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Hello there! Welcome to our blog. We are a group of women who are committed to helping other women who are going through the overwhelming phase of motherhood and pregnancy.

We are all aware of how grueling and confusing those stages are, especially to first-time moms., We have been on the same page as you before, and we were glad to have found a few online resources that we can rely on during those times. Because of that, we have decided to create our very own blog/website to pay it forward.

In our blog, you can find lots of useful information and tips about pregnancy and motherhood. More than that, we also have product reviews that can help you find the perfect gear for your little one along with various items that can help you navigate through pregnancy as hassle free as possible.

To help you navigate through our blog easily, here are some of the sections that we have:


This section will help you take care of yourself during pregnancy and your newborn baby once you give birth.


Babykis feeding

This section contains all the information you need about breast feeding or bottle feeding your little one.


This section talks about all the gear you may need-- from crib mattresses to car seat (reviews and how to’s).


Babykis pregnant

This stage of your life is overwhelming physically, emotionally and mentally. Let us help you by providing you all tips, tricks, and information you need to survive this stage.


Ensuring a good and long sleep for your baby is one of the most important things that you should do, but it is also the hardest! Don’t worry! We have all the tips that you need right in this section.


Know what are the right toys and when and how you should introduce them to your little one in this section.


Baby smile wear the diaper

From choosing diaper bags to diapers, we have your back!


Being a parent is not easy. It is so difficult that we have to dedicate an entire section just for helping you keep your baby safe and instill discipline in them.


Pregnancy and motherhood can be fun and exciting! We will teach you how you can do that in this section!

We also aim to answer all the usual questions that women have about pregnancy. We also offer a lot of how to’s about the simple to complicated things that you may encounter during these moments. In short, we aim to be the one-stop site for all your questions, needs and dilemmas!

We hope that you enjoy your visit and that you have a learned a lot from our content. If you do have any questions or suggestions on which topic we should tackle next, please share them with us! We feel privileged to lend you a helping hand, especially during these tough times. Enjoy pregnancy and motherhood!


Josephine Lesley

I am Josephine G Lesley. I love children! In fact, I am an obstetric nurse and my passion is to ensure that each and every child on my watch will receive the proper care and utmost love that they deserve. I treat each child that I meet as my own and I am happy to be always surrounded with cute and loving children not just at work but also at home. I am actually a mom to a 4-year-old child and I am preparing to welcome another child soon!Because of my work and my family life, I believe that I have gained some amazing insights on child care and rearing and I want to share with you all of my knowledge through this blog. I am doing this in the hopes that I can be able to help other people in their motherhood journey! I hope you will enjoy reading my blog as I enjoyed writing it for you!

Paula Noble

I'm Paula Noble. I'm one of the leading freelancers in parenting and relationship niche among other niches that aim to improve our everyday life and also a motivational speaker. I'm a mother who prides herself with my three beautiful children. I graduated from Argosy University Washington, DC with BA Journalism, media studies, and communication. I worked as an editor for more than 10 years then quit to focus on personal projects. I contributed a lot to the journalism industry and had traveled the world mentoring the girl child to let their voices be heard. Some of my remarkable mentorship tours include Let Africa Speak. A tour that was aimed at strengthening the position of women in Africa with the primary focus being in the media industry. I believe that information is power and the person who controls it controls the world around them. This principle guides her through life and inspires most of my writing and ventures in life.

Rose Ingram

I’m Rose Ingram and I’m happy of being mother of my two beautiful daughters. They are the most wonderful gifts that I receive in my life. Thanks for having them ‘cause it makes me feel how my life meaningful is. I am working as a designer, specialize in designing safe things for houses or schools to protect babies with utmost care….

Brown Mayella

My name is Mayella,

I am a mother of the 5-year-old daughter and 2-year-old son, both of them are greatly lovely and active. My children have brought me a large number of enjoyable experiences when becoming a mother. As a heath consultant, I have also accumulated a host of useful knowledge about child care, it helps us a lot in the parenting process. With all of the love for my kids, I would like to share those things with you through this blog. Hope that it is able to assist you in having a wonderful time with your babies.