Baby Teeth Coming In Crooked

Parenting is an amusing roller-coaster ride filled with happiness and challenges. And one of the biggest challenges that parents encounter once infants start teething is when their baby teeth start coming out crooked. We understand that as a parent you worry about your child’s oral health and want him to develop as normally as possible, but like most dental issues that occur in infancy, crooked baby teeth will eventually fix on their own with passing time and when these primary teeth fall out to make way for adult teeth, your child’s smile will be stronger and more adorable than ever!

Why do teeth come out crooked?

The common culprit behind crooked teeth is the baby’s small jaw which is still developing and cannot fit an entire set of teeth in it. In some cases baby teeth that are abnormal in size can also be the cause of the problem. If teeth are too big, they may create an issue of overcrowding and overlapping of teeth which can result in dental problems such as cavities and tooth decay. Conversely, teeth that are too small in size take up less space and create gaps in between them – this isn’t a bad thing! If your baby’s teeth have spaces between them, it only means that there will be more room in the arch of his mouth when the adult teeth start to come out and develop.

Certain habits such as thumb sucking can also distort the shape of the teeth and make them crooked. When a child sucks his thumb, this action puts pressure on his lower and upper teeth, forcing them to push backwards or become crooked.

What to do when baby teeth start coming in crooked

If you’re concerned about the shape of your child’s teeth and want to help fix the problem, then we have some amazing tips for you:

  • Tip 1: Regular visits to the dentist
  • It’s never too early for your child to pay a visit to the dentist who can analyze your child’s oral hygiene and check for any deficiencies in his gums which can be fixed before his adult teeth come in. This is also a perfect time for the dentist to recommend any removable retainers that your child might need to extend the arch in his mouth so that it can better accommodate the baby teeth and prevent overcrowding

    When choosing a dentist for your little one, we recommend that you find a pediatric dentist who has at least 2 or 3 years of experience dealing with young children and can better relate to their dental issues.

  • Tip 2: Get rid of bad habits
  • Once you notice that your child’s teeth are coming in crooked, pay attention to his daily habits to catch any culprits that may be causing the problem. Thumb-sucking and the use of pacifiers are the most common habits that cause teeth distortion.

    A child who has just begun teething may develop a habit of sucking his thumb to sooth his aching gums. In order to prevent him from developing this habit, parents can invest in a teething necklace to ease his pain without affecting the shape of his teeth. Click here to read more about the best teething necklaces in the market for your child.

    The use of pacifiers is the most common technique to soothe young infants but experts advise parents to wean their child off the pacifier before he reaches the age of 2. The use of pacifiers beyond this age can be detrimental to your child’s oral health and prevent his teeth from growing straight. Talk to your pediatric dentist about your child’s bad habits and discuss a feasible plan to correct them.

  • Tip 3: Wait till they grow completely
  • Sometimes things are not as bad as they seem and in your child’s case, you need not rush to solve a problem that wasn’t there to begin with. If you notice your child’s teething coming out crooked, give them time to grow a little. In most cases, the teeth correct themselves on their own as time passes.

  • Tip 4: Visit an Orthodontist
  • Two things can come out of your visit to the dentist:

    1) He or she will tell you that your child’s teeth are perfectly fine and that the crookedness will go away with time.

    2) The dentist will decide that your child could benefit from an oral procedure to correct his teeth early on in his life before the problem gets any bigger. In the latter case, you may have to prepare your child for a visit to the orthodontist. It is advisable to bring your child to the orthodontist no later than the age of 7; the earlier you get the treatment done, the cheaper it will cost.

    Your orthodontist will most likely follow a two-phase treatment to correct your child’s crooked teeth. The first phase begins while he still has his baby teeth and may involve a number of appliances, such as tongue spurs to control the movement of tongue, to help make the second phase of the treatment more effective.

    The second phase of the treatment begins when your child has fully developed his adult teeth. This phase involves the use of braces to straighten and correct crooked teeth.

  • Tip 5: Pay attention to dental hygiene
  • If your baby’s teeth are overcrowded, he may need extra help with cleaning his teeth since the overlapping can make it difficult to get under the teeth and brush properly. Not caring for his gums and teeth properly will only make the problem bigger and develop cavities.

    For excellent oral hygiene, bush your baby’s teeth twice a day with wet toothbrush after breakfast and dinner; depending on his dentist’s recommendation, he may or may not need toothpaste at his age. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, you can brush your child’s erupting teeth with a small amount of toothpaste of the size of a rice grain.


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