Infant Road Safety: Best Car Seat for Travel

When it comes to our children’ safety, we don’t compromise on the products that we buy. Getting the best car seat for your baby is not an easy task especially with a market that is saturated with a gazillion products and every manufacturer advertising their products to be the best. The good thing is that there are laws that govern how the car seats should be manufactured and the inferior products are recalled. You also have to familiarize yourself with how to use a car seat to ensure that you have maximized your child’s security. This buyer’s guide will help you choose the best car seat that will ensure your child’s comfortability and safety.

Why Is It Important To Have Car Seat For Travel?


Apart from being arrested for driving with an infant without a car seat, they help ensure that your baby is safe for travel. It is unfortunate, but the safety belts of the regular car seats are not sufficient when it comes securing your child in their seats in case of a road accident. Also, your baby may not be old enough to support their weight, and car seats for your baby will ensure that they sit in a comfortable position.

Car seats for your baby can be adjusted in different position to allow your baby to sleep comfortably when you are traveling for a long distance. The other advantage is that have covers that protect your child from direct sunlight, and the material are designed to keep them cool even in warm climates.

Types of Car Seat for Travel


The various types of car seats available for your baby do not determine the level of safety that it provides but they are designed to suit different needs. When you are planning to buy a car seat for travel, the first thing you consider is the type of car seat that you need.

Booster car seats

This is for older children who are not allowed by law to use the regular car seats, but they are past baby car seat recommendations. It helps in transitioning your kid from baby travel car seat to the normal adult car seats. They are designed to provide an elevation so that the seat belt properly secures your child in their seat.

Convertible travel car seats

When you have a child less than 65 pounds, and you prefer the forward-facing position, then this is what you need. It is recommended for children who are in between infant car seats and booster car seats.


Infant travel car seats

This can be the challenging car seat to decide because it has provided complete comfortability and safety for your newborn. It is designed to reduce pressure points on your child and align their spine properly. All the infant car seats are designed to face the rear side of your car.

How to Choose the Best Car Seat for Travel

When you have a car seat that fits and serves all your needs, then that’s the best car seat for your baby. One thing you should know is that there are strict laws that govern the manufacture of travel car seats for your baby to ensure that they are safe. Here are tips to help you choose the best travel car seat for your loved one:

The size of the car seat


When you are out shopping for your baby’s car seat put the size of your vehicle in mind. Some cars are too small to accommodate the bulk baby car seats. Since most infant car seats are designed to be placed in the back seat facing the rear and if it is too big it will interfere with the front passenger’s space because they cannot adjust their seats.

Your child’s age

The various models of car seats on the market are designed for a particular age and weight bracket of babies. Your child’s age and weight will determine the type of car seat that you will buy for them. Car seats are meant to serve you for a limited duration so go for something that will serve you best.


Most of the materials used in manufacturing car seats for your baby are chemical free. However, there is some added advantage in considering the material of your baby’s car seat. Meshed materials provide good air circulation that will keep your child cool when it is hot and will retain warmth when it is cold.

Choose something you trust

We all have a gut instinct, and sometimes it just tells you NO when you see something. When you are getting a used car seat, you should get it from people you trust, and the condition should be good. It will be a bonus if they still have the manual to help you use the seat correctly. Check if the safety features are working properly and if it will protect your child in case of an accident.

Safety features


When you are choosing a seat for your baby is it to maximize their safety on the road, and that’s why it is important to inspect the safety features of your baby’s seat before purchasing it. The major safety feature to examine include:

The harness: most baby car seats have the 3-5 harness. Ensure that they all work properly, and the connecting units are firm.

Neck and back support: if you are riding with an infant, you will need this feature because it helps reduce pressure points and ensure proper alignment of your baby’s spine.

The Isofix base: check if the base is compatible with your car and fits in well.

Car Seat for Travel Reviews

We did an honest review of the many car seats for travel and came up with a list of seats that you can rely on. Here is a review of the top 5 car seat for travel 2017:


The Evenflo outdid itself with this model. The Evenflo Tribute LX Convertible Car Seat exceeded all the federal safety standards and tested for side impact which ensures your baby is protected from all angles. The multiple shoulder harness positions enable you to use the seat for longer as you can adjust them as your baby grows. The material is 100 percent polyester which has good qualities such good air flow. It also puts hygiene in play as the pads are machine washable. This will ensure that your child is not exposed to bacteria and fungi that may accumulate as a result of dirt and sweat.

The seat is fitted with LATCH which makes it easy to install and the various harness points ensure your child is properly secured. It is lightweight and makes it convenient to move around with it especially if you switch cars in between your journey. It has a removable head support that makes suitable both for infant and toddler use.


You may want to consider the Contender 65 Convertible Car Seat if you have long trips with your child because it has a removable head and body support to ensure that your child is safe and comfortable all the way. The latch system gives you an option of securing the seat with the seat belt or the inbuilt latch system. The seat contains EPS energy absorbing foam that will keep your child cool throughout the journey.

The seat can accommodate from 5 to 40 pounds when the baby is positioned in the rear-facing and accommodate up to 65 pounds when placed in the forward-facing. The seat pad is machine-washable to make sure your baby is free from any contamination that may occur due to dirt and sweat accumulation.


The sleek design is what you notice at first glance of this baby car seat. The slim size enables you to use multiple seats in case you have to travel with more than one child. The seat can be easily folded and carried or stored making it one of the most convenient car seats in the market. One thing that makes the seat outstanding is that it will serve your baby until the transition to the adult car seats. The full steel frame ensures the seat longevity and the memory form will adapt to your baby’s weight as they grow to make sure that they are comfortable.

The top feature of this car seat includes super side impact rotation, rear-facing top tether, and latch installation. This features to ensure that your baby is secured properly in case of an accident. The adjustable head support provides your child’s neck is comfortable which can enable you to travel for extended without the need to change your baby’s position.


When you want to make safety a fun fact for your kids or they don’t want their car seat because it appears dull then consider this product. The Maxi-Cosi Pria 70 has a wide variety of playful and bold colors to choose from. The material of the seat covers an advanced air cushion system that will provide enhanced protection for your child in case of an impact. The body support limits your child’s movement during driving to make them comfortable even when they are asleep.

The installation system is color coded which makes it easier for anyone to use the seat. The latch system is one-click, and the harness is well placed to ensure that your baby is safely secured in their seat.


Britax Roundabout G4.1 uses a SafeCell Impact Protection which is one of the most advanced safety protocol for a car seat for travel. It integrates all the safety measures in one seat to maximize the safety of your child during an impact and also protect them from debris. The seat comes with three recline positions to ensure that your child is always comfortable when you are on the road.

You do not have to worry about unwinding twisted straps because the 5-point harness system is tangle-free. The latch system is easy to use, and you can hear a click when the latch is locked in. The compact size of the seat makes it convenient for most vehicles.

Final Take

No one is prepared for what might happen on the road but taking precaution may help mitigate the outcome of whatever may occur. Make it a routine to always secure your child safely in their car seat before you start driving. Some car seats have additional features such as cup holders or toys; this gives them an appealing look and can be a bonus in case your toddler may pose resistance to sit on their car seat.

When you are operating on a tight budget, you should not be worried about getting a cheaper car seat for your baby because all the car seats for travel in the market must meet the federal safety regulations.

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