soothing to distract any baby

Q: Do both music and light stay on for the whole thirty minutes

A: Yes it does, but it does dim down with time before going completely off after thirty minutes

Q: Can the baby pull this crib soother in case you have an active baby

A: Once fixed correctly, nothing can bring it down.

Q: What do they mean by “music” is it vocal or instrumental

A: Music is usually instrumental no vocals are involved.

Q: Can you attach this to a playmate or a car seat.

A: It can be easily attached to a car seat but a play mate might be a bit difficult.

Q: Does light stay on all through the thirty minute play time

A: It gradually dims down and shuts itself later completely after the thirty minute play time.

What buyers are saying

  • Fisher-price shooter star glow soother is very relaxing to babies.
  • Lasts a long time and remains effective
  • It is every baby must have
  • It is a lifesaver
  • Fits most cribs easily
  • It engages comforts and keeps the baby company

In conclusion, ensuring that your baby's crib is as comfortable and sleep inducing as it can be is a very important thing. Your baby uses their crib 99% of their time. For this reason, the crib should be a comfortable and peaceful as you can to create a calming and relaxing sleep environment. The soothers reviewed above work differently with different babies. Therefore, what works for one baby will not necessarily work for your baby. You should therefore make a decision on the perfect soother to purchase based on your baby's preference and what you think will perfectly suit your baby's needs. For example, it is important to know that mist highly perspective babies will not work well with soothers that have too much light. This is because the light will more likely stimulate them than lull them to sleep.

Last but not least, your baby's personality and temperament will also come to play when using soothers. Like adults, babies have their personalities too and therefore crib soothers will play a bigger roll than lulling to sleep. For example, if your baby is introverted it means they love their alone time. This means they will take longer to sleep as they are more reflective. As a parent you should master the exact time in which they fall asleep after being put in their crib. This way, you will be able to adjust your soother to be able to cover the whole period of time before they sleep.

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