5 decisive tips for buying a swing for your baby

A baby swing is a great way to give your baby (and your arms) a well deserved rest. Here are five things you need to know before you buy one.

  • Whether it's to soothe him, to have his afternoon sleep, or just to keep him occupied while you do a load of laundry or prepare a meal, a swing is a safe and fun place to baby.
  • The gentle rocking motion is a little reminiscent of the uterus, and will have a most relaxing effect in most toddlers.

1. Consider the size of your home

If you miss a bit of space, you will have to avoid buying a swing with a big base that could clog you up.

Try a smaller portable swing instead.

2. Consider the price

The swings cost from $ 50 to $ 200. Keep in mind that this is a short-term investment because your baby is unlikely to be entertained for a little more than a few months.

Keep it if you plan to have more children, or lend it to a friend or loved one in need once you're done.

3. Go for a comfortable and safe seat

For the safety of your child, you should ideally opt for a seat with five attachment points.

  • Make sure the curls are sturdy, but not tight enough that it would be difficult to get in or out of your baby.
  • A well-padded seat with a good head support would be ideal.
  • You should also take a look at the fabric to see if it can be washed.

4. Models with accessories

Will you settle for the base or do you want a model with bells and whistles?

  • You can choose a simple model that swings forwards or backwards, or a more elaborate model with lights, music and a vibratory seat.
  • Keep in mind that all of these lights and music can overstimulate your baby, and become a nuisance to parents over time ... not to mention the batteries you will need to keep changing.

5. Buy new

Some baby items may be second-hand without a problem, but the swing is not one of them. The safety of your baby is the most important thing, so make sure your swing fits the latest safety standards.

Some babies, however, do not like to be rocked. It is important to try one first to see if it suits yours. No matter what swing you choose, do not leave your baby for more than 30 minutes at a time or during the night.

How to choose a good swing?

A multitude of choices are available to you if you want to buy a swing. So, what baby swing to choose? To answer this question, please follow our shopping guide for the best baby swings for reflux and small spaces, maybe you would have an idea on where to buy the best baby swing.

Indeed, you should take into account certain criteria to find the best baby swing. Consider the safety of the equipment, its size and options, but also check if it is comfortable enough for the baby and if rocking and music suits him. Thanks to its few criteria, you will know how to choose the best baby swing.


Safety is a fundamental criterion to consider when buying a swing. The latter must comply with European standards and bear the CE marking. It is inadvisable to take a model that does not include this label.

You should also check if the seat belt is suitable for the infant and can ensure its safety. Choose the five-point harness to prevent the little one from slipping under the belt. The stability of the swing is also very important. It must have a large enough base and a good center of gravity so that it does not spill.


If you choose a swing for your newborn, it is recommended to choose the model that has a reducer or padding that can stall the baby. She must also have a head restraint. To facilitate its washing, choose the one with a cover. The inclination of the seat is also a crucial element to consider. The swing must at least have two positions: the supine position, useful to promote sleep and sitting or half-sitting, necessary during its awakening phases.

Rocking and music

We can find electric swings that can swing automatically. This type of model includes a sway rate adjustment system. The electric swings allow you to easily sleep the baby without you stay close to him. Some have remote controls to control remote sway.

They are very practical, but a little more expensive compared to the classic models. If you choose a swing with a musical option, make sure that the music is varied and can be modulated, but also soft and soothing.


There are many models of swings on the market. You can read our comparison if you want to know the details about the best articles on the market. But, if you plan to move your swing regularly, the ideal is to buy a model that is less bulky and not too heavy.

For that, do not forget to check his weight. The latter can go up to 15 kilos or more. So you choose the swing that suits you according to your needs. Feel free to consult a price comparison to find a cheap swing, so you would not have to wonder how to buy a baby swing at a better price.

The options

It is best to buy a model with an ark of games if you think of leaving your child in his swing during his waking period. This will allow him to have fun trying to catch the hanging toys.

However, they must be cloth so that your little one does not bang. Opting for collapsible equipment is also handy if you want to carry your swing when traveling. We can find, moreover, different fabrics for the seats, but it is better to choose a coating that is easy to wash.

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