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Newborn babies sleep more than two-thirds of the day while older ones snooze at least 10 hours. Still, most mothers feel distraught while the baby is comfortably asleep. The anxiety may be due to the breathing pattern of sleeping babies. Do you want some breathing space?The best baby movement monitor may come in handy to address your concern. We have picked the top 5 for you.




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Snuza Hero SE Baby Movement Monitor


 What Is A Baby Movement Monitor?

If you observe your sleeping baby, you will notice periodic breathing pauses. The pattern is irregular which new moms would find alarming. In reality, the gaps are normal. Sleeping babies tend to stop breathing for a fleeting second then resumes breathing.

A baby movement monitor is a device that can monitor your baby’s movement or breathing while napping or sleeping. Many parents prefer to play it safe by using baby monitors as an alert mechanism in moments when the baby stops breathing or moving.

What Is Its’ usefulness?

1. Safety Net

The baby monitor is simply an essential safety net for worried mothers. If you are nervous about the breathing gaps of your sleeping baby like other moms, you can manage your anxiety by using this ingenious product.

2. Precaution against SIDS

Perhaps the more obvious one is a precautionary measure against the Sudden Death Infant Syndrome or SIDS. Improper sleep position or blocked airways are causes of SIDS in normal babies. Baby monitors can sound off alarms in case your baby does not move or breathe within 15-20 seconds.

3. Infant Care

Lessen your worry during times when your baby is having difficulty breathing due to the common cold or flu. It is an effective infant care tool especially during nighttime to oversee your sick baby

4. For Premature Babies

Premature babies who suffer from persistent periods of breathing breaks needdiligent monitoring. The gadget is also indispensable to monitor babies with slow heart rate, chronic lung disease, andsleep apnea.

5. Security

Baby monitors with video components provide extra security in the home. It is not only for baby but for toddlers on the move. You can also use the monitor as security cams to see the windows in the children’s room for attempted housebreak or theft.

What Are The Types of Baby Movement Monitors?

Nowadays, parents contemplate on using baby movement monitors after endorsements from satisfied users who find them to be essential tools to check on your sleeping child from a safe distance while doing chores in the home. There are two basic types of hypersensitive monitors and a third upgraded version.

Sensor Pad Monitors

  • These types use a single or multiple sensor pads which you tuck under the mattress to sense movement. Cables or wires run from the pad to a nursery control unit. Some models come with a wireless parent unit.
  • Sensor pad monitors work well even when the infant is crawling or rolling over is not able to check the heart rate.
  • You need to place it over a stable, sturdy surface under the mattress. It won’t be efficient for cribs or bassinetswith slat-type bottoms. Further, it is not compatible with memory foam mattresses or with most travel cribs.

Diaper Attachment Monitors

  • These miniature units have a soft, flexible sensor and clips directly to the diaper, and that comes in touch with your baby's belly.
  • It can track the heart rate to diminish a parents’ uneasiness.
  • Unlike the sensor pads, you do not need a flat surface to tuck it in.
  • Portable and can be used in travel beds, hotel cribs, and car seats.
  • The compact tool loses its sensitivitywhen an infant rolls over or crawl.
  • Likely to induce false alarms or mute alarm sounds when aninfant rolls onto their stomach.
  • Check out a short video here to see how the best baby monitor works.

Video, Sound and Movement Monitor

  • The third type is the complete and ultimate set-up that should quell all concerns.
  • It is a combo of the visual and audio monitor with movement sensors to make for an ideal child safety instrument.
  • This particular type may be considered as the best baby monitor for twins or multiple babies.

What Baby Monitors should you pick?

The choice of baby monitors rests solely on the parents. Depending on the actual need, each type of baby monitor works as asafety net for any eventuality. Some parents would be content with breathing and movement monitors while others won’t feel confident without the visual component.

To satisfy your apprehensions about the baby monitors, read on to see quick product reviews of the top picks favored by gratified customers.

The Top Picks for the Best Baby Monitor

1. Snuza Hero SE Baby Movement Monitor

This baby monitor is my little ‘Hero.’Imagine a single, wearable device which I can just clip to my clips to baby's diaper. Clip it where the soft sensor touches the stomach and then do your chores while baby sleeps.

The best thing about this product is that it can detect the slightest movement and alert me if my baby’s movement is weak or less than eight movements per minute. Its unique vibration simulation can also monitor my baby’s breathing which what worries me the most.

During the night, I swaddle my baby after placing the monitor to keep it securely in place and not worry about falling off.


  • Portable and very easy to use
  • Will trigger the alarm within 20 seconds of non-breathing or movement.
  • Emits a loud sound enough for me to hear even from afar.
  • The vibration willrouse your baby to resume breathing during gaps.
  • Long battery life using a one rechargeable Lithium metal battery.


  • Falls off if not properly attached and trigger false alarms.
  • The highly-sensitive sensor can pick up external movements.
  • Ineffectivefor co-sleeping or when baby is in motion in a car seat or stroller.
  • No low-battery indicator.

2. Infant Optics DXR-8 Video Baby Monitor with Interchangeable Optical Lens

The Infant Optics is the best baby monitor for twins. This is appreciate the first-ever monitor with theinterchangeable optical lens to view and zoom into a wider angle to monitor twins or multiple babies sleeping in one room.

It’s like using a professional camera because the base unit of the DXR-8’s VGA camera is 4 inches tall and about 2.5 inches wide. You can pan, tilt, andzoom.You can also use the 2x optical zoom lensto set the cam farther away from the cribs. For bigger rooms, you can purchase and upgrade to a 170-degree wide-angle lens for better coverage.


  • The 3.5-inch full-color LCD with four-way controller for quick adjustments in viewing, color, volume and two-way talk.
  • Pan and scan function is automated and convenient to control from the mother unit.
  • With room temperature sensor and indicator to ensure total safety.
  • Eight LED sensors for night vision.
  • Can be placed on a table top or wall-mounted.
  • The Lithium-ion rechargeable battery can last about 10 hours of continuous use.
  • Easy charging by connecting the cable to the USB port.


  • Fuzzy camera resolution or reception during night watching.
  • Signal interference and muted mic sound beyond four feet.

3. Angelcare Movement Only Monitor, White

This under-the-mattress sensor pad is a sleek operator. When I used it, it was so responsive to every movement of my baby and conversely, automatically responds if no movement is detected after 20 seconds.

There is no specific sleeping position for the unit to work as long as it can sense the weight applied to the pad and the baby is within the range. However, I needed to reinforce the mattress underneath with a wooden board for a flat surface.

I experienced a few false alarms when I tried to move my baby away from the pad’s area of coverage.


  • Easy set-up.
  • Adjustable volume/sound sensibility.
  • The lights can serve as support warnings if you mute the alarm.
  • The cord / wire does not conduct or carry electric current.
  • Audio ‘tic’ feature to check if the unit is functioning just fine.
  • Low battery indicator.


  • Not compatible with hollow core mattresses or memory foam.
  • You need a hard wooden board for a flat surface.
  • Very short cord that becomes a hanging eyesore in the room.
  • Wire can pose a risk to the baby if not kept from harm’s way.
  • Loud beep when unit turns on wakes the baby.

4. Summer Infant In View Digital Color Video Baby Monitor

This video baby monitor is the less expensive model but it still delivers the basic features to serve its primary purpose. I commend the manufacturers too for the 600-feet range.is commendable.

I found the 5-inch flat screen LCD color adorable that it robotically shifts to black & white for night vision.One good thing about the unit is that the digital technology system is expandable if you would need to monitor more than one baby.


  • Digital zoom for closer baby view.
  • LED lights are sound activated.
  • Power saving one-touch video on/off.
  • Low battery and out of range indicators.


  • Night vision is not reliable because of its low resolution.
  • Need adequate lighting support at night.
  • Slight connection problems and static noise.
  • Camera can’t be rotated.
  • Battery drains quickly.

5. Hello Baby Wireless Video Baby Monitor with Digital Camera HB24, Night Vision Temperature Monitoring & 2 Way Talkback System, White

This baby monitor is tops if you desire video surveillance day and night. You can shut off the video screen by touching the power button and just activate the screen-off audio only mode.

The best component is the2.4-inch video monitor which renders crisp and clear picture quality during the day time. There is no lag or delay while you are streaming the video.

One great feature I find distinctive is the lullaby settings where you play lullaby music to soothe your baby to sleep or sing to the baby yourself. You will have the flexibility to use it for 12 hours straight with the power saving mode (VOX) and about 8 hours with the screen-on video mode.


  • Super clear picture quality during day time.
  • Multi-functional with temperature settings and warning.
  • 8-alarm levels, two-way talk and lullaby settings.
  • Optical pan, tilt, and zoom preferences.
  • VOX power saving mode for 12 hours straight use and 8 hours with the screen-on video mode.
  • No connectivity problem even when baby’s room is on the second floor.
  • Actual range is 960 feet in an open space.


  • Constantly switches back and forth from daytime to nighttime mode.
  • Adequate room lighting support needed during the night.
  • Sound cuts off if unit is not in VOX mode and no vibration alert.
  • Signal interruption from time to time.

​Which One is the Best Choice?

One thing is certain about the best baby monitor. It does not solve or prevent SIDS and other extreme cases related to baby sleep disorders. The element of alert is what you pay for and not because you have a false sense of security.

The strong demand for baby monitors is a clear indication the product is worthy to be in the parents’ toolbox. In our books, the Snuza Hero SE Baby Movement Monitor is the most practical among the top five picks. Apart from being a no-frills, easy-to-clip gadget, it nailed all the important features to put you in a state of calmness.

Please feel free to share this article with other moms who are looking for child safety devices. We are open to suggestions and ready to answer questions about the products if you have any. Also, we’d love to hear your stories or experience with baby monitors in the comments section.


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