6 Simple Date Night Ideas for New Parents

In this article, discover six unique date ideas night ideas for parents with newborn babies.Are you and your significant other new parents? Are you struggling to find time for yourselves and fully consumed in the parenting life? The reality is it is hard to find a balance between marriage and parenting--especially when you have a newborn baby to care for. Newborns need care 24/7, from feeding to changing the diaper, to crying, etc. They are a lot of work. That's understandable. But once things have settled down a little, you might want to take the night off and have someone--your parents or a babysitter watch your baby. You'll some time off to save yourself and your relationship with your significant other. Since you're having some free time, why not go out on a date with your partner? Below are six simple date night ideas new parents should try to keep things going.


What is more romantic than a sunset picnic? Absolutely nothing. Take a cute little tapestry and go to a park overlooking the skyline to watch the sunset. Pack delicious food and drinks; wines, cheese, grapes, crackers, etc. Connect with each other and nature. bring speakers and play some nice music in the background to get in the mood. Enjoy each other's company without worrying about your baby and when he will cry next. Picnic is fun, inexpensive, and one of the cheap date ideas you shouldn't miss. You can feed each other food, cuddle, and enjoy your time resting on the grass watching the sunset turn into a starry and gorgeous night. If you have a few extra hours, lie under the stars together and count the stars. Play the game "remember when" and remember all the moments that made you fall in love with each other. This will liven up the mood.


This is a cute and cuddly date night idea for new parents. Skate around the rink holding hands. Ice skating brings you back to innocence, back to childhood. This is nice because now you're a parent and have to be a responsible adult at all time. Ice skating is a cute date that will help you feel young again. You can cuddle up on the bench and drink hot cocoa to warm up, or try a new trick on the iceto impress your partner.


A little competition is always fun. You will definitely keep things lighthearted and goofy playing miniature golf. Focus on the game and let your mind wander from the responsibilities of being a parent for just a couple of hours.


Being a new mom and dad is extremely stressful. The change from no kids to a kid is one that changes your life permanently. The transition is tense, and that tension accumulates in the body. Book a couples massage for ultimate relaxation. Let someone sort out all the pent up stress you are storing in your body and refresh your mind. Massage is just as helpful for your mind as it is your body and can bring a new sort of appreciation towards each other if you have been arguing more since the baby.


You can not take a newborn to a concert. Take your night off to do something "adult only." Jam out to your favorite band, have a couple of drinks, dance, and let yourself go. Allow yourself to feel the music and just let go. Be in the moment. Nothing can make you more in the moment than music and moving to the beat.


Are you artsy and creative? Painting can be very soothing. Book a painting class with a twist (and that twist is wine) and get your art on. Enjoy the night and sip some wine while you create a masterpiece.There are countless options for a date night away from the kids. The six options listed above are my favorite and a great little escape. Date nights are the lifeblood of a relationship and marriage. Going out and doing something fun with your partner promotes a good relationship, and you will also be a better parent because joy is contagious. The more time you put into yourself the more energy you will have for your kid. Do not feel guilty for going on dates and enjoying some us-time with your partner. You can still be an incredible and devoted parent. It is all about balance. Go enjoy your date night.
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