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One of the fascinating facts about nature is how fast children grow. One day they are these little creatures who will not let you put them down or leave them. The other day they were so grown up that they are even fighting you to have their freedom to walk or crawl around the house to explore things for themselves. It is essential as a parent that when your child starts developing an interest in the surrounding, that you encourage that interest with items such as toys. It will not only help sharpen your child's wits, sensory and motor skills but will also allow your child to have fun and learn many other things.

In the same way, it is equally important to encourage your child when you realize that they ready to start making their first baby steps. It is paramount that you provide them with all the necessary accessories you can afford to help them learn how to walk the easy way. Children are different just like grown-ups are. You will, therefore, realize that some children will grow up faster than other. For examples, some children will learn to walk at a very early stage in their lives while others will walk way later. In other cases you find some children crawling first and then walking whereas another just walk without crawling. It is therefore essential you learn your child and work according to his or her pace.

Source for push walkers that are best suited for your baby in all aspects. In this article, I am going to kick start you with some insight on all you need to know about baby push walkers as well as a review of the top five best baby push walkers.

Benefits of having a push walker


Baby walkers have a lot of advantages to both the parent or caregiver and the child. Some of this benefits include;

  • It keeps the baby distracted. This way, you or your child’s caregiver can go about your daily household responsibilities without worrying about what the baby is doing. It also makes the child's supervision easier. Tunes and inbuilt mini toys that come with the push walkers play a significant role in distracting the baby.
  • Keeps the baby entertained. Babies are very excited when they are allowed to move freely to whatever places they want to. Push walkers give you a chance to let your child enjoy and entertain themselves. Some push walkers even play tunes while others have mini toys attached to them that keep the baby occupied.
  • Helps the baby develop independence. Whenever the baby is not in the arms or its care givers, it will create some sense of freedom. The baby will learn how to do something for itself without depending on other people.
  • Push walkers improve and facilitate motor skills development. As the baby pushes its push walker, it develops its muscles hence sense of movement and coordination. It may result in development and improvement of your child's motor skills which makes walking possible for them in future.
  • Development of sensory skills whenever your baby is engaging with the push walker. The built-in tunes and mini toys involve the baby's sensory skills which in return results in their development and improvement.
  • Push walkers also have an advantage of satisfying your baby's curiosity. Babies are curious and such things as the built-in toys gratify that need efficiently. Them being able to move on their own from one place to another helps grow their imagination in general.

Features to look out for when choosing the best push walker for your baby


1. Height

The most recommended push walker is one that has a higher lift from the ground. This is because it being high will allow your toddler to use it as a support to lift themselves up. Push walkers that are so close to the ground will not be suitable for your baby as they cannot lift themselves up. On the other hand, lower push walkers may harm the baby's back since they will be forced to bend to push the walker around.

2. Stability

The stability of whichever brand of push walker you choose to buy is critical because your toddler's safety depends on it. Go for a push walker that is stable in a way that your baby is not at risk of falling off when they are using it. An excellent and stable walker should have most of its weight at the base. This way, the push walker's center of gravity will be closer to the ground which increases safety by reducing chances of falling over. You should also counter check that the surface over which the baby is, is smooth and does not alter the push walker's stability.

3. Sturdy base

Like we have already discussed, the base width of your baby's push walker base is significant. It determines the walker's stability. If the support of the walker is narrow, it merely means that the center of gravity is not at the base which makes it prone to falling off. Go for a push walker that is weighty at the bottom as this enhances its sturdiness which in turn ensures your child's safety.

4. Material

The material of your child's push walker also comes in handy. The stage at which your child is trying to crawl and walk upright on their own is the same stage at which they are direct everything to their mouths. Due to this, push walkers made natural materials like wood is recommended. However, plastic push walkers are more common and readily available than a wooden one. In addition to that, wooden push walkers may be a bit too heavy for your baby to handle and may be fatal in case of an accident. As a parent, you should ensure that the material your baby's push walker is made of non-toxic to the baby by all means. You should therefore always consult about the material used to make the push walker.

5. Wheel Design

The wheel design of your baby's push walker is also important in ensuring their safety. The push walker you choose for your baby should have wheels that have high traction or grip to ensure that the tire is firmly rooted to the ground so that it does not slip or fall. In addition to that, when the wheel is firm on the ground, it allows your toddler the support they need so that they can be able to move their legs which in turn feeds into your toddler's ability to walk. It is also essential to ensure that you loosen and tighten the push walkers depending on your toddler's age and their progress they have made in walking.

What Things Should you look out for When Choosing the Best Push Walker


With all said and done, apart from the above push walker features, it is important to counter check some of these universal aspects of all push walkers to ensure that the walker you buy is perfectly suited for your toddler's needs. Some of these universal features include;

1. Comfort

Your child's comfort comes first before anything else. Ensure that the push walker you choose provides your child with all the comfort they need so that it can be easy for them to play around. In addition to that, go for push walker models that are adjustable to increase comfort and ones that accommodate baby cups and snack trays so that your toddler can bite on something as they play around in the push walker.

2. Safety features

Another thing that as a parent you should consider and look out for is the safety of your child. What measures has your preferred push walker put in place to ensure that your child is safe when using it? Does it have settings to reduce its speed, does its wheel design have enough traction or grip to keep it firmly held on the ground, does it have a lock system, and does it have anti-slip properties? All these are questions you should make sure that you answer before purchasing any push walker. It is your work to ensure that your toddler is safe when playing and practicing to walk.

3. Versatility

A versatile push walker is one that can change between uses. For example, a versatile push walker is one that is a stationary activity center for your baby, a baby bouncer or jumper and or a rocker to keep your baby occupied. A good push walker should, therefore, play as many things in one to suit the various needs of your toddler to keep them occupied at all times.

4. Budget

How much have you set aside for the push walker? How much are you willing to spend on it? This is a question that every parent should ask themselves before walking into a shop and picking a push walker. In case you want a product that has extra features such as lights, toys, whistles, bells, tunes, cup holders and food trays, then you will have to be ready to part with a larger amount of money. On the other hand, you can still get low-end push walker models that do not feature extras at a lower price and will still serve the purpose. The point is to stick to your budget and buy what works for you.

5. Warranty

Like with most other things, it is important to ensure that your baby's push walker is protected with a warranty. It allows you a chance to have it replaced with a new one in cases where it is faulty and or damaged or get a refund. It is therefore important to read the warranty of the push walker model you choose to purchase to be in the know.

Top 5 Best Push Walkers Reviews 2017

1. Bright Starts Walk-A-Bout Walker Roaming Safari


This sturdy and space-saving designed push walker offers a safe play platform for babies. It features a removable play station consisting of electronic melodies, lights, and sounds that go wherever the baby goes including the floor. Roaming safari grows with your child by providing three easy to adjust height position.

It means that the walker accommodates your child a long time. Its high seat back ensures that your baby back is well supported and protected. It features a spinning wheel that the baby turns to start the fun with lights, melodies, and sounds. Its play station multi-use allows it to be detached from the push walker and given to the baby when they are seated on the floor. Most importantly, it has rubber wheels that automatically brakes when the baby approaches uneven surfaces as stairs. It allows for easy storage as it folds flat.


  • Comes with a volume control to ensure you protect your child from loud sounds
  • Has rubber wheels that enhance your baby's safety
  • It is very flexible regarding usage
  • Requires easy storage.
  • Does not eat up space
  • It is comfortable and supportive
  • It is easy to clean
  • Can be adjusted to suit the baby's height


  • It has a weight limit
  • Its rubber wheels do not do very well on carpets.

2. Safety 1st Sounds & Lights Discovery Walker, Dino


Safety 1st Discovery walker provides your child with a lot of activities to engage in as they are learning to walk and stretch their legs. The walker is fitted with a padded seat that is machine wash friendly hence messes during eating and snacking should not raise the alarm. The walker features five toys that light-up, spin, rattle, and crinkle in harmony with twelve songs and sounds that sing simultaneously in the background. Its activity trays swing open and allow to create more room for such things as eating. It means you do not have to move your baby from a walker.


  • Has machine washable seats
  • Height can be adjusted
  • Easy to store
  • Have trays that swing open to allow other activities


  • Height adjustments do not favor small babies

3. VTech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker (Frustration Free Packaging)


As its name goes, from baby steps to significant steps, Sit-to-stand Learning Walker transforms your child from a crawler to a walker with its adaptive technology. It features playful barnyard figurines that cheer on your toddler as they learn to walk by keeping them entertained. It features an easy to detach play panel for floor use or play which can be an upgraded to a fully functional push walker.

Sit-to-Stand walker features some interactive features like a telephone handset, 3 colorful rollers, spinning gears, 3 light-up shape shooters, 5 piano keys and 3 three light up buttons. These extras assure your baby of fun and entertainment as well as the development of motor and sensory skills. It keeps your child at per with the learning of shapes, colors, animals, and sounds.

It comes with two modes of play that is music mode and learning mode of which each of them has a different effect on your child's fun and entertainment. It also allows a merger of both modes to get a more customized outcome for your baby.


  • Allows your baby to play as they learn
  • It is easy to attach and detach
  • It is flexible
  • Have wheels fitted with rubber seams for extra protection


  • Some of its sounds are unpleasant to some
  • It plays music continuously

4. Joovy Spoon Walker, Red


Joovy Spoon Walker provides a perfect balance between playing, eating and learning to walk. It features a contemporary design that is easy to clean since the walker's seat is machine washer safe. It also adjusts to three different heights to ensure that your toddler gets maximum support and comfort. Its large and removable tray allows you to clean up any food or snack messes to allow your child a clean and healthy learning and playing environment.


  • Allows easy storage by folding flat
  • Has machine wash friendly components
  • It is flexible since height can be adjusted
  • Has non slip stair pads


  • Has a weight limit
  • Comes with a height limit

5. Delta Children Lil' Drive Baby Activity Walker


Delta Children features cool plastic wheels which give the walker a realistic car look which is likely to fascinate most baby boys. It also features a removable toy tray that allows room for other toys as well as snacks. The toy tray usually has lights and music, a wheel and shifters. It has a comfortable and compact storage since it slim folds to allow its small spaces. It does not eat up space at all.


  • Come in a creative make that entertains the babies
  • It is flexible
  • Easy to store
  • Does not eat up space


  • Requires batteries
  • On has to buy the batteries separately
  • Best for babies who can sit down on their own
  • Has a weight limit

You now have the information you need to buy the best push walker for your toddler. Remember, children ate differently and what excites one will irritate the other. Choose a push walker for your child depending on how you know them as a parent and depending on their personality for an efficient result.

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