5 Easy to Follow Tips for Mom-Student to Survive Exam Period

Modern fast-paced world has been putting more and more pressure on people. We are often required to combine family, work, and studies, having literally no time to rest. People have no other choice than to manage everything at once, which is, of course, exhausting.

Mom-students face the biggest challenge. They have little to no time to focus on their studies because they need to be with their kids.

Even though they manage to study throughout the term, the exam period is usually one of the toughest. Specialists from a reputable academic writing assistance platform EssayPro say that they have lots of mom-students among their clients. They also add that the end of the semester is usually the highest season.  

The very fact that these women can successfully combine education, household, and babysitting duties is truly inspiring. Most of these superhero moms say, β€œIt is not easy, but it is definitely worth it.”

Thus, if you are one of the mom-students looking for some practical advice on how to survive the exam period, read ahead.

Create a Calendar

Do not think that you can do everything without any external help. Even when you go to school, you need someone to take care of the baby. The best thing is creating a digital calendar that everyone from your close ones can access.

First of all, it will be of great help to you personally. You will not have any forgotten appointments or missed classes or assignments. For other working family members, such a calendar will help in avoiding schedule conflicts. 

List Time-Saving Activities

Make a list of activities that you can delegate to others or postpone for this exam session. Most likely, you will not have enough time to spend with your family. Needless to say, such activities as cleaning, cooking, and others will have to wait.

However, such things as Internet surfing, drive time, etc. should also be reduced. Academic-related stuff will take most of your time. Thus, you and your close ones should be ready to give up on something during this period.

As a mom, you will be worried about what your family will eat and how to maintain the house clean. There are lots of opportunities to go through the exam period without any trouble at home. Takeaways and cleaning services will definitely be of help.

Take Advantage of the Resources You Have

Mobilize all resources you have to save time. Discover what distance learning centers your school offers for home education. Do not drive to your gym for several weeks. Instead, spend time training at home.

You can optimize your time and cut off millions of unnecessary activities. All the time earned can be dedicated to studying and family.

Most importantly, do not punish yourself for being late with something. Also, take it for granted that there will be some unfulfilled daily activities that you may need to skip. 

Keep Your Energy Levels High

It is important to eat healthily and sleep well. You need to keep your energy high to rock at school and with the family duties. If you are emotionally drained and sleep-deprived, there is a little chance that this exam period will go well for you.

If you feel that your brain is shutting down, it is better to allow yourself a quick nap. Nothing else is more revitalizing than high-quality sleep.

Also, do not forget about healthy meals. No one expects you to cook masterpieces. Opt for half-cooked meals or quick-frozen vegetables once in a while to help your body get rid of stress and exhaustion.

Develop a Reward Scheme

During exam periods, we all need to celebrate our small achievements. Do not deprive yourself of your favorite cake, yoga, or meditation for a month. Develop a motivation and reward scheme that will keep you happy with how you progress through the exams.

A reward scheme can also help you recover from another demanding exam. Help yourself with cheesecake from your favorite coffee shop when another difficult exam is passed. It is not only about rewarding yourself; it is also about gaining new powers for the study sessions to come.

Final Words

Exam periods are a special challenge for mom-students. It is already difficult to study during the semester. Needless to say, exams drain a lot of your energy. However, mind that it all will pass, and keep the pay off in mind.

Do not become too egoistic about your schedule. You can manage your time wisely and avoid unnecessary conflicts. It is also wrong to turn off the entire world. You are still needed by your kids, family, and friends.

The secret is always in balance. Make sure you spend enough time listening to your needs and meeting them. Arrange a perfect environment for your studying. Believe that you can do it and celebrate each small victory!

Paula Noble

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