All in One Guide to Installing the Best Baby Gate for Top of the Stairs

For many families the arrival of a child is just one of several joyous moments/memories together. As your relationship grows and you welcome the new member of your family you will both be thinking constantly about the best baby gate for the top the stairs.

What was once a budding relationship is now becoming a family – small but self-sufficient unit. With all the various roles the family provides for itself best it can to meet the basic and tertiary needs.

He is no longer that guy – he can and does borrow your car for weeks at a time now when his folks come visiting. She is no longer that breath taking beauty – she wakes up by your side and motivates you to pursue your most whimsical thought.

Like any couple, you have your differences and struggle to overcome the awkwardness they bring into your lives. You struggle with her relatives and she tolerates your banging away with tools – win/win. With a baby on the way, making the decision between DIY and just buying fittings/products online should be a cinch…

This guide on the best baby gate for the top of the stairs to ensuring you install the best fitting accessory to baby proof your home and improve your relationship.

Why DIY or When to DIY


Some people are naturally inclined to experiment with any DIY option when remodeling. Nevertheless, you should know that this natural inclination does not necessarily mean they are good at it by nature – or if they are, it has nothing to do with their curiosity/inclination.

Majority of DIY projects are creative and are just a slight variation of something you see or use every other day. Allow yourself to imagine yourself doing web design for instance, while there are many free and premium themes you could use to build a website – the DIY option always adds that uniqueness you will be hard pressed to find in the catalog of the freebies.

That does not imply the DIY option is simple either – but you can and often borrow a lot and patch it up together to produce something quite amazing.

You can successfully indulge in any DIY project long as you have the tools and can make time for it. Keep in mind this is a time bound task, do not muck it up for everyone.


Baby proofing your home is not cheap. The most obvious things always jump at you first and once you have these in place the pressure or urgency diminishes. Baby proofing is one of those tasks you cannot quite say is 100% done – never.

The staircase is obvious but there are many other areas you will eventually baby proof even using towels. Drawers are a common site for fights and power struggles where toddlers are involved – you may need to baby proof. Closets, bathrooms, verandas, windown, carpets and rugs, and much more. Before you begin shopping online, (click n pay) make a list and decide together on what can be made and what has to be bought.


You want to have fun together.

DIY - Materials and joinery

Whether you have done something using wood or metal on your own the amount and quality of ideas, materials, and tips on joinery will amaze you. Here are a few sites you may want to browse through:

Most of the above also use pinterest for social media marketing making it a clear winner most of the time – try it.

How to go about DIY Projects

If are thinking or have an interest in DIY projects, Pinterest is a good place to begin. In addition to the many samples, the site has links to various DIY bloggers sites where you can get plenty of information on making your project successful.

For the best results with DIY projects, identify blogger that responds quickly to enquiries. That way you can be sure if you need to scale things up or down or even change the materials you can get professional advice.

Choosing Materials and Joinery

Many people are afraid to attempt DIY due to the “complexity” in constructing strong joints – joinery. It is worth pointing out that often the individual who posts the pictures may not always have actually done the cutting, planning and joinery.

For the above reason, get a second opinion by looking through wood or metal working sites that will provide reliable tips on material selection, sources and how to build a strong joint.

Pallets are a popular choice for many DIYers and they are cheap, strong and easy to work with. Select material that blends well with your home décor. The image of the reading nook is just a few hinges and screws away from a very secure and baby proof best baby gate for the top of stairs.

In addition to the above, sites such as have a wealth of information that will ensure your time is not wasted on any DIY project you attempt within your home.

In addition to snapshots of the latest breakthrough, they offer good advice on construction of some of the most difficult joints – such as table and chair legs.

Using repurposed furniture

In addition to the above mentioned sources, materials you could also build some very beautiful and safe baby gate’s using old furniture within your home. This is one way you can make use of old tabletops, cabinet doors and other furniture items you are looking to dispose or replace.

One of the things you stand to gain when using old furniture is – you automatically get that “expert” image. Your friends and visitors will forever be amazed at your wizardry. Any repurposed or carefully thought out DIY project tends to give your home a unique and creative ambience.

Depending on how much you love DIY – sites such as Pinterest can be quite addictive catering for your every need including travel, cooking, marketing, sports, health, gardening and much more.

Shopping Online? Start Here

Modern lifestyle has many parents running up and down all day leaving us with little time to relax let alone plan for DIY projects. If this is your plight, you need to find ideal products online. Many customers today make purchases from popular global online shopping stores such as,, and the new fast rising online store.

While these are perfect sources for good quality baby proofing products, online purchases stores are becoming increasingly popular and include a much wider variety of sellers. Some of the blogs mentioned above in the article include links to such sellers.

Here are some tips when buying online from various channels:

Fast and Secure Payment

Regardless of the website’s popularity, the best baby gate for the top of stairs the seller must be able to process payment quickly, securely and dispatch the products.

There are so many CMS (Content Management Systems) available today that any seller without these services is questionable. However good the offer, discount of accessories ensure you can pay for them easily and have the delivered to your address.

Adequate Stock

The reason people are making purchases from the online retail giants such as is the fact they never run out of stock. The best online retail/wholesale websites will always have an automated indicator that reflects the quantity of product in stock.


However small the store you should always ask for warranties or associated manufacturer certification. Reliable retailer’s will always appreciate their customer’s plight and procure valid warranties or at least manufacturer certification.

Many sellers deal with refurbished, shelf pulls and store returns – often accompanied with breathtaking offers. Nevertheless, many of these lot auction websites have technicians or associates to verify integrity of products and provide some form of certification.

Product reviews – Play area

In the previous blogs about baby proofing we listed a few samples from major online retailers that could be attached to banisters or the wall. Some of the considerations that went into those listings included:

  •  Cost
  • Ease of availability
  • Ease of assembly
  • Cleaning
  • Durability

Of the already listed samples, it seems the play area type of baby gate was excluded. Therefore, in this blog the samples listed are those ideal for play areas and collapsible to be used to secure the top or bottom of a staircase.


There are many instances where baby proofing the top of the stairs is inappropriate. Two-storey apartment with staircase to specific rooms or SOHO type housing will require something else to secure the staircase.In such cases, the best product is probably a pen-like structure where the bay can play without any fear of falling.

The above product is designed to give your baby plenty of room to move around and can be assembled and dismantled in seconds. If you need to secure the staircase at specific time, you could improvise with the folded/dismantled playpen.


  •  Easy to assemble
  • Easy to clean
  • Affordable
  • Durable plastic
  • Made in USA
  •  Attractive color
  •  Secure with tough non slip pads
  •  Weather resistant
  •  Includes a two panel extension that can be used to secure smaller areas such as the top landing of stairs


  •  Walls are a bit flimsy and could cave in if an older baby hanged on it


This is another very good option for baby proofing that comes in a very simple and versatile product. This play area is built with strong support that make it ideal for use both in and outdoors. Standing 30 inches off the ground, enclosing approximately 18 square feet this product is the best solution for parents seeking a multipurpose baby proof product.


  •  Easy to assemble
  • Easy to clean
  • Walk thru door
  • Neutral color that blends in with all décor themes
  • Weather resistant
  • Ideal for use both in and outdoor
  •  Can be bought with an extra dual panel extension for use in other areas


  •  Walls are a bit flimsy and could cave in if an older baby hanged on it

If you are worried about your child’s safety, then this could be the right gate which will be safe for your child. It is capable of keeping both the child and pets from wandering, and the good thing is, it can fit most doorways and has a convenient walk through design.

It has a solid steel construction which will give you a long service. Being portable, you can carry it around from one doorway to the next without having to feel its weight.

In case you need a custom fit, it comes with an extension making it be able to fit any staircase or doorway. For easy one-touch release, it has a lever style handle thus making it easy to open adults but tough for stubborn pets and toddlers.


  •  A convenient walk through gate
  • It is made from sturdy materials
  • It is easy to install and remove
  • Great for use for children and pets


  •  The opening is narrow
  • The latch is not a one hand operation
  • Without the wall cups, it causes scratches on the wall

If you want to make sure that your child is safe at home through the stairways and door openings, it can be done using this baby gate which is made from attractive beige metal, and it can accommodate most of the stairways and door openings due to its adjustability.

It comes loaded with hardware which will help you to install it securely on stairs or doorways. Included also is hardware for use to pressure mount for you to get a secure installation that will be safe for your baby and the pets, without having to leave marks on the walls.


  •  It comes in a cool beige finish
  • It has a dual locking system to give it an added security feature
  •  It comes with an installation that is mounted using pressure, which you can use when installing it between rooms
  • It has a removable stopper which you will be able to use on top of stairs, and prevents the gate from opening towards the staircase and thus, no accident
  • It has an auto close walk through the door


  •  Not used for outdoor
  • The photos to demonstrate how to install are not clear
  • It feels flimsy after installation due to its tension only mounting
  • Lack of instruction to mount the frame to make it plumb and level
  • Customer care service should be improved

This play yard is probably the widest of the fast moving baby proofing products. It stands at a reasonable height and can be assembled with ease to cater for a wide variety of baby proofing activities. It also include a very handy extension that will work very well to secure smaller areas within your home.


  •  Easy to assemble
  • Easy to dismantle
  • Easy to clean
  • Includes optional extensions for difficult/smaller areas
  • Includes safety locking feature
  • Certified product ideal for pets and babies – you can bet its strong
  • Folds for storage and travel
  • Convertible into 8 panel play yard


  •  Metal frame requires care while in storage to avoid moisture and bending


When you are buying a baby gate, you need to put into consideration several factors before you decide which one is best for you.

The age of the child and the size of the pet you are trying to prevent from passing through the gate is an important factor which should be highly considered.

Choose a design which will match well with your decor; materials should be sturdy and check out if you need the gate for low or high traffic. The style of mounting and where you want to place the gate is an important factor too. Whatever you do, make sure it works well for you.


Hello! I’m Rose Ingram and I’m happy of being mother of my two beautiful daughters. They are the most wonderful gifts that I receive in my life. Thanks for having them ‘cause it makes me feel how my life meaningful is. I am working as a designer, specialize in designing safe things for houses or schools to protect babies with utmost care….

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